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  1. rgardner

    Command for a line with arrow on both ends

    Added a +1 to this previous recommendation. Thanks OP for bringing it back to life. I see a great suggestion here.
  2. rgardner

    Dormer not working

    The plan file is the actual drawing file itself. The best thing you can do is save it. Closet it out of chief then upload it to here for someone to take a look at. Seeing the 2d floor plan and a cut-away section does not help or let us know what the issue is. A well worded concise note about the issues with the .plan file included will net you lots more answers.
  3. rgardner

    Brick Pattern Not Aligning

    Not sure about this but I am wondering if since it was made into a symbol and then added if the global mapping is not tied correctly to the pattern? Since it wouldn’t know what plan it is supposed to be tied to? maybe try painting the pattern to the symbol?
  4. rgardner

    Dormer not working

    Plan file?
  5. rgardner

    Internal railings cutting through ceiling

    Probably best to post the plan as there are too many variables. Sometimes opeing the roof or ceiling plane and hitting okay will refresth it. Looks like maybe you have been adjusting some walls manually though also? I would recommend opening those walls that are not "finishing to the roof" and in the structure dbx select default wall heights for bottom and top.
  6. rgardner

    Packaging Plans

    It will maintain textures that are set as defaults for items even if you have "painted" another color or texture on the item.
  7. rgardner

    Use fill color in text DBX

    Are you making a suggestion? If so it needs to be posted in the suggestions forum as Chief does not monitor this forum for suggestions. btw if you put it as a suggestion you may get some support for this. It sounds like a good idea. Some power users may have a good reason not for it though for a certain workflow. I don’t see any negatives at this time but would be interested in seeing what the rest say.
  8. rgardner

    Crawl space vents?

    I don't follow but in lots of cases there is not really a casing and will on vents and/or windows in brick walls... If it is then its usually a brick or stone.
  9. rgardner

    Crawl space vents?

    It is the rough opening setting for the window. Try to set it to 0 instead of 1/2"
  10. rgardner

    Adding floors with CA Interiors

    you will need to create the 2nd floor and use the create from blank option and then paste, then align using the reference layer tool.
  11. rgardner

    Crawl space vents?

    not in chief at the moment but I bet in the framing there is an option that cuts out the concrete buckout like doors that maybe can be unclicked? Looks like the brick knows to go to the window but it is leaving space for "framing" in the buckout of the pony wall.
  12. rgardner

    Adding floors with CA Interiors

    I would recommend Edit all areas on floor copy and paste into the new joined plan. Use the align to wall below and above if any are slightly off. Will take some tinkering though.
  13. rgardner

    Crawl space vents?

    Is that a window that you customized to make the vent? If so have you tried turning off the casing?
  14. rgardner


    I would say I end up doing the drafting for the engineer off of redlines about 70% of the time. Normally they will literally just send me scans with red ink (lots of times hard to read where I have to ask for clarification.) I provide the construction documents at one price with the allowance of an hourly rate for any engineer based drafting. They pay the engineer directly and my layout template has a section for them to stamp and put in their info or I will put in their info if I am drafting and they can just a fix their stamp after printing.
  15. rgardner

    Miami Window

    Try a louvered window.