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  1. So far so good, from what I read it was with models with under 330w power supply. Seems good for now. edited to add this. I just got back from best buy where they just price matched my computer to their sale price of $1,999.99 today. So my total savings was $500.00 of regular price.
  2. Jason the computer showed up! Added the 64gb ram, Upgraded The 1TB m.2 to 2TB m.2, Added a second 2TB m.2., Upgraded Windows 11 to Pro. All is working well. Installed all the programs on it. (still fine tuning the programs) Very pleased with the performance of this computer!!!!!
  3. I purchased this last Friday on sale for $2199.99. It was supposed to be store pick up today, hope it comes in tomorrow. I know it is a little over your budget, how ever you can upgrade ram and storage over time. ASUS ROG Strix 18" 240Hz Gaming Laptop QHD-Intel 13th Gen Core i9 with 16GB Memory-NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080-1TB SSD Eclipse Gray G814JZ-G18.I94080 - Best Buy I plan to update it to 64GB ram, and add a second m.2 2TB, I will upgrade the org m.2 to 2TB in a few months.
  4. Anyone doing any work for BarndoCo? I have been looking at their plans and thinking it would be good to work with them
  5. Jason, A friend of mine tells me that 32gb Ram is most you need unless rendering. I would buy the one you asked about and update the m.2 to 2 TB (Samsung) Gen4 SSD and use the 1tb as second drive. (After I made sure the 2TB was working properly, before doing anything to the factory 1TB) You will have to get a USB external case and use the Samsung data migration software to copy the 1tb to the new 2tb (I bought the 2TB for 159.00 each) I had the external USB case. (using the factory 512 as external USB drive) PSA.......Samsung software only works with Samsung drives! Good luck and let me know what you end up doing.
  6. That would be a very good laptop to buy! The difference between is the video card and the storage. for about the same price. I really just stumbled on this open box. Thank you, I would recommend this over the one I started with.
  7. I bought A GU603ZM at BestBuy (open box-yes cover a little scratched) I7-12700H, 16gb ram, 512 m.2, second m.2 slot available, RTX3060 6gb ddr6, 16" screen. This is how I modified it. data migrated, 512 m.2 to Samsung 2TB NVMe M.2. (After setting up windows Home 11) Added a second Samsung 2TB NVMe m.2 Replaced the one 8gb Memory card ddr5, with a 32gb ddr5 memory for a total of 40gb Ram. (there is a 8gb ram on the motherboard) So that is how I ended up with a I7-12700H, 40 gb Ram, 2-2TB m.2 drives and a RTX3060 laptop that seems to be the fastest computer I have at the moment.
  8. Would you be kind enough to tell me what they gave the Premier customer in addition to what they have been paying for? I do not recall getting any upgrade from Priemer to something better. What did I miss as you claim paying the same?
  9. That is another kick in the pants to the Premier users that have been paying all these years!! UPDATE: Seems some people forget we have the right to our Opinion!!!! Thanks for the down votes it shows how shallow minded some people are!
  10. This is really how multiple switches wiring is done. always requires 2 "three-way" switches. With as many "four-way" switches as needed.
  11. Thank you Joe, I have been doing the same thing, and forgot to mention that CAD Detail Window, so they can be sent to any Layout Page
  12. I use Door and Window labels, that give most builders and subs what they want on floor plans. That allows you to put the schedule anywhere in the plan set for anyone needing more info, for a specific door or window.
  13. Do you understand we just saw the new customer get slaughtered in front of us and we will not be slaughtered next. Tell that to the frog they are boiling.
  14. WOW!!!!!!! WHAT A PUNCH IN THE GUT!!!!!!! I feel like I just watched the client in front of me get clobbered and I am next in line, when new sales drop next year and our SSA goes up 300% to cover the losses.............................. My Revit LT suite is only $605.00 a year. And the only reason I have it, I took a job with another Designer that required me to learn it. The odds of switching him to a better program just went bye, bye. Full Revit is only $2,675.00 a year!!!! I get that Chief is way better, however the top of the line (in others eyes) is only $700.00 more after January! WOW.......................
  15. I agree with Perry, stream deck much better then hunting down tool bars.