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  1. I'd certainly want an engineer designed structural frame that would 'house' the opening and would remain square even if it were to shift beyond level or plumb.
  2. Shadows below the terrain is one item that makes drop my face into my palms on a regular basis. The alternative would be to setup 2 cameras with different layer sets, send them both to layout, then resize the layout boxes at the terrain, so the top layout box displays everything above the terrain, and the lower box displays everything below the terrain. This would also take care of foundation line styles below grade, but I can't say I get paid enough to do that just for my own satisfaction.
  3. This echoes my thoughts. I was expecting or hoping at least for some progress on fog, foundation lines below the terrain, no shadows below the terrain I was very disappointed to see that they would even mention the 'edit layout lines' as anything but the very last possible tool to use to alter an elevation view. I literally NEVER use that because you can't preserve your changes, and let's face it, clients love to make changes to completed plans. Also, if the model is spot on, its rarely required.
  4. I would have assumed from her description, that she was not using a customized layer set, nor sending the views to layout using plot lines, would you agree? I can't say I have any line weight issues, as I have them all controlled by a specific layer set.
  5. robdyck

    Build Terrain Icon Won't Go Away

    Launch help, type this 'Auto Rebuild Terrain' into the search bar. Let us know if you need more info.
  6. I would assume that all of these types of doors allow for a reasonable amount of adjustment over time, especially considering that many openings wouldn't be level, plumb, square or true to begin with. The installation manual for one type is below, check out pages 48 and on to see the adjustment methods.
  7. I believe that was intended to be sent to the truss mfr. You get their drawings, and if this is simply a challenge for the sake of proving it can be done, I'll gladly take that on, and I'll post a video of the process. But I'm not a cart before the horse kinda guy. Approve truss drawings first! Then I'll model it in Chief to match their drawing exactly. I'll even include the mending plates.
  8. This made me chuckle Chop! To be clear, I don't expect anyone to do this without drawings. I'd supply them with the pertinent info: run, pitch heel height, overhang, r.o. location in x and z axis. Their software handles the sizing of the various members.
  9. robdyck

    Bulkhead Door for basement

    Search for "bulkheads" in the library. Exterior Attachments is a bonus catalog.
  10. Wrong, my friend, Chief CAN model it but not automatically. It would require manual editing. It is also an exercise in futility on your part, as any truss manufacturer would only need to derive (from your plans) the perimeter constraints of the truss, and the size and location of the rough opening. You and the truss supplier would be better served by a basic section view NOT displaying a truss, but rather the aforementioned information. IF you absolutely needed to show a corresponding view including the actual truss, it would be much simpler to provide the truss supplier with the view type I just mentioned, then have the truss supplier provide you with a CAD drawing of their resulting truss, after they have designed it and run it through their software to ensure the truss design is correct. You could use that CAD drawing in section view or you could place it in the TRUSS DETAIL and use it as a guide to edit the members of the truss.
  11. robdyck

    Hole in truss for window? Available? Workaround?

    You'll need to edit the truss detail.s
  12. robdyck

    Custom schedule

    I'll also mention that by using variations of the materials list, you could produce 'cut lists' (essentially the piece by piece schedule) as well as the 'buy list'. There's no need for the builder to attempt to figure out what to purchase. Chief already has all this information.
  13. robdyck

    Custom schedule

    This would be much simpler if you can stick to using a materials list, as opposed to a schedule. It'd be even smarter if the builder gave you the prices so you could build a material master list.
  14. robdyck

    Low Pitch Roofs under 4:12

    Where will the project be built? What type of assemblies are being used? Do you have any pictures of the model you can post?
  15. robdyck

    Apply imported materials

    If you can't find the exact material with a seamless texture, I'd suggest using a material that is as close as possible to the chosen material. You can always ask for help with that process here in the forum. I don't think it's likely that you'll successfully 'create' a seamless texture in any sort of a reasonable time frame. I would start by listing the exact material here in the forum, and asking for help with locating its texture or a reasonable alternative. How much time do you have available for texture creation? I can point out some methods I've used, but I'm hesitant to post them publicly because they will inevitably lead most users to more problems than solutions.
  16. robdyck

    Hole in truss for window? Available? Workaround?

    So you want to edit the truss detail? You can do it, it's just a bit of a tedious process, and you'll need to be very careful that it doesn't get 'undone'. Not knocking Chief, but my experience has been that the locking the webbing for a truss is less than reliable. That may have improved in X12.
  17. robdyck

    Arrow Leader Line

    The line weight is controlled by the layer settings. This is the first and best place to control the line weight. You could manually set each one in the dialog box as well. OR
  18. robdyck

    Hole in truss for window? Available? Workaround?

    It most certainly can and looks like it already has!
  19. robdyck

    Footers under basement slab

    The footing will be placed directly under the foundation wall, NOT the slab. This means that for clean and neat alignment in Chief, the top-of-footing elevation needs to match the bottom-of slab elevation. Chief doesn't currently 'support' a notched basement slab. For your model, you have essentially 2 options: adjust either the foundation wall height or the basement slab elevation to produce a clean intersection leave it 'as is' and clean up the display in section views using CAD tools FWIW, I frequently do both, dependent on the construction preferences of my clients.
  20. robdyck

    Deck planking and rim framing

    In the materials list, you can click on the line item, then use the Find Object in Plan tool to open its component tab. By hovering over the items, you'll see that the description is derived from Structural Member Reporting.
  21. robdyck

    Deck planking and rim framing

    This is probably because 5/4 decking is actually ≈1"x5.5". Chief 'knows' this so when you specify decking that is 1"x5 1/2" it calls them out as 1 1/4x6...whereas 5/4x6 may be a better description due to the nomenclature of the lumber industry. Keep in mind that if you order 1x6's with the intention of using them for decking, you wouldn't be very happy with the material that arrived on site. In "Structural Member Reporting", you can add a 5/4x6 lumber board with a specified length which will then give you a piece count in your material list instead of a lineal foot report. And while it will report 1 1/4" should be pronounced 5/4" which will then make sense to anyone. You may need to make that one edit manually in the material list.
  22. robdyck

    Deck planking and rim framing

    Build Framing / subfloor for Floor 1
  23. robdyck

    Callouts & Labels for Doors

    I'm sure this will be a great help to many people! You truly are a giver on a level with John Stamos!
  24. robdyck

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player Arches will still be laborious.
  25. robdyck

    electrical symbols

    I can't remember, or quickly find which layer controls the text portion of some electrical symbols. For my electrical set, most layers are light gray...and one of them is affecting the symbol display. It's gray as well, and of course, I want it black. Can anyone help me out?