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  1. Take a look at minimum requirements on the site for x14 gpu and types of vivida cards. It a PC guy but I believe u remember seeing that it was an issue with your series of card.
  2. It is the fact that Chief locks the file and so until you close it out and release it then it is not gone it is still in the undo memory.
  3. Alternative method is to use the Wall Material Region tool.
  4. 1x2 nailer at top 1x10 fascia at the bottom and a a 1x6 shadow nailed to both at top for a built up fascia. Alternative is 1x2 nailers top and bottom with rolled metal wrap
  5. Your roof is too high and is cutting the roof. Try selecting that upper wall and setting it to be cut by roof in the roof panel of the dbx.
  6. Sorry I think I tagged the wrong designer. Steve Price is in Phoenix and is ALSO very good. @Beautiful1 is his business account for Beautiful Space Co.
  7. @Steve-C (Steve Price) is there and does great work!
  8. Most likely it has to do with the custom toolbar spacing. If you are separating them by dragging them apart apparently that is an issue with something with mac in particular the limitations set on simple icons that chief uses. Use the toolbar empty space instead of separating them that way. It seems to have worked for me although the process above was done at the same time so it may have been a combination of the two.
  9. Check the existing items to retain framing before framing the rest. For floor and ceiling framing you will need to use framing groups.
  10. By chance does it happen when you have it being used on multiple monitors? Does your side panels (ALDO, PB, & LB) disappear as well or rearrange itself? If so I might have fixed this issue recently. Part of it was with the toolbar customization with spacing and the rest was "setting" my side windows so they would not rearrange.
  11. Upgrade for future proofing.
  12. Very nice. Used to meet the wife's family there for lunch when visiting the area there in Alexandria Bay or Fisher's landing. That is always a bummer but at least you got something that sounds like it will work.
  13. Even easier if you make a quick copy of the siding texture and rotate it 90 degrees:
  14. It is designed to be on the same layer of what it is being attached to. I find it helpful and prior to that would always change the layer with the layer painter tool so that It would show only when I wanted that text or note to be shown. Otherwise your text might not be showing in a particular view but a random arrow would be.
  15. Why are you not using the pull leader from text tool? Grab that medium gray colored diamond below the red grip and pull an arrow out.
  16. So that means that something is amiss with the model. A wall is not aligned maybe? foundation wall to exterior of wall or???
  17. Not an architect but an award winning Architectural designer @joey_martin is in Illinois I believe.
  18. Pretty sure when I was messing with that situation (been a year or so) that I did this: Leaving the angle on the line and using a text to position the formatted length (using the macro %(length/12).round(2)%) which is just adapting the available macro to format.
  19. This would require more of an adjusted macro of course to get the quadrant bearing.
  20. You have to add some rounding and other input to it but they are available for length and angle however it cannot be an attached polyline it has to be individual line segments. I didn't add any formatting just drew a quick line and added an attached text box with a leader line.
  21. As Robert mentions they are fixed.... However a workaround is to turn that info off and use a text box with a "none" or whatever leader line style you want to point to the line and use macros to report the info (all auto macros that are available once you have the line connected to the leader.)
  22. Quick check to see if its light bleed or where it is coming from is to toggle sun off.
  23. That is a different issue and should have it's own thread. Your beams are going through your roof. Quick way to check if that is the issue is to toggle off sun and see if it goes away.
  24. Do you have a foundation built? Same concept as the roof if you have light bleed at the top of the wall. Close it all off.
  25. I highly recommend Selecting the center tool and hit the F1 key and then have a read about how the different MODES of that tool are used.