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  1. rlackore

    ADU question..... fire separation?

    Separate dwelling units always need some level of fire-resistive construction to demise the two occupancies. In Wisconsin we can achieve horizontal separation for a two-family occupancy with: 1. One layer of 5/8" Type-X on the ceiling. 2. One layer of 5/8" Type-X to protect any supporting floor beams and columns. 3. Appropriate draftstopping and firestopping at vertical penetrations. 4. 90-minute dampers at HVAC ductwork penetrations (this is a PITA in a retrofit). A common issue for this type of conversion is when a single HVAC system supplies both units; tenants share the same air, and the same odors, even if the units are on separate heating/cooling zones.
  2. As Kbird1 confirmed, yes, you can use a polyline solid, or import the geometry, but it must be saved as a millwork symbol - then it will be available to be used as a newel/baluster.
  3. rlackore

    Scale in Layout

    Okay. I suggest a graphical scale.
  4. rlackore

    Scale in Layout

    Why can't you produce a single 22x34 PDF, then let the client send it to their printer at 1/2 size? Most printers allow scaling to fit the selected paper size.
  5. rlackore

    Seamless Texture generation

    In my experience, the single most important variable is the quality of the seed image - poor quality seeds lead to poor quality results. Obvious, really. Also, I never accept the default Detail and Surface Scale values when creating the maps - adjusting the sliders can give much better results.
  6. rlackore

    How to explode / edit furniture

    I suggest downloading and consulting the X9 Reference Manual.
  7. rlackore

    How to explode / edit furniture

    You must be in a 3D View for the Delete Surface tool to become available.
  8. rlackore

    How to explode / edit furniture

    Yes, or as a Collada file, etc. It would be nice if we could "save as" to older library formats.
  9. rlackore

    How to explode / edit furniture

    I apologize for ignoring the fact that you are on X9. Unfortunately, I can't save it as an X9 library item. However, by following Michael's instructions and using the Delete Surface too, you can quickly perform the operation yourself.
  10. rlackore

    How to explode / edit furniture

    Home Gym (Small Weights).calibz
  11. rlackore

    Patterned Wall Fill

    Fill Patterns can be applied to Wall finishes using Materials. The Fill Pattern will display in the Vector View rendering technique. There is lots of information in the reference manual.
  12. rlackore

    Seamless Texture generation

    I agree with the OP's recommendation of PixPlant, which I've been using for a bit over a year - it's a valuable tool, though with some limitations.
  13. rlackore

    Stucco Foam Band

    Use a Molding Polyline.
  14. Railing Wall, post-to-beam.Create your own Millwork symbol for the slats and adjust the railing height and tweak the settings as necessary:
  15. rlackore

    Railing Door?

    I create a custom door symbol and then insert the door into the guard/fence: