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  1. What is the best way to get a railing below a sloping gable end such as in a loft dormer? I seem to always have a problem getting it to look right or having the rooms defined incorrectly. This is the best solution I've been able to get, but not sure if there is a better way. Using x12 for now. Sample Loft.plan
  2. OR just keep using x12 until the problem is eventually fixed.
  3. I also am getting this error even after the new 511.65 driver install. Unfortunately the new computer I just bought came preloaded with Windows 11. I have been using the Nashville sample plan from chief to test the problem. Seems to happen most often when I take an interior kitchen view. It is very frustrating to fork out all this money for a new pc and version x13 to not be able to use it.
  4. Is there any way to edit plan database info into a plan file before creating a database file? Seems like a lot of work to go through multiple files to edit the info, especially after a whole year of jobs. It would be nice if chief added a dialogue like this (if it doesn't already) when a job is completed to edit all plan info, set up a perspective camera and floor plan overviews to save with the plan file. Then when creating the database file it is already done and you don't have to wade through multiple past projects. Maybe I'm just not correctly using it. Does anyone use the plan database and could share best practices, because it doesn't seem to work well for me.
  5. Are there any tricks to use to get a spiral tube slide. I would love to use a molding polyline to get an acurate shape and arcs, but I can't figure out how to get the downward corkscrew shape. Any thoughts? This is the closest I could get.
  6. I also am having the same issue. I have a plan template I use with all my general notes in a cad detail window that is linked to my layout template. (circled in red in layout pic) When I start a new drawing and I make changes to those general notes, I send the floor plan to my layout template. (shows two linked files - see layout pic) In the past, all I needed to do was to relink the new saved plan over the template plan (See pic 2 - second Sample plan link has forward slashes instead of back slashes). The general notes would update to my changes made in my new plan. But now it won't recongnize the relinking; it keeps both linked plan files (template and sample)
  7. Is there a any way to create an arched window like this? The center unit is no problem, but I can't seem to get the units on each side to have an "inverted" arch. Arch Window.pdf
  8. Thanks for the info Larry. Unfortunately because of my black background, if I choose any light colors in plan view the 2d symbols in the layout print out light. I may have to settle for the darkest color I can still see in plan view.
  9. I will do that - when I have more time, just hoping to eliminate my inexperience before I got support team involved.
  10. Here is a pdf printout of the same keynote schedule. The 2d symbols retain some color even when printed black and white which makes them difficult to read when printed. I have experimented with different colors, if I use black text for the symbols (on my black background) I can see the symbol but no text inside. I need high contrast for poor eyesight and black screen for eye relief.
  11. It appears that keynote symbols in my schedules display in color no matter what settings are selected in layout. I use a black background and light colored text. Even when put into a pdf the keynote symbols print out very light. The rest of the schedule text is fine. Any thoughts The rest of the schedule text is fine. Any thoughts?
  12. Yours looks like just a circle window with wider grilles and not 4 separate windows. Is that the only way to do it? And... My apologies. Is there a way to move posts once started?
  13. Is there a way to create a circle window using four quarter rounds. I can't seem to get the top two windows mirrored below to create this look.
  14. Will this allow creating a macro to show the required s.f. area for daylight openings (8% of room area) and natural vent (4%)
  15. When a new CA version comes out, how long before you exclusively use that new version for con docs? I am always hesitant to use it right away - just in case I run into a bug or some other problem with new features that alter how I typically do things. You can't just go back to x10 to finish up an x11 drawing when a software problem arises, correct?
  16. Window and door schedules (which is mainly what I have the custom object fields for) show all the info as before. It is just in the new "open object" dialog in the library that doesn't show the values or allow me to change values in the custom object fields. That new "open object" feature in the library is something I'm really excited about and was hoping I could edit those custom objects directly in the library. Still very useful!
  17. Is there a reason why the custom object field info doesn't show up in the dialogue when directly opening to edit from the user library? When I place the objects into a plan, the custom fields I entered in x10 all display correctly, but are not showing up inside the dialog of my library. I have also tried creating a new item with the custom object info and saving back into the library to see if it would show up - but it still does not. Just wondering if this is a bug or not
  18. Again the text displays correctly - but only when I select something is when the fill shows up. Just tried the select all - still didn't work. Maybe a bug or something, or an obscure setting somewhere
  19. That is what seems to be happening. I checked in the x11 layout as well - same white fill. I use a white background in my x10 layout and selected dimensions on the layout show a black background. Thanks for all the input I did try importing defaults as well as opening a completed plan I had done previously. Sample Plan.plan
  20. I changed the text, dimension, and window label text style defaults to transparent. Still not working. The white blotted out text only shows when I select an item such as window, elevation camera, dimension, etc. I keep trying to change different settings, but still can't come up with a solution.
  21. That's the first place (Preferences>Appearance>Colors) I checked. All of my old settings/colors have migrated correctly from x10, but for some reason those selected/active items are "blotted out" in white. In x10 these items didn't have the fill displayed just transparent (black) background.
  22. Is there a setting in X11 version to change or turn off selection fill for selected objects and dimensions? I use a black background and the new version is highlighting certain objects when selected with a white fill background(ie - dimensions, labels, temp dimension)
  23. That was my suspicion. I was playing around with some macros, but with my limited knowledge I didn't get far. Thanks
  24. To all of the brilliant minds... Is there any way to "auto-generate" a schedule like this? - I can get interior room areas easily, but is there a way to calculate 8% and 4% of each area respectively for light and vent requirements? - I have custom object fields on all my windows and doors that include the (1) glass area and (2) vent area. Is it possible to calculate all the (1) light and (2) vent included from each room? I have an excel spreadsheet I plug in the numbers for the required areas and then manually put them in chief, but just looking to save some time if possible I have attached a simple plan with the window, door, and light-vent schedules if that helps Light-Vent.plan
  25. Anyone have a preferred program they use to convert a pdf file to a .dwg file. I am looking for an inexpensive one.