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  1. Anyone with this room label issue have any bay or bow windows in their plans. I just realized both of the plans I have this problem with, have bay windows. Not sure if it has anything to do with it, just trying to come up with some correlation so I can send a bug report.
  2. It seems like it gets stuck on that particular command. It also does the same thing in reverse going from layout to plan.
  3. I have an issue after placing an item form my library into my plan view. Once I place the item and enter a new command (even the select object command), when I switch over to a layout, the "place cad block" command shows by default causing the layout to be covered by the ghost image it is trying to place. Is this a bug or did something get saved in a template that is causing the problem
  4. I had this happen to me again on a completely new plan started in X15. I thought maybe the issue was when pulling in a plan started in an earlier version, but it just happened after several new x15 plans had no issue. So much for that theory! I still have not been able to reproduce the steps that cause the labels to disappear. At least I'm not alone.
  5. I had thought this as well, but I still am unable to reproduce the results that leads to them disappearing. Once I can, then I will send in a bug report.
  6. Good thought Adam, but not my issue. I made sure to switch between default (anno) sets as well as turn on all layers to see if that was causing the issue. I was able to cycle through the undo button to get them back, but then I lose the work I've already done. (If I catch it within a reasonable amount of time.) It's easier to just multi-select rooms to check the box when I'm finished for the day.
  7. I've been trying to duplicate, but haven't found a consistency yet.
  8. It happened again while working on the same plan. This time while working on the second floor, the labels on the first floor and basement were removed. I removed a wall on the second floor that defined a room and then I noticed the room labels were missing on the floors below. Is there a hotkey or something that I am accidentally turning off the room lables? I would think it would turn them all off not just certain floors.
  9. I just started working with X15. Anyone else have an issue where all the room labels on a floor level get turned off? I have been working on a plan and when I take the file home to work, I lose the room labels. The first time I thought maybe I had not labeled them. As I was going through turning them back on, I realized the room definitions were retained but all the "show room label" boxes were unchecked. It has happened multiple times on the same plan now. It seems to be happening only when opening the file on a different computer (home, work, laptop). Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Haven't watched your video yet, I'll def. take a look. I don't like the tile mode, bc I like to see the name as well as a preview since I have a huge custom window catalog I built. I use the ctrl+mouse for different preview sizes, but would like the option to have it locked it at that size when I re-open a new plan.
  11. I understood what you were you saying. But look how much space I lose in the filter results by putting the toolbar on the bottom. Chief adds a title to the toolbar plus the toolbar icons which shrinks the height of the filter results preview panel. We lost height in the new filter area with the new system, just trying to regain some of that height for the results panel.
  12. That takes up prime vertical space for filter results and folder panels. The toolbar is too high and the filter "search" panel is at least twice as high as the original x14 search.
  13. The ability to turn off the library toolbar would help. It would free up some of that space. All of the options can be found by right clicking in the library windows, top drop down menus, or in the preferences anyway and once set, I hardly use them again. Right now, I have it next to the filter results so it keeps that area larger by default. It would also be nice if the zoom factor could be locked in the filter results as well. By default I can only see one or two items at a time. I feel like overall it is slower than the old library search. Perhaps an option for the new system as advanced search mode, old system as default quick search.
  14. Maybe Chief should just add a similar "count" feature to beams, rafters, posts in the manual framing dialog options for multi-ply framing members similar to the door/window header framing.
  15. Good to know. Let me gather a simple plan and some pics to clarify what I'm looking for, and get back to you.
  16. Thank you both for weighing in. I thought since you can create a material list from a room, there might be some way to automate the info similarly.
  17. Is there a custom macro that can pull information from multiple objects in a room. For instance, I would like to generate a list of all codes (under object information panel) on all doors and windows inside of one specific room, without creating a schedule or material list.
  18. Yes!!! Provide the old x14 search as the default basic search, and the new x15 search features under an advanced search option
  19. I don't like the new X15 library search filter. It takes up too much of the screen. I like the simple, clean x14 search bar that hides my library folders when producing the results. Anyway to get that back? Even the library toolbar added a title taking up more space.
  20. Tried it in X15 and the problem is gone. Re-tried in X14 and still have the same issue with the text. I checked some other PDFs I created earlier this week in X14 and they show correctly. Not sure what happened in the last 24 hours that would cause the issue.
  21. Anyone find a solution to the text problem? I just started having the same problem. Picture attached. The PDF on left was printed last night on home computer. PDF on right printed this morning on office computer. Both using the same settings in X14. I did download X15 Beta yesterday on the office computer, not sure if that affects anything in X14. It appears the Chief Blueprint text spacing is getting squeezed, both on the text and dimensions. I tried a different pdf writer and it fixed the problem, but it slower.
  22. I guess I'll just go through my wall types and check the default icon next to all my wall types. And it has to be the MAIN LAYER because I accidently checked the framing on a different layer and it showed the same gap. Thanks again!
  23. Thank you! I knew it was some new setting I was missing. Do I have to define ALL my wall types with specific framing elements in order for framing to display correctly then?
  24. I cannot get the exterior sheathing and siding to cover the sill plate on the foundation wall. I skipped x13 completely and jumped to x14. The only difference I can find in x14 is in the structure tab of foundation wall spec dialog, the platform intersections includes generate between platforms but only for invisible walls and railings now. Attached is plan file if neededSill Plate Gap.plan
  25. That is exactly what I did as a quick fix! Just hoping I didn't have to include that extra step. Thanks for the help, I'll try your window option. I prefer to model as it will be built, but as much as people change decks/porches it just seemed like an area I could shave some time off without sacrificing too much. Thanks again