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  1. You need to break the pony wall and change the curb height through the pony wall height where the door goes adjusting your railing height accordingly.
  2. As Eric is alluding to in his messages there are many ways to accomplish this but one of the easiest is not overcomplicating it and using a single material wall (say color-White) and placing windows with arches and matching roof shape...
  3. Hay un grupo de usuarios que hablen español en el Facebook.
  4. Estoy un poco mas sur en el Panama pero hago la mayoría de mi trabajo en EEUU por distancia.
  5. Gotcha. Any chance you tried viewing the pdf in another pdf viewer? I don’t know if that would make a difference but id does with other pattern issues for some people…
  6. I would offer to help on this as I am the one that assisted the original designer of this house to get the roof correct but that would be violation of design copyright infringement…. Perhaps you have permissions from that designer to copy their plan?
  7. Have you tried changing your drawing sheet line weight scale to 1:150mm? I find that gives a little more control.
  8. I regularly collaborate with several experienced and less experienced users all over the country including many in Northern California. I would be interested in discussing your needs with you to see if I am a good fit for you. I sent you a PM with my contact information if you would like to reach out.
  9. Just noticed your wall definition is very messed up as well. The air gap should be in the interior layer and everything on exterior of framing should be in your exterior layers. Just the framing layer in main layer.
  10. Are you looking for renderings if it? If not setting the framing layer to detail as insulation and set your cavities as insulation r value appropriate to the rigid foam amount. In the materials list it will send square footage of insulation.
  11. 1.) You haven't built a foundation level yet so no way to show the framing for the level 1 deck 2.) You have auto framing turned off for that deck. 3.) How do you propose to drive a car across the deck to access your garage?
  12. Just use vector view and send as plot lines which is highly recommended for con docs. As long as your texture doesn’t have a pattern associated then you won’t see anything except the outlines.
  13. FWIW I have found matterport to be a lot more accurate than canvas.