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  1. Not that wall fill. The wall hatch tool is what I am sure he is talking about. Very handy tool for remodels without needed a ton of different wall types.
  2. joey_martin

    TSB, LLC

    Layer sets are the same, ANNO SETS are called default set now. Look for the DEFAULT SETS tool to place in your tool bar.
  3. joey_martin

    Camera Views in Layout X11

    Select the view by holding down the SHIFT key and you should see the corner boxes go away and a single resize handle will appear. .
  4. Is it a "landing" or the floor for the upstairs? A landing doesn't make sense, but if you are landing on the second floor, simply move the wall or rail that creates the stairwell.
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    2018 IBC/IRC Adoption

    Yep. I just right clicked on this and choose to copy image. I pay for the premium access.
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    2018 IBC/IRC Adoption
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    Construction Documentation

    This is a sheet I have used over the years. Was shared with me when I started out on my own. I'm sure I need to updated it again, the Feb update didn't fix some of the code changes. MDP Plan_Check_List.pdf
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    Map the layers when you import it. Follow the prompts and you will see where you can place items on specific layers.
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    Change angle of polyline solid

    You can also use a kingpost truss and adjust that truss. Quick and easy.
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    How to fix wall length Or lock the wall dimentions

    You're right, I only use Chief. The way Solidworks or any other Autocrap do it is of no bearing to this software. If you want to adjust the angled wall(s), stop selecting the angled wall(s) and select the adjacent wall(s) moving around your plan counter-clockwise and when you get back to the beginning, everything will be as you want it.
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    ^^what he said^^ Corner Board tool. Can do inside and outside corners.
  12. joey_martin

    How to fix wall length Or lock the wall dimentions

    I see people asking for this, but I don't really understand the question. If your walls are moving, you are doing something to move them. Which wall are you trying to move? I can honestly say I have never had this issue, and I have been using Chief for 15 years.
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    Help custom muntins in archtop window

    Used his saved camera view inside the room.
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    Help custom muntins in archtop window

    I trimmed the lines back to inside the sash. Maybe that was the issue, not 100% sure, but I did get them to load.
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    Help custom muntins in archtop window

    Was also able to get yours to load. Ted Volz.plan
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    Help custom muntins in archtop window

    I was able to get some to load. What did you need them to look like?
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    Seeking consult to help/advise on finishing floor plan

    But when they click on SEEKING SERVICES over there it sends them here.
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    Rectangular Gable over Bay Window

    Others may have a different answer but for me...I would simply ignore that roof situation until time to do the exterior detailing. I leave Auto Roofs on for as long as I can, sometimes during the entire design process, then simply make a couple small adjustments to that roof when ready. I don't think Chief will Automatically do that. I know you are new to Chief, so a little advice...again, from my perspective. I see many new users come to Chief, then almost immediately come here and agonize over every little thing as they are working. You will learn, as I did, that there are time when you simply move on and come back to situations like these. Framing is another one. Your floor framing is not going to be the way you like it. You roof framing is not going to be the way you like it. Just keep working with the auto tools going. Many of the little issues work themselves out, and those that don't. you simply fix at the end. Kind of like a punchlist for Chief.
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    Has Anyone Switched from VisionRez

    I made the switch around 15 years ago and haven't looked back. I literally locked myself in my home office for a week with a set of my plan completed in AutoCAD and started with videos and trial and error. I had a set of plans by the end of the week. That was in v.9 (or v.9.5 maybe)..anyway, best thing I could have done for my, at that time, brand new solo venture. Now...I can turn out models with the accuracy needed to use the materials list with my builders, do decent renderings (though that is a very small part of my office), and the best con docs I have ever produced using Chief Architect. Here is a set that I am about to begin the details for. 24x36_X12_PROOF_5_12_20.pdf?dl=0
  20. joey_martin

    Minimum Steps for Layouts

    I use TEMPLATE methods. My plan and layout templates are set up to handle 90% of the homes I am generally asked to design. I open Chief, click NEW PLAN and simply save it with a client name and have at it. I like the nice, clean, blank templates to work from, though, I do have general notes and various schedules already populated and ready to go.
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    Square Footage Calculation Issue

    Click just outside your exterior walls and form an exterior polyline. That should give you the square footage you are asking for. BTW..Chief/HD Pro don't know how to lie or to be inaccurate. They simply report to you the information in the model. The square footage, when turning on the LIVING AREA label is accurate to the way Chief reports it, which should be to exterior of the framing layer, minus garages, stairwells on floors above, and open to below spaces unless you tell Chief to report those items. You are overthinking the process and getting yourself flustered.
  22. joey_martin

    Wall board size settings

    Paint Tool = BAD Wall Definition = GOOD I, personally, try to avoid the paint tool unless absolutely needed. It simply changes the way something "looks" without giving you the true material definition you need, especially if you are using the materials list.
  23. joey_martin

    Fishy emails looking for architectural services

    I reply with a fee proposal of $10,000,000 with the first $3,500,000 due immediately in the form of cashiers check only. They usually don't reply.
  24. joey_martin

    Plumbing Isometric

    Just draw it. Besides, it needs to match your plumbing layout otherwise, what's the point.
  25. joey_martin

    Terrain perimeter

    If you can see it in 3D view but can't select it, then the layer is locked for that views layer set. Unlock it.