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  1. Sheetrock Opening would be my guess
  2. Thank you I kept looing under object
  3. I do not know what the syntax is for that to be placed into text box so I do not have to type it. I typed the example above to show you what i wanted
  4. I am working with a designer that uses room labels and the, show the info. I use Text boxes with macros to pull as much info as possible, so I do not have to type it all, and less chance for my dyslexia to mess it up! Below is sample of what I am wanting to do with two text boxes and two different text sizes.
  5. Is there a way to add room interior dimensions in text box???
  6. The point of my question is how to add them to chief symbols....I have no unblock and re-block ability that i see for a standard OOB symbol.
  7. Is there a way to add water lines and drains to plumbing fixtures, on their own layer. (Like "CAD under slab") I want to add these so that when i do MEP I can just turn that layer on and be able to dimension them for plumber.
  8. Here is my window label info and my door label. Thanks to Joe for the the macro for Header height. Thanks To Michael for the window and door label, and modifying the fonts for me.
  9. Eric, Thank you for the video, big help.
  10. The second floor is in the roof. Without the 13" second floor wall everything was to low. I will have to try that, did not think of moving rook out beyond wall. Thank you Eric
  11. Here is the floor plan for second floor for this exterior model to look close.
  12. Stretched Wall up and then eve down. Looks ok, how ever extra lines in the front elevation. It looks like I will be doing twice the work on this project as One model will not do both Plan views and Elevations.
  13. Good point, then again the file was attached. Thank you
  14. I am doing a remodel on this building. Can not figure out how to close the roof to the wall as you can see in attached file. The one story is open end shed/storage Thanks you for taking a look and any help 2414 Help file.plan
  15. Best buy has USB to HDMI device. Verify your computer can run three monitors. I have run my 4K monitor "43 TV" with both the laptop HDMI as well as the USB to HDMI.