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  1. joey_martin's post in How to place CAP on exposed basement wall in stairwell. was marked as the answer   
    Use the shelf tool and simply set the height to the top of the stem wall, size accordingly. 
    Also, in those situations consider furring out the upper wall to match the bottom. That provide a cleaner look when you can do that.
  2. joey_martin's post in Can you help me build a side duct? was marked as the answer   
    If that is buried in the wall than why model it? Take care of it in the MEP plan or dashed CAD lines in an elevation view. 
    Having said that. Do you have a duct chase designed yet in the wall. You cannot go horizontal across all those vertical framing members...load bearing or not. You can create the duct with a 3D molding polyline, but again, only if you already have an adequate chase.
    Also. What type of fireplace insert are you using? What is the combustion source? Can you vent it horizontally by code or manufactures specs? If you can, what is the maximum horizontal run you can vent that particular unit?
  3. joey_martin's post in Annoying two adjacent cabinets/partitions/shelves linking and displaying as one was marked as the answer   
    Go to cabinet default settings and turn off AUTO FILLER
  4. joey_martin's post in Doorway through Roof plane? was marked as the answer   
    Don't try to get a doorway in there, create one. Either break the roof plane and pull the bottom section up to create the opening, or cut a hole in the roof plane. 
  5. joey_martin's post in Wall Framing Exposed was marked as the answer   
    If you have a thin paint layer on the wall it won't wrap. Add the jamb back on there and make it a thin paint layer as well.
  6. joey_martin's post in Trying to figure out lighting in X13 was marked as the answer   
    I think PBR has a limit if 8 lights by default. You have exceeded that number which is why the other under-counter lights are not on. Increase the number of lights to 40 and they will be on.
    Try this video for some settings and ideas. 

    BTW, my current graphics card (Nvidia GTX 750 Ti) also doesn't support real time raytrace, but the setting helped me get to PBR rendering I am sharing here. 

  7. joey_martin's post in Why don't my top drawers match? was marked as the answer   
    Because the drawer on the left is too small for the top and bottom rails to be visible. 
  8. joey_martin's post in Show single sliding door as fully open in 3d was marked as the answer   
    Then use a pocket door. The tool is still the same, you are simply using the wrong door.

  9. joey_martin's post in Window rough openings was marked as the answer   
  10. joey_martin's post in Truss/roof framing not looking right. was marked as the answer   
  11. joey_martin's post in L Block was marked as the answer   
    You don't in Chief Architect, but you can make the foundation wall a PONY WALL and set the depth of the top to 4" so that it simulates an L-Block. 
    Also, Chief will automatically add your brick ledge and it will be very close to what you need if you set the wall definition up right. From there, detail the rest.
  12. joey_martin's post in monolithic slab foundation with crawlspace in some rooms was marked as the answer   
    Make the default foundation mono slab, then double click in the bathroom and look under the structure tab and uncheck the mono slab option and see if that gives you what you want. 
    There will be some cleanup and some adjustments to those foundation rooms once you have them all set, but it should work.
  13. joey_martin's post in Creating a .PDF to scale for print shop was marked as the answer   
    You can print it directly from Chief on whatever size paper you want, and any scale you want. Just set up your layout correctly a d print to pdf, save it, email it, pick it up.
  14. joey_martin's post in Light switch for stairway was marked as the answer   
    Like this...

  15. joey_martin's post in Layout sheet label problem was marked as the answer   
    Go to page 0 and find the macro that has been pasted into that layout template. Or it's on the page you are viewing. If on page 0 you won't see it, just click and drag in the that area and it will get selected. Delete it and you are all good.
  16. joey_martin's post in Foundation Woes was marked as the answer   
    If I advised against this method any more strenuously I would pull something.
    Gather yourself. Go to defaults and open the foundation default. Make sure all the defaults are correct, and turn AUTO FOUNDATIONS back on. If you have a lot of notes and things on the foundation plan, simply hold SHIFT and select everything (do this first) block it and CUT (cntl x). Once the foundation auto rebuilds, hit CNTL V and all your notes and things will be right back where you had them.
  17. joey_martin's post in Question about a Border was marked as the answer   
    If you SELECT ALL and block it you can resize it to fit. The TRANSFORM>REPLICATE tool should work as well.
  18. joey_martin's post in Curvered Attic Wall was marked as the answer   
    You need to use the curved ceiling tool.
  19. joey_martin's post in Siding Profile was marked as the answer   
    There are profiles in the library that you can place in your detail, but for now, there is no way to assign a siding/shingle profile to the exteriors. They are under the detail components area of the CAD Blocks.
  20. joey_martin's post in Layerset Question was marked as the answer   
    It's all the same floor. I NEVER put basements on level basements are my foundations. That's the only way I work. I use layers and the main layer only function to get what I am after. Here is another example where I simply turn off the interior walls of the basement, except for the walls I have assigned to a layer for WALLS, BEARING so that they can show on both the floor plan and the foundation plan. I use layer sets for everything.

  21. joey_martin's post in Can I Create Slab On Grade With Insulation? was marked as the answer   
    Add the insulation layer to the foundation wall defaults. It won't put the layer on top of the step back though.