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  1. rgardner

    stair well issue

    If you did build it then it is probably a layer that is not on. Try turning on all layers.
  2. rgardner

    stair well issue

    The program doesn’t add framing till you tell it to do so. You can auto frame everything or do so wall by wall or roof panel by roof panel. In x12 you can now do it by room.
  3. rgardner

    Exterior door swing & landings

    Agree but thought it was worth mentioning what was explained to me years ago by a door manuf rep. He explained since most weather issues refer to wind driven rain the exterior door swing is actually more secure against this type of weather as the door gasket actually gets more compressed and thus more weather tight when being pushed by the wind.
  4. Very true, I often overlook the settings in the fill area as usually I am not using them for anything that needs to be that specific for hatch. If I am doing a layout for materials It is usually a wall elevation and just use the AMD button to adjust a backsplash or shower detail. Of course I have a specialty estimating program that I work with for estimating flooring and tile work in particular as that is a portion of what my business does. So I generally if am doing specifics like that am also doing the take-off and use its layout details as I am already having to set that point and get the BOQ for the shower so can do their 3d rendering or wall elevations details. Not as nice as Chief's but still works quite well as I can layout the tile exactly as wanted and how the installer will need to install it.
  5. That is what I was thinking too but I am thinking maybe he meant in plan view as he is referring to hatches is AutoCAD??? More information is very helpful when looking for pointers. Just as Eric said if you setup your signature so we know which version and what hardware you are using, and give more details it will get you the help you need.
  6. rgardner

    dormer & bonus room

    Haha I just watched one of your videos about this last night! Always trying to improve on my dormers as there always seems to be little “glitches” that I am obviously telling it incorrectly how to model it. Not usually with the walls but with the ceiling above when I try to get it to be open to below on the edges. Just extra fiddling around to get it to look good in interior shots and renderings.
  7. rgardner

    How to draw construction lines at odd angles?

    You can also click the line and open the dbx and set the angle of the line(s).
  8. rgardner

    Client presentation

    Every case is different but I sometimes use something like this to different degrees of finish.
  9. rgardner

    Custom cabinets, toe kick, overlay, and handles

    I was referring to the part about the door handles on full height cabinets. That does seem like it was a bug in certain plan templates. What happened was: when adjusting a full height cab face even though both handles are set at x” from edge it will show incorrectly with the top of the handle off of the door in all 3d views. like the center of the handle is at the edge of the door panel on the lower door. So in my case it showed it on the door at the bottom and the built in microwave at the top of the handle. Messing with defaults for all doors did nothing. Until you go in and set that bottom door’s handle to something different, save it, then you can go back and set it default again and it fixes it. As I mentioned this is not in my template but in a plan of a client I work with. Not a current program glitch though.
  10. rgardner

    Custom cabinets, toe kick, overlay, and handles

    I noticed this apparent bug yesterday but had not had the time to go back and play with the template to see if it gets fixed. I just adjusted and went with it for then. Now I am looking at it closer and I think it might be something with the template I was using as I was working on a clients plan which was already built and the glitch was there. My own template seems to be fine so it might be just a rogue template that had a glitch that some users happen to have used to build their template at that time? Try Fixing it in your .plan template and resaving to see if it works.
  11. rgardner

    Custom cabinets, toe kick, overlay, and handles

    For the door handles as Eric wrote it should be that way oob but if you click on that specific door you can change them door by door.
  12. rgardner

    CA 11 is not printing images from the layout

    Glad it worked out. If you were to include those hardware and software details in your signature it will REALLY help someone else so that they know what bug you came across.
  13. rgardner

    2 Post Lift Model

    Not a two poster but there is a four poster in the chief catalog that is Garage and accessories. here is a pic of it. BTW it's hard to let you know the best way to proceed if you don't have your signature setup. you say posting into x11 so that helps. But alot of the guys who are super helpful will pass on by your posting if they don't see that quickly in your signature along with some system specs. They are super generous with their time but it is also limited so that they don't want or have time to ask for your specifics in order to lend a helping hand. Hope this helps somewhat.
  14. rgardner

    CA 11 is not printing images from the layout

    Also hardware specs (and while you are at it software specs) in your signature line may help with troubleshooting.
  15. rgardner

    Materials and colors for cabinets

    Hi Katherine Welcome to the forum. Looks like you are newer. It really helps as mentioned above to include your software version and some basic info on your hardware in your signature line as it will get you more help when the guys can see that info and not have to ask for it. There are some amazingly talented guys on here who are super generous with their time but it is also limited so if they are browsing through and trying to help people lots of times they do not have the time to ask, what software version do you have, what is your video card, etc., etc. That all being said sounds like your in a rendering mode with textures that don't work in that mode (such as vector view) if so try changing to standard or PBR view first. Otherwise you may have your textures toggled off. In the same button where there is the cross section slider, toggle shadows there is also a toggle textures on and off button. Try that. Hope it helps.