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  1. Rashid_Garuba

    THE best digital sketching App

    Andrew.. so sorry.. My notifications was not on.. Yes in Concepts you can draw straight crisp lines and well as curves, ellipses, Circles.. etc. And when done you can export dxf or SVG vector files..
  2. Rashid_Garuba

    Buying a new computer

    Yes 15" the sweet spot for me.. the smallest form factor that can accommodate a 10-key numeric keypad... I keep it's monitor off and connect to 2 monitors via mini-display port and hdmi..works great. Datacad is still recognizable compared to it's DOS ancestors but much improved.. stopped upgrading 3 versions ago as it's 3D effort is similar to Chief's 2D effort.. weak when compared to programs that started as 3D or 2D, respectively.. It's a 2D dream.
  3. Rashid_Garuba

    Buying a new computer

    Funny I just moved from Desktop to Laptop... depends on how mobile you need to be. Laptops have come a looong way... Hubs are now available for extra connections and the expansion argument is diminishing.. IMO. These days I tend replace the whole thing every 4 years rather than upgrading parts. The ideal still may be a superfast desktop AND an ok Laptop for when you need to be mobile.. OR a Desktop small enough to be portable (depends on what kind of mobility is needed), while having better cooling than fast Laptops.. this is what I got..
  4. Rashid_Garuba

    Duplicate Symbols

    These duplicates however, locate the same material when you right-click and show in folder.. Not a huge deal ultimately, but weird.
  5. Rashid_Garuba

    Duplicate Symbols

    Mick, It's been a while on this but finally called Chief Support and they duplicated the same and will research why it is happening.... Type in "blue" and this is my result.. The resulting duplicates point to ONE material in the Core Libraries.. Materials duplicated JUST in the search. Replacing all Core libraries made no difference. No one else has noticed this..?
  6. Rashid_Garuba

    X12 New Features are listed Here

    I am referring to Render technique settings.. the ability to save settings for different effects. If these save with the views it would take care of this. For Chief DEFINITELY welcome and will be time-savers and you are right, major for Chief.. But not major when other Modelling and CAD programs have had these for very long. I am grateful Chief now has them but I take them for granted elsewhere.. hope you see my perspective.
  7. Rashid_Garuba

    X12 New Features are listed Here

    Not in software but won't this simply reduce Chief's revenues while possibly increasing their programming expenses..? Unless you think increased sales would tilt the equation..
  8. Rashid_Garuba

    X12 New Features are listed Here

    Great release.. Hopefully saved Cameras will save the SETTINGS as well,.. that would be great to set and not fiddle every time. Pluses.. Stairs got "some" attention.. Roof Pivot controls.. Multiple Layout.. Style palette could be interesting.. However editing Solids in any view.. dimensions improvements.. point to point.. centering.. trimming terrain lines.. All very welcome but really should not be mentioned as new features as they are very minor and are CAD 101 Chief should have had from day ONE.. Really wish PBR got some attention..! I don't interiors, remodels, or schedules so a good many new features not useful to me..
  9. Rashid_Garuba

    need help, ray trace

    Can’t these posts be moved...?
  10. Rashid_Garuba

    Duplicate Symbols

    Sorry my fault.. Yes materials.. I have copied nothing and a lot of these duplicates I have never used in any projects.. A huge number of them are affected..
  11. Rashid_Garuba

    Duplicate Symbols

    Not sure why but most of my symbols are duplicated (or more)...
  12. Rashid_Garuba

    Auto-Roof ignoring Wall pitch specs

    Good advice... went manual to finish..
  13. Rashid_Garuba

    Auto-Roof ignoring Wall pitch specs

    Thanks Eric.... were you able to get the Roof split with auto..? that plane remains all 8:12 even though the house wall is set to 12:12.. Note Chief does not label this conflicted plane.. I could do it manually but...
  14. Rashid_Garuba

    Auto-Roof ignoring Wall pitch specs

    This worked fine over the weekend,, As Porch wall pitch is changed the Roof autobuilds with new pitches.. Now it doesn't respond to any wall pitch changes.. The walls are set to 8:12 but the Roof builds to 12:12 every time, ignoring the wall Roof Specs.. The red lines are what we should have.. etc. I come back to Chief after a long hiatus and I have to learn to program again. Probably some default setting, but I haven't changed anything there.. Thanks..! 5935 Olde Atlanta Pkwy 8_12.plan
  15. Rashid_Garuba

    Adding 4 x 4's to Railing walls

    Related thread yesterday... Seems going manual best for complete control..