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  1. One way is to limit the plan display name to a code like KE-1 for Kitchen elevation 1. Another is to create a cad Symbol and place it where you want to see it like a ABCD Diamond and then turn off the display of your cameras in plan file and jus reference the elevations on your layout as Elevation A, Elevation B, etc...
  2. Sorry you have totally lost me at least with your description. I would say reattach your plan file.
  3. Open below. btw that is just showing drywall on the side of the joists that you are not showing in that picture.
  4. Delete your ceiling finish
  5. Best advice I received when I started. open the dbx of the item and hit that help button. Huge resource of information there. While there search for just crosshairs or cursor and see what it says. F1 key is magic!
  6. rgardner


    You have 7 floors setup in your plan. Every time you added a floor you selected blank instead of allowing chief to autobuild the walls. If this is what you want then go draw your walls where you want them (hint use reference layer to see where the walls below are as well as the align with wall below tool.) If you want them to autobuild go delete floors 3-7 and BUILD a new floor but look at the dbx that pops up when you do it.
  7. rgardner

    Open risers on half the stairs?

    open the stairs dbx and look around about connecting sections.
  8. rgardner

    Showing pocket door fully open in render

    You can also grab the little diamond on the plan view and just slide the door all the way open in plan view which will do the same in 3d view. Of course the open door tool in 3d also works but will only open it as far as you have it set either way.
  9. rgardner

    Lowered Joist Floor even with top of green plate

    Just to note what Erik is showing here is a section with auto detail which will show the two different wall heights as two walls, so you can just delete the polyline with concrete fill above and pull the one below up in section view and it will look right.
  10. rgardner

    Raise the Roof!

    Turn auto rebuild roofs back on.
  11. rgardner

    How to define stud wall insulation?

    Yes in a way. You would need to open the wall description and input the R-value of the wall. You would set your material list to report in area for insulation. This is where it gets tricky and would be best to do with just a cad block for sections. If you are showing in 3d even more work but still doable. When you do a section you will have to manually place a symbol indicative of rigid insulation (I generally use the same color blue as chief natively uses and set as solid with a note calling out r value/thickness. Otherwise the auto detailing will place the standard batt insulation in the wall cavities. These can just be selected and changed to the solid fill instead.
  12. Did you do this drawing using a metric template?
  13. rgardner

    Deck Joist Flush with Beam

    Uncheck the box that says automatically regenerate deck framing.
  14. rgardner

    Customizing callouts

    Many will use a custom cad line symbol and arrow setup saved in their library and place over the cross section camera and turn the camera display off. But it’s not dynamic obviously so you need to do it once you are sure of your cross section locations.
  15. rgardner

    Deck Joist Flush with Beam

    Deck auto build is to build that certain way like you see. Anything outside of that will need some manual adjustments. First once you have your deck how you want it,build the deck with auto tools and open the dbx and click retain framing essentially turning the auto framing off. Second open the beam and move it to the right x y or z coordinates you want or if you turned off the beams you can manually place a new beam or as many do with flush beams is copy and paste, move existing joists to double or triple as needed. Place posts and footings manually or move the auto generated setting heights apppropriately.