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  1. You have dimensions already in the plan and if that layer is turned off when you try to pull up temporary dimensions it will show the dimensions you already have. Sounds like maybe you clicked auto dimensions possibly more than once. Erick is giving you solid advice here on how to fix it.
  2. rgardner

    PDF printing 24x36

    Are you using the Chief pdf printer? (printing to it as the printer instead of saving as a pdf.?)
  3. rgardner

    Need TAS Resource

    There is screen grab on your Mac built in where you can select what you want copy it to your clipboard and paste it into a cad detail as a picture.
  4. Sorry just happen to see this. If you are asking someone a question directly either tag them @nematode or quote them as I am doing here. I did just a quick search and I believe this particular thread might get you started in the right direction.
  5. This has been covered quite extensively several times in here. It is possible to do but takes some work. Try searching the forum for it.
  6. Chief builds rooms as boxes. Some boxes are open to below and don't have a floor structure. Others have a floor structure and are used for hallways and some of those rooms you can select whether to have a flat ceiling or be open to the underside of the trusses or rafters creating a "vaulted" look. Check it out!
  7. rgardner

    Rooms layer difficulty

    Sometimes a refresh is needed before you see it. O.O.B. F5
  8. rgardner

    Deck border boards

    I may be wrong on this but I think you would group select them in plan or 3d view and change the material to the individual boards... @joey_martin Am I correct that is how you did it?
  9. rgardner

    Window Casing Custom

    You are also able to do a custom profile and store it in your user library and set your casing to that style. Lots of craftsman style profiles in the standard library as well.
  10. rgardner

    Blow apart symbol

    As mentioned in your other post try the magic F1 key and searching the help file. Although you may not have all of these tools in HDP. Try looking for the answers with the https://hometalk.chiefarchitect.com/forum/5-qa/ hometalk forum which is designed for Home Designer Pro.
  11. rgardner

    how to edit (crop) a symbol ??

    Try the help search feature in the program. Michael gave you the key word to search for. F1 is a magic little key.
  12. rgardner

    Window jamb following wall below

    You will probably need to add a picture of your wall definition at least but it is probably best to upload your plan file so we can see what needs to be changed.
  13. rgardner

    Living Area Label - some floors yes, others no

    It doesn't know what those rooms are. Specify the attic space and then run plan check. Label pops up no problem.
  14. rgardner

    Stacked CMU Retaining Wall

    Model in another plan, 4 seperate 8" levels with 4 seperate walls set back 2" on each course, make into a symbol and import to original plan???
  15. rgardner

    Inset Kitchen Cabinets

    Mark has WAY more experience than me on this but I don't have an issue as well. Could it be that you are trying to do it in another view other than vector? it wont show the lines in standard view for example.