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  1. robdyck's post in Window Labels And Sill Plates was marked as the answer   
    No, just open that wall's dialog (double click it), go to the Foundation tab, and you can spec the sill plate for that wall.
  2. robdyck's post in Glass walls not Opaque in elevations was marked as the answer   
    Perhaps the solution might be to allow both wall and door to be transparent. By adjusting the transparency you can control how the 'intensity' of the display of objects behind the glass.
    Using my tempered glass material with transparency at:
  3. robdyck's post in How to turn an existing finished 5 plex design into a 4 plex was marked as the answer   
    Yes, using the Edit Area (All Floors) tool you can neatly cut a portion out and move the left or right remaining section the appropriate amount. A little trial and error along with the undo key and you'll have it figured out in no time!
  4. robdyck's post in Living Square Footage Calculation missing was marked as the answer   
  5. robdyck's post in Ceiling Above Stair and Balcony Question was marked as the answer   
    Stairs: Press shift, then select the upper stair and uncheck "Open Risers".
  6. robdyck's post in Porch railing and garage wall foundation option was marked as the answer   
    @SkullMesaRanchSimpson Strong-Tie Post Base; This is what I would use. In your case of a 6x6 post, 4.75" to the center line.

  7. robdyck's post in Elevations - First and Second Floor Material Overlap was marked as the answer   
    Select the lower wall, Structure Tab, Click Default wall top height

  8. robdyck's post in Curtain Wall Radiator was marked as the answer   
    Hey Jim, I'd suggest using a base cabinet. I'd also suggest making a copy of a register symbol and then setting it to insert into a countertop. For accuracy and width, you may want to place several registers and convert them all into a single fixture that can be placed into a countertop / cabinet.
    Alternatively, you can just place one register into a cabinet top and adjust the cabinet width to match the register width. Then copy it 6 times to create the appearance of 12 vents. Use a matching cabinet with the register removed to serve as the fillers at the ends and intermediate portions.
  9. robdyck's post in Referenced detail call out bug? was marked as the answer   
    Hey Ed, I think you're using those callouts backwards. The plan view callout should have the link on the upper line. It will then automatically display whatever number you assign to the layout view callout label.
    In your case, assign the #1 to the layout view callout label (the strap detail). 
    This (%referenced_view_callout_label%) will go in any callout (in any view) that you want to link to that detail.
    This also means that your strap detail should be a view that is sent to layout...not just a CAD block.
  10. robdyck's post in Wall Cabinet Question - Floating Shelves was marked as the answer   
    Box construction : framed
    Separation: 0"
    Front: Opening (specify shelves)
    Back, right, left: none
    Has Bottom
  11. robdyck's post in Post frame truss placement was marked as the answer   
    Like the message says, there is no ceiling out there. First, place it where it works, then lock the truss envelope. Then move it to where you'd like.
  12. robdyck's post in unwanted elevation lines was marked as the answer   
    The lines are gone in the camera view but they do show in layout. They change in layout after every adjustment, never the same thing twice. A few notes tweaks for you to try:
    Make those exterior walls use the default heights and automatic floor / ceiling levels. Make the walls use default exterior materials. Adjust the wall definition so the desired material is you exterior finish layer. Make windows opaque in elevation views Use a dedicated layer set for elevation views. Turn off layers for all interior cabinets, electrical, fixtures, furnishings, hardware, etc. Remove the brick ledge from your main floor brick wall definition. It isn't needed in this plan and creates unwanted double lines around the garage. Here's the last thing I did that finally worked in layout: Select the battens, increase the thickness and set them to cut the finish layer. BOOM! Snippet from layout:

  13. robdyck's post in Library or Custom Shutter? was marked as the answer   
    Or just copy the library shutter to the user catalog and then adjust the stretch plane to be within the lower panel.
  14. robdyck's post in Only One Terrain Break Working at a Time was marked as the answer   
    1. Open terrain perimeter, turn on Auto Rebuild Terrain
    2. On the right side of the building, add more elevation data to even out the terrain to your desired elevation. Chief seems to build terrain in a wave (think grade 11 graphing math). So, when you get a wave where the crest is too high, add data to lower that crest. 
    3. When using a terrain break hidden in a retaining wall, set the transition distance to 1" or 2".
  15. robdyck's post in Plan with decks, material list only reporting deck boards, no framing was marked as the answer   
    In the plan you made available, the layer I mentioned was not on in the Materials List layer set.

  16. robdyck's post in Plan with decks, material list only reporting deck boards, no framing was marked as the answer   
    In the plan you made available, the layer I mentioned was not on in the Materials List layer set.

  17. robdyck's post in Is There A Way to Get Layout Sheet 0 Defaults to 'Front' of Succeeding Layout Pages? was marked as the answer   
    Put your mask on page 0 and use the drawing order tool to move it closer to the front than the default drawing order of 21.
  18. robdyck's post in Porch Ceiling Plane Conflicting with Roof Plane was marked as the answer   
    In your case, you've used a ceiling plane, however it is higher than the bottom of the rafters (structure tab) of the roof planes. Seeing as your ceiling planes are not symmetrically balanced with the roof planes above, you should do some cleanup. That being said, you have a couple of options to fix the model:
    reduce the structure depth of the roof planes OR lower the ceiling planes so they are below the roof structure Because I don't know your structural preferences or requirements, I'll leave the 9 1/4" rafters as-is and lower the ceiling planes.

    As you'll see, that leaves some decision making about how to deal with transition depth from rafters to eaves at the gable end.

  19. robdyck's post in Framing - Balloon Through Floor Below was marked as the answer   
    The solution to the original question (prior to the heavy duty off-topic discussion about pouring concrete??) is to check "Foundation Wall" in the 'General' Tab of the Wall Specification dialog. 
    In the 'Foundation' Tab, I uncheck 'Footing' and drop in my own footings from my library because Chief doesn't build footings correctly for interior basement load bearing walls (the footing does not project at the ends of the walls).

  20. robdyck's post in Stair Runner Visibility in Plan was marked as the answer   
    Manual cad work. There are no layers that display a runner.
  21. robdyck's post in X14 - Project Browser window size resets was marked as the answer   
    For those also having an issue with Chief 'remembering' their window sizes, I believe I have found the 'issue' (for lack of a better word) and a resulting fix. Side window sizes can be affected by the inherent size of the Walkthrough Preview Dialog. Chief remembers and prefers this window more than any others! So...if you don't want the Walkthrough Preview window visible and would like your other windows reduced and remembered the solution is to:
    Display the Walkthrough Preview Window Relocate that Window to a secondary monitor Adjust the remaining window sizes to your preferred widths / positions. Turn off the display of the Walkthrough Preview Window. Because of Chief's preference and memory of the Walkthrough Preview window size and position, Chief will no longer adjust your other side windows to fit the space that would have been occupied by the Walkthrough Preview Window.
  22. robdyck's post in silly little soffit problems was marked as the answer   
    Thanks to those who replied. You are correct, the described issue is caused by the settings. My question was how to solve the soffit problem; changing the roof structure settings is not an option. Many of my projects do have 2x8 sub-fascia at gables and 2x6 sub-fascia at eaves.
    My correction to solve the soffit projecting below is to create a small roof plane the size of the offending projection and remove the soffit for that small portion of roof plane. This does leave a small triangular gap in the level soffit which I could fix however it doesn't show in any normal views so, I probably wouldn't correct it unless it appeared in a rendered view.
  23. robdyck's post in HQ Rendering and .plan file management was marked as the answer   
    This is what I do. You have to pick your poison!
  24. robdyck's post in I got the off-angle wall-connect blues and can't shake them. was marked as the answer   
    Fix this wall! It has No Room Def. checked and is an Attic Wall.

  25. robdyck's post in Custom Newel post for deck was marked as the answer   
    You've followed the correct steps, although you don't need to make a block of those items, you simply need to select all 3 and then convert to symbol (Millwork category). Of, course the cap and skirt must be set at the correct heights relative to the post before executing that function. You may need to post an image of the problem and describe what wasn't working for you.