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  1. Trying a version of this advice as I started seeing the issue again after the latest x13 release (sent in to tech support but they have not been able to duplicate the issue yet.) It was doing great from last release of x12 when they figured out the issue all through beta, public beta and public release until this last release seemed to have broken it. I was absolutely swamped so just pulled my ALDO, PB, & LB onto the main screen again and kept on. I had learned my lesson enough so I always keep a copy of my toolbars set so that I can fix them. Anyways with this all in mind, I am trying a version of all of these suggestions; -I still have a Default, Kitchen & Bath, MEP, & Terrain bar -They are all identical except the last bar has a section that is dedicated to that specialty with customized place library for MEP & K&B configurations but with plenty of room to the right -Setup empty space at the end of each toolbar section and subsections with plenty of room. With mac this issue has always been when having the ALDO, PB, & LB open on a second screen when the screen size and resolution is different. So I made a copy of this as well as my old toolbars for easy fixing if this doesn't work, but have been working for a few hours again with my secondary items on the second screen. I will continue to test to see if one of these items may be the key to this issue.
  2. Is it the same plan every time? Did you place a symbol or break the library by chance?
  3. Best to start a new post because 99% of the times the issue is something different. It is also impossible for us to make any guesses unless bare minimum you put a screenshot of the issue and even better the .plan file (make sure chief is closed out first).
  4. Add one more layer of protection if you want that look is give it say a 10% transparency very clean looking but you can double check the polyline with one glance.
  5. This is what @joey_martinis saying. You are adding a chance for human error by doing it that way instead of just using a saved plan view with the live model… As a side note if everyone hates to see the double wall lines and interiors use the make living area poly line and set it to background color so all you will see is the outline of the walls. Still an extra step in my opinion but way faster than making a cad detail and transferring back.
  6. It goes in order of placement in the plan so it renumbers it. It literally can be renumbered in 30 seconds so is not very hard or time consuming to do.
  7. You can manually renumber it back to how you had it before. Two methods: 1.) On the schedule view you can select that door and you will see a small radio button show on the label column. Grab that and slide it to the right location 2.) On the Plan view when you select a door you will have an Up and Down arrow show up in your edit toolbar. You can then move each door to the proper numbering. I personally renumber everything in a clockwise direction around starting at basement level and going up so that each floor is grouped together as well yet uses one schedule.
  8. Just like Joey's mine shows both lines. You can change your wall definition to make one of those lines blank but I think the double line looks just fine.
  9. Saved Plan view for site plans which shows a dashed roof plan, walls w/o layers, doors, stairs, slabs/decks.
  10. This was specific to X11 and has been fixed.
  11. There is also a Garden window in one of the catalogs.
  12. Yes its unfortunate although there is a work around for that but takes some fussing. 2nd Elevation camera with shadows off. Send both to layout after detailing out one and copy and pasting the cad work to the second one. One with shadows gets cropped at grade one without shows below grade. Bit of a pain and work though and so I generally just live with shadows below grade or turn them off.
  13. Downside to changing your foundation line type to dashed is that above grade they also show dashed. But tried and true method is a white cad mask over the top of the foundation and trace over foundation with a dashed line works for many. My preferred ultra fast version is to place a polyline cad mask over the below grade items and make the fill for it be a white colored angle hatch with no background. It cuts the black lines and makes it all look like a dashed line. Closer Look:
  14. @Renerabbitt<--- Lets see a day inside Rene's head! @dshall<--- Always love his videos as well!
  15. What I am showing was an 8" thick wall at the bottom and a 6" at top. If they need the 8" to go to grade you would just change the pony wall height to be specific to that height. Same concept.
  16. Automatic (well Floor trusses have to be done manually always but everything else automatic) with trusses snapping to the narrower wall:
  17. Not sure that you are aware that this forum is 5 years old. However I believe what Joe was talking about was that when you send to your engineer you typically will do that from layout so that all the elevations and info are on the same page in the dwg file. Instead of sending a single elevation.
  18. Hard to tell from the glass house view, vector is generally the best view to show issues with on the forum. If I had to guess though it appears that your exterior walls are slightly out if alignment.
  19. Glad that worked. Maybe mark it as answer so that others can find it.
  20. Make sure it didn't get turned off in Default Settings>Plan>Living Area section>"Show Living Area Label"
  21. In this particular case Lew it makes a large difference as unless it came out with the newest version of HDP They do not have the convert polyline to walls tool so they really should post this question in the other forum to get the best advice.
  22. Just keep in mind once you did this nothing afterwards you tried would work because the auto wall resizing goes away once you have manually edited a wall. Try re selecting the default top and bottom wall height in the structure tab first. Then try anything you did after that point.
  23. Not saying the lack of these callouts are good but just an FYI you can change a "heap of cad detail callout labels" using the "Find/Replace Text" tool (Ctrl. + F/Cmd. +F OOB hotkey) Then you can search the whole document for say D-19 / A-07 and change it to D-20 / A-08....
  24. It is very much appreciated and helpful to the forum that when someone fixes the problem they had that they share the reason they had the issue. So when others SEARCH the forum they can usually find the answer to their issue. Helps repetitive questions from being asked and helps the user find the answer quicker. A little way of giving back to the community. One new way that was recently setup to answer it is to mark the proper answer as solved/solution.