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  1. rgardner's post in Can anyone share a symbol for this cabinet? I don't know how to make the curved section was marked as the answer   
    Custom door on the two sides.
  2. rgardner's post in two story deck framing issue was marked as the answer   
    1.) You haven't built a foundation level yet so no way to show the framing for the level 1 deck
    2.) You have auto framing turned off for that deck.
    3.) How do you propose to drive a car across the deck to access your garage?
  3. rgardner's post in Foundation bearing pads for point loads, etc. was marked as the answer   
    If not under a wall then you would need solid framing down to a pad.  Kind of like the "Post w/ Footing" tool...
  4. rgardner's post in Siding Overlap was marked as the answer   
    Individual wall dbx>structure panel>stop at floor below.
  5. rgardner's post in Square Air Conditioner (Condenser) symbol was marked as the answer   
    maybe update your library?
  6. rgardner's post in Unwanted Footings Under my Exterior Walls? was marked as the answer   
    Looks like your first floor exterior walls are set as a foundation wall set to build footings below in your structure panel of the wall dbx.
  7. rgardner's post in Hatch Pattern Linestyle by Layer was marked as the answer   
    Funny, I was just showing you that workaround when you posted.
  8. rgardner's post in Library Browser Not Working was marked as the answer   
    They are probably stuck on your other screen.  Try preferences>reset options>reset side windows
  9. rgardner's post in Slab Perimeter Wall Type was marked as the answer   
    BTW Air-Gap is the key.
  10. rgardner's post in Sliding glass door: Identically sized units one L one R numbered same on schedule was marked as the answer   
    Find the schedule column that reports the difference or create a custom field set to slide direction and add that info to those two doors.  It will number them separately.
    btw @GeneDavis I will be in Naples next weekend.
  11. rgardner's post in Railing Breaking/Cutting Weird in Loft. was marked as the answer   
    Quite a few other issues on this but your railing is because of how you have your room setup.  Setup the loft story as 1.5" Ceiling height (your 2x toe plate the rafters will actually build off of or set on.  Then select the railings and set them to balloon through ceiling above in the structures panel.

  12. rgardner's post in Help with Attic Walls (x14) was marked as the answer   
    @nVisionTEKBIMtry a wall material region.
  13. rgardner's post in Explain why these two windows show as same item in schedule was marked as the answer   
    Check out the schedule closely.  The size column (good or bad) goes with overall width and height.  Since you had no information reporting differently they go to the schedule as the same filtered information.
  14. rgardner's post in Terrain / Elevation issue was marked as the answer   
    Attach a link to a cloud share file of the plan.
    Best guess from the view is that your terrain region for where the house is sitting is missing or not set to 0  Terrain is dropping down to the only elevation information it has which is the -36" that you have on the plan.
  15. rgardner's post in Roof Materials Schedule - Where can I find Fascia, Soffit, Drip Edge? was marked as the answer   
    To get them into a schedule you are going to have to add some custom Fields to your roof planes and then show them in your schedule:

    You can add Global macros or custom ones.  Use a Object information macro pointed to the edge of a roof plane to see what can be added.  But globally you can get all of these:

  16. rgardner's post in Attic wall or Knee wall or ???? was marked as the answer   
    Dont have the time to download and review but looks like it is probably the ceiling height in the open to below room where your stairs are at that is pushing the auto roof to build it up.  Do a cross section and figure out where the top plate needs to be then set your "ceiling height" at that in the stair room.
  17. rgardner's post in Layout graphics do NOT appear but show in Thumbnail view was marked as the answer   
  18. rgardner's post in New Portico design was marked as the answer   
    Only if you leave it as a flat ceiling over the room.
    Either method is quite simple with this setup.  Just look for Corbels for the brackets in the library.
  19. rgardner's post in Using 3D beams but editing plan view to be single dashed line? was marked as the answer   
  20. rgardner's post in Printing & Drawing, Line Weight uses. was marked as the answer   
    Maybe this will help?
  21. rgardner's post in Lower roof soffit cut off by overlapping upper roof overhang was marked as the answer   
    Try placing a manual ceiling plane.  BTW use a railing wall without drywall in the wall definition to get rid of that drywall at the top of the beam.
  22. rgardner's post in Can CA calculate the square footage of window surface from a plan? was marked as the answer   
    Look at the options in the window schedule, and remember to add your total line at the bottom.
  23. rgardner's post in Door Schedule 3D Elevation View was marked as the answer   
    Many ways to do so:
    1.) Take a Wall elevation and annotate.  Send to layout and crop out doors/windows.
    2.) Take a Wall elevation and annotate. Then create a cad detail from view and delete un-necessary info/items.  Send to layout.
    3.) Combination of 2 and then save to your library as a cad detail of sorts and place in your plans with the size/type of doors needed.  Send to layout.
  24. rgardner's post in How do I turn off save / cancel when deleting an object symbol? was marked as the answer   
    Sounds like you should look at your hotkey assignments and figure out which one you are pushing that is wanting to close chief.
  25. rgardner's post in Floor joists was marked as the answer   
    You need to build your foundation so it has a place to put the joists.

    BTW You changed your default to I-joist in framing but not on your level 1 which was already set as lumber.  You also have your sheathing layer set as framing and not your i-joist/lumber selection.