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  1. rlackore

    Car Charger

    Here is the Bosch EV200 charging station. It has the standard SAE J1772 connector and requires 208/240 on its own 20 amp circuit. charging station.calibz
  2. rlackore

    Orthographic framing overview not showing up

    You need to build the framing:
  3. rlackore

    PDF File Size

    Have you considered adjusting the DPI when you print to PDF? FWIW, I create a Dropbox folder for each project to transfer and share files, documents, etc.
  4. rlackore

    Space Between Floors/Varying Ceiling Heights

    Just spit-balling, but it looks like the kitchen ceiling has been lowered by: 1. unchecking Room Specification>Structure>Ceiling>Flat Ceiling Over This Room 2. and then drawing a manual ceiling plane This will result in what I see in your picture, which I assume is the subfloor (or roof?) sheathing above. Of course, it's just one guess, based on a single picture, so who knows?
  5. The OP answered your question:
  6. You can use a Road with a 0"-height flat curb profile (width as desired), then assign the brick texture to the curb.
  7. rlackore

    Terrain through house

    Thanks for this nugget - I didn't know that tool existed. I always use manual terrain holes to fine-tune things, and this tool will save some time.
  8. rlackore

    inset section of wall

    You could adjust the window frame depth and inset, then use a wall niche applied to the exterior side of the wall:
  9. rlackore

    Grout Joint Width In Substance Player

    Dustin, thanks for the explanation. And Rob, thanks for asking the question.
  10. rlackore

    Foundation Beam Pockets

    I can't achieve that behavior. The beam will cut the other framing members (sill plates), but it won't cut a pocket in the foundation wall:
  11. rlackore

    Deck Stairs Not Wrapping

    Draw your stairs on the same level as your deck (level 1):
  12. rlackore

    Room Finish Schedule - Room Numbers on Plan

    I use a Rich Text Box with macros for my room labels in plan view (credit to Alaskan Son for the %room.schedule_number% when I was pulling my hair out like you): ...then I create a Room Finish Schedule in a CAD Detail and modify as desired: I like this method because I can drag the schedule rows around and instantly rearrange the room order and it's automatically updated in the room labels.
  13. rlackore


    Looking at your detail, if I were the plan reviewer, I'd want to know how you're achieving a 1-hour rating on the underside of the eave. The soffit detail I prefer uses two layers of 5/8" glass-mat gypsum panel (or equivalent), edge joints staggered and blocked, with an intumescent fire caulk where it butts against the 1-hour exterior wall assembly.
  14. rlackore


    I would say no.
  15. rlackore

    Multiple Window Schedules

    Yes, definitely a problem with this solution.