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    Probably a regional thing. Most of the PNW has a 12-18” frost depth so lots of builders scrape your topsoil add your compacted fill then a 4” slab on top. No frost wall in a lot of those areas. Just put in a pc pier ftg for the posts.
  2. rgardner

    Framing Backclip - by camera?

    Are you asking if you can change a camera to a back-clipped view? If that is what you are asking then you can open the camera itself in plan view and set the back clip setting. You probably already know this and I am not understanding your question. Can you clarify it more please?
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    I knew that I had seen that before.
  4. rgardner

    WORKSHOP this Friday at 3:00 pm PST

    Thanks Scott for hosting and the lively conversation. i enjoyed cleaning some new info and clarifications. Thanks for all of our power users who were there and were able to chime in as well.
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    2020 Macs & graphics cards

    Before I got my pro I was using a 13" MBPro with an E-GPU hooked to a couple of monitors. It worked pretty well actually but the processor power and ram were less than I wanted and when the new pro came out I jumped on a good deal of a 1 year old one from someone who was upgrading to the newest $50k machine. I used the 13" and the e-gpu for travel for a while and on my last trip I had the screen die on me when I needed it the most. It is under warranty so is getting fixed but I was on an extended trip with three large deadlines I had to meet, so I ended up going and buying the new 2019 16in MBpro as my new travel computer. IT is very capable! I like it alot but it comes with a hefty price tag (Best Buy had them on $300 off recently though...) Hope that helps.
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    2020 Macs & graphics cards

    Awesome! I have the same setup!
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    window schedules

    Good to know. It would automatically put both in before but lols like they changed that in x12. I never needed both so didn’t know that you could tick that box before to do the same thing. Thanks Michael!
  8. rgardner

    window schedules

    Yes as Michael says in x12 you no longer need the second schedule (worked in x11 as I did it by mistake once.) You can see in the pics I posted or in Michael's you can add it right in the label dbx of the window.
  9. rgardner

    window schedules

    So combination of the two gets you:
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    How do you make a integrated sink vanity?

    Sorry I went back through to my job yesterday and found it isn't traverse, it was tresham. But looking at it you may want a different one: Check this one out:
  11. rgardner

    How do you make a integrated sink vanity?

    X12 yesterday I believe it was in bathrooms, sinks, pedestal sorry not at computer at the moment but it was definitely in it yesterday as I used it then replaced it with another one.
  12. rgardner

    window schedules

    Never had reason to do so but I think if you place two schedules (recommend on cad detail sheet) and turn off labels on one of them. I believe that will work. Not at computer at the moment though.
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    How do you make a integrated sink vanity?

    Just saw that yesterday it is in the pedestal sink section for Kohler
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    WORKSHOP this Friday at 3:00 pm PST

    Thanks Scott! I will email you. maybe a few more of the power users will be available as well? Awesome chance to get the regulars together for some shared knowledge session!
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    Dropped ceiling?

    Looks like it would be a short ceiling but I still think just putting in a flat ceiling plane would be the best for that particular case. Most likely the reason your change to that room would be affecting the others is that one of the walls has no definition (your room label is missing so makes me think that it is considering it part of the Dining room to the side or the Great room through the stairs). Either way if you put in a flat ceiling to the elevation you want it not only will give you the look you are going for but will also allow you to frame it.
  16. rgardner

    Dropped ceiling?

    I have read this a few times and I think what he is looking for is just to have a lowered flat ceiling under the stairs for say a powder bath? If I understand his need correctly I would think that a ceiling plane set to the right height to keep it flat would be best and would allow it to be framed too?
  17. rgardner

    Hiding Room Divider Lines On Layout Drawing

    Just FYI another way to accomplish what you want to do is actually create rooms and even floors to help with rendering and elevation views with shadows etc. I often times will do two different bathrooms on separate floors for the ease of switching back and forth and for layouts. When you send your plan file camera view to a layout you can then use the layout box to crop out the walls you don’t want to see.
  18. rgardner

    Flat bottom chord for truss

    What you are are seeing is the bottom chord of the truss being the flat and the tail of the truss being the sloped part. You can try doing: Boxed Eave - Flush Eave to get the look I think you are asking for:
  19. rgardner

    Apple Pay

    Yup don’t have to touch anything other than my phone. Unfortunately heading back to Panama tomorrow where they don’t have many places that accept it yet. But did get my new 19 MBP 16”, iPad Air 3, and iphone 11 while here on it. Nice 3% cash back! Plus in everyday being able to not touch anything. Although today I used it and had to hit the okay button on the reader at a gas station. Fortunately it was before the bathroom stop so could immediately wash up.
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    Don’t know the property specifics but is there a reason why you couldn’t just echo the stairs that are going up to the stairs going down? Stacking twin stair sets is very common with U shaped stairs. if they want just exterior stairs you probably need to post some property pictures or a terrain plan so you can get the best recommendations possible.
  21. rgardner

    Camera View Wall Materials Changing?

    Yes looks like something is up. Best to do as chop mentioned and post a plan to confirm or rule out whether it’s a hardware issue.
  22. rgardner

    Camera View Wall Materials Changing?

    Do you have another building in your plan? Appears you have a big shadow showing. couple of things to try if you don’t. 1.) temporarily toggle your shadows off 2.) adjust the sun to follow camera
  23. rgardner

    Schedules - Column Order

    Maybe this is what you guys mean when you say “build order”. But I always thought it was in order the item was placed while building the model. However I always just kept going and reorganized it manually. So nice to know it can be reordered that easy. Thanks Michael!
  24. There are several recent posts on this subject I recommend searching and reading through. You have the ability to import a 3d model as a symbol and cut it for tracing is the short answer.
  25. rgardner


    I use a Samsung 32” curved and love it. Right now I am traveling and spent the last two weeks using a 25” flat panel where I am staying with my laptop screen as second monitor. Besides the extra real estate I miss the less strain of the curve as it’s easier to see the things at the extremes of the screen. I would definitely go for the 4K or better ones though for Chief work.