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  1. Looks like you used the apply materials (spray can) and made it an invisible material such as "Insulation Gap, or Opening No Material). Show the materials panel of that dbx to see if that is the case.
  2. Template plan. Chief has global preferences which is for system preferences Separate are Plan specific settings that you save in a template plan to begin each job with.
  3. Or right click on an empty part of the toolbars and change the configuration there.
  4. I am sorry but you are using software from 6 years ago. I would venture to say since at least X10 and most likely before that due to my skill set improving with the use of the software that there has not been a regular basis need for editing plot lines. I have found without exception that 99.9% of the times those errant lines are on there is because the model is not accurate or built how chief is designed to work. It can be done. I do probably a good hundred plan sets a year from large full customs, additions, kitchen and bath design, etc. I cannot even remember last time I have had to use the edit plot lines tool.
  5. This is a contradictory statement. I have maybe one job in a year where I may need to cover an errant line or use the layout remove plot line tool. That is honestly being generous as I really can’t remember the last time.. accurate model will not have those lines.
  6. Open to below room outside of the invisible railing with the floor set to the depth you want the posts to go below the adjacent floor (12" lower in this example). You have to set your newel height to the different height as well.
  7. Railing tool alone, invisible, just posts, just glass all railings. 5 minutes so not exactly what he is looking for but it can be done.
  8. I disagree. I think three railings or two and an invisible wall would do this just fine…. Just need to set two of them as partition. One for the newells and one for the glass custom panel.
  9. Next time just add it to the cabinet and select 50% open and you can show open and closed and have the specs built in.
  10. Setup a Layer set for your 3d view that turns off the roof. Then you can change what level you are on as well. in X11 at least and it may even be available in X10 (I just cant remember) there is an OOB Layer set and camera view that will allow a "doll-house" view which you are describing. It is called the "perspective floor overview" camera.
  11. Locked layers? Reference display item? etc. If restarting and checking those two options probably best to post the plan file.
  12. Never tried what you are saying but check into products such as bluebeam revu for pdf markup, way easier very adaptable including ability to add symbols and more.
  13. If you are in the habit of creating a full backup of the plans in a dated folder and duplicating the folder (changing date only) for any revisions, then this issue would go away. The AB, New, layout files will all remain the same name and all the referenced files stay in the folder.