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  1. I may be the only one, but recently on old files and brand new ones, when I'm editing in 3d, which I've been trying to do a lot more recently, I've been getting CA to hang. I will open a 3d view, then select the material painter and it will often hang with the spinning hour glass at that point, or when I try and paint the object. This also seems to happen when I succeed in painting the 3d element or object, but CA will not updated the image. I get weird 3d images and then the program will hang. Does this have anything to do with inserting older 3d objects from the user library? I've updated all my drivers and the program, but it is only getting worse and worse.
  2. I think my issue may be related to the data folder defaulting to One Drive. I changed that setting after updating all drivers, and so far I'm good.
  3. Both seem to work. I have always struggled to get this kind of cap on half walls and rails, as the railing tool does not allow for side pieces, but a custom shape used as a cap does. Another small point is that when using landings you cannot access or wrap the "runner" as the original picture shows. Seems only available on true stairs. Granted I can spray paint the risers. Also don't have access to the wall trim feature either.
  4. I'd love to see some examples of this before and after terrain's. I've never even thought about doing that. Most is kept in 2d on civil drawings. Does this then translate into the elevation views to show both old and new??
  5. Thanks for that Mark. I can see there are many quirks with CA and PBR that I had no idea about. Also your comments indicate I need to clean up materials along with tweaking the standard settings for indoor PBR's
  6. I noted that those light fixtures do come on when I first pull the camera shot, but when I go to adjust the number of lights from 8 to 100, that they then go off?!
  7. I've had this problem time and time again. Mostly in PBR, but in this case even in RT with over 900 lights turned on, I still cannot see the direct light or glow of the pendants. I can see casted shadows, but not what I wanted. What am I missing??
  8. I tried editing in elevation mode, but the handles for sloping the wall were not there. I think I need to try by making the wall full height first. Yup. That was it. Only a full wall can be dragged down and sloped.
  9. Thanks so much. You guys are great! Worked perfectly. Now I have to puzzle out how to get that half wall on the right to follow the "landing" stairs and not step as shown.
  10. Okay. That did work with a bunch of fussing around, but for the life of me I cannot get those little pieces of railing to go away. I click the treads and all faces, but the railing is turned off in all of them. Any good way to force them off?
  11. Okay. So your saying each tread now becomes a "shaped landing"? That is an interesting work-around.
  12. I thought I could do this with ease, but I must have forgotten how and could not find the resources at CA or here. I'm doing a 3d model of an existing home plan, and these kind of steps are not so uncommon. How does one generate the first couple of risers and treads this way with a quarter round curve? Stair Issue.pdf
  13. I got that same error message: Which referred to the rendering engine. New plan, but after a clean reboot, I got that crash. It allows me to send in a report?? So hopefully Dermot and his team of experts can puzzle out what is happening. I may have to move back to X12 instead. So far, that same drawing, doing the same basic set of commands, is working just fine in X12. So this is a real bug.
  14. It is just me or is today's update buggy? I've been working on a new plan, and I'm getting strange graphic images when I do a section cut or 3d camera. Followed shortly by an error message which allows me to send a report before it shuts down. Cannot even save my work. This only started after I downloaded the update for today. I'm going to shut down and reboot in the hopes it has something to do with it.
  15. So cap live samples still works on the image, but more for a fixed time and then the GPU relaxes until it is moved? I've not seen much of a difference in the image by checking or unchecking Cap Live Samples.