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  1. After some thought, and reflection... WWRD I landed on changing the gutter to get the look I wanted. Worked perfectly.
  2. Thanks Rene. I was wondering what it was doing. Only issue is making a trim band that follows the slope of the roof... Can I do that with a cabinet? LOL.
  3. Anybody have an idea of how I can best get a custom shadowboard parapet trim that does not have the top roof surface showing through? No matter how much I try to widen the trim or offset it horizontally, the grass top surface comes with it but pokes through. I did and exploded view to better show my issue. The other layers in the roof surfaces (not structure) are offset like what I expected, but not the final surface. What mistake did I make with this living roof layering or shadow board trim?
  4. Damn. Thanks guys. I was hoping I was just missing something. What about getting another kind of exported format from the out of country Architect? I did get the Autocad plans in a weird metric scale that came in 3,000% to large on the first try. So I can at least draft over it. It would be sooo nice if AutoCad had an export to *.plan file in their quiver.
  5. I'm wondering if there is a way to save some time and open or import a complete 3d model made in sketchup into CA that is NOT a symbol? I've imported both a 3ds file and .skp file, but there is not much I can do with them. I want to create a typical CA plan file and CA 3d model.
  6. Looks great Lisa, It is one of the fun things about using a great 3d modeling program like Chief, but I honestly spend way too much time getting it to look so pretty like yours. I hear a voice in my head constantly saying; " stop, stop, move on, don't waste anymore time!" which I generally ignore and get lost in the details...
  7. jtcapa1

    Exterior 1-5

    Great job then! I've cooked up something similar, but it does not have the control joint sections, which make it look more like what is commonly built. I'd be curious how you manage to get that custom rolled curb to merge cleanly with the pavement. I did a custom molding for that, but it is finicky.
  8. Thanks Michael, You missed the subtle image difference. The X-Bracing is good in terms of putting something between the floor trusses, but take a good look at it in 3d, you'll see that there is NO thickness to the actual X members.
  9. Here is a quicky. I've got a client that wants a green roof, and I can have a 'grass' material as the final texture, but it looks like there is not a way to get that new, nicer, grass region up onto a low sloping roof? SSA support said it could not be done, but I'm wondering if one of you Chief Experts can help me make the roof look more grass like, or even distribute a grass like feature up there?
  10. I found a bug in the floor truss system. Try putting in "blocking" and take a look in 3d. I'm trying to use floor trusses more and more, but I still don't have a good understanding of the limitations. For example cantilevering, or cantilevering for a deck. BTW, I did report this bug to Nigel at CA.
  11. jtcapa1

    Exterior 1-5

    Where did you get that sidewalk?
  12. I like your out of box thinking Rene. Using the cushion as a sink was a great idea. I've done this so many ways, but yours is by far superior. Thanks!
  13. Hmmm. I've wondered about this too, so it is nice to know. Solid Rock? Is this on Lake Coeur d'Alene? Looks like a great view home.
  14. Great ideas. This worked great when I took the time to clean up my template file and all the various layer sets. Bad habits can worm their way pretty deep into the templates as we bring them forward with each new version of CA. Thanks for that simple tip. Works great now.
  15. Thanks Jim, I'll play around with that and see if that was the check box I was missing all this time. It is frustrating to get into a bad habit for so long, that I don't even think about it.