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  1. robdyck's post in Adding post for landings and stairs. was marked as the answer   
    Pretty much. Supports for Landings must be dealt with manually.
  2. robdyck's post in Wall Elevation Dim not Showing Up was marked as the answer   
    Open a dimension and check this box:

  3. robdyck's post in X-14 Slowness was marked as the answer   
    The blurriness and visual appearance of misalignment on my computer was caused by my Display custom scale factor of 110%. After resetting it, those issues are gone. And I now have to cut a notch into the front of my desk to see the UI text. Sadly, the custom scale factor actually made standard text look more like rich text (which after the reset, is not the case).
  4. robdyck's post in Window Open Indicator on Schedule was marked as the answer   
    open the schedule, it's right near the bottom.

  5. robdyck's post in Stairs - Different kind of Rake wall was marked as the answer   
    I cheated by not showing any lines! The wall is flush with the edge of the stairs and I painted the stringer to the drywall material.
    I think a 3d molding would be best for the handrail transition and to make the carpet wrap the stair treads at the wall.
    For the carpet wrap, you'll probably need to make a custom molding profile, then create a 3d molding polyline, which I would get from a cad detail taken from a section view through the stair...just copy the runner lines, join / edit them then paste in place in the section camera view.

  6. robdyck's post in Color mismatch in plot lines color was marked as the answer   
    I set the material shading contrast to 0%. Then, in layout, all the cabinets have the exact same color as the color for the material regardless of whether Apply Shading Contrast is checked.

  7. robdyck's post in Change measurements from feet to inches was marked as the answer   
    Open any dialog box and click the Number Style button at the bottom left.
  8. robdyck's post in Drop Slab with Ramp Question (x14) was marked as the answer   
    copy the room divider between patios from floor 1 to floor 0. Then lower the patio floor by 16".
  9. robdyck's post in Full Elevation Wall Framing Detail was marked as the answer   
    I don't want to try to influence your methods but wall framing details should be separated by the floor they sit on. But if you must show a framing elevation view, then simply take a back clipped elevation camera view and use a custom layer set. Make a copy of the layer set that you use for 3d framing views and then adjust it as you see fit. Note that in X13 you will not be able to snap to framing members in this type of view. 
    Another option would be to stack / align the separate wall detail drawings on the layout page.
  10. robdyck's post in Project Browser Window is messed up. A fix? was marked as the answer   
    Close Chief. Re-open Chief. This will allow re-enable the minimize window button.  Minimize the Project Browser Window Grab the Top of the PB window and carefully drag and hover until the desired docking location is actively highlighted. Release the PB window and never touch it again, intentionally or accidentally!
  11. robdyck's post in Difficulty Dimensioning to CAD in Section View was marked as the answer   
    Is it my imagination or has this slowly deprecated?
    I have found that it works a bit better by aiming for the opposite, or far corner of a polyline. As long as you don't care about extension gaps.
  12. robdyck's post in attics walls on wrong floor was marked as the answer   
    You can just delete the 2nd floor. Chief will rebuild attic walls as needed. Just make sure you don't have any objects still on that floor that you don't want deleted, like roof planes.
  13. robdyck's post in Gable End Clean Up at Wall was marked as the answer   
    Try checking 'through wall' at start and end.

  14. robdyck's post in Brick ledge will not always render was marked as the answer   
    Edit your default foundation wall:
    If the floor platform inside of a brick ledge is hung on the foundation wall, Subflooring to Wall Interior must be checked in the Wall Specification dialog in order for a brick ledge to generate. See Structure Panel.
  15. robdyck's post in Framing Not Generating Correctly was marked as the answer   
    Here's your plan to help you out. Investigate to see what and how I've changed things. Keep in mind that if you alter any of these settings, the auto framing will adjust.
    In other words, there's a reason for every change I made!
  16. robdyck's post in Color Fill Issue in Layout was marked as the answer   
    Terrain Perimeter ON 
    Terrain Perimeter OFF
    Terrain Perimeter ON - View clipped to sides:
  17. robdyck's post in Attic Wall Material was marked as the answer   
    You can turn on automatic wall framing to see framing update throughout the design process...automatically!
    To remove wall surfaces within the attic, you need to check "Lower Wall Type if Split by Butting Roof". (paste quote into Help)
    Quick tip: double click a wall, go to roof tab, press "help".
  18. robdyck's post in Flat Soffit, No Fascia was marked as the answer   
    Eave Fascia: 1"
    Gable Fascia: 10" (or so)
    Boxed Eave Length: 14" (or so) 
    You'll need to experiment to get it just right, or know the math:)
  19. robdyck's post in Auto Dims Again... was marked as the answer   
    Holy Cow! No doubt you're confused! Maybe delete 90% of those...
    At any rate your trouble is you have more than one type of dimension set to auto-refresh. I blame Ken Suffridge, a no-good trouble maker for sure!

  20. robdyck's post in How to change deck rim joist default material was marked as the answer   
    It comes from the exterior material of the railing wall above it.
  21. robdyck's post in Roof Plane: Soffit/Eave Incorrect material was marked as the answer   
    The roof plan rebuilt correctly when I got rid of an unnecessary line segment. Select the roof, the click on the tool pointed out in the image below.

  22. robdyck's post in Crazy wall showing up and cannot delete! help! was marked as the answer   
  23. robdyck's post in Dormer Corners Driving me Nuts was marked as the answer   
    I've made a few adjustments. A couple of points:
    Cheek walls need "Roof cuts wall at bottom" checked adjust roof hole polyline where it is not accurate manually adjust wall connections of cheek walls ensure cheek walls are using the default material at the exterior (Wall dbx / Materials) 1967753177_CURRANAS-BUILT02robd.plan
  24. robdyck's post in How to Insert Picture Without a Frame was marked as the answer   
    @kaitadams13 I'd suggest making sure that p-solid is on the 'furniture' layer. In the last camera view, it appears as though it's layer isn't displayed.
  25. robdyck's post in Noob question I'm sure but i cant locate it in the search - Changing ceiling height changes moves the floor up, not the ceiling down was marked as the answer   
    Double click the problem room, and reset the floor elevation to the default. Then, select 'Shelf Ceiling" and then enter your desired ceiling height.