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  1. I dropped the ball on this, and have rescheduled tentative November 5th, 2022 AIBD Central Oklahoma Chapter, has blocked 11am-4pm (ET) November 5th to host this online Round Table on Chief Architect. We will briefly introduce the small panel for this event and add a few attendees to help moderate and keep things moving. We will go right into Q&A with everyone participating as they would like to ask or answer questions of other attendees. Users helping users' event. As I mentioned above, we did this with a small group in person a few years ago locally and this is great opportunity to see others way of doing things! I will get more info for you to sign up to attend as the details get worked out and fine-tuned. I have reached out to those that I purchased stuff to use to make sure I can point others to them if anyone is interested in my macros or tools, I use from them.
  2. We did this in person a few years ago for four hours. Everyone shared and learned a bunch. We are looking at doing this on the 19, 26 after work or morning or afternoon on the 27th of August at this time. If you are interested in attending an online round table PM me so we can get a count of participants. More information to follow.
  3. David, could you explain how? I would like to turn off in floor plan and on in the MEP plan
  4. I am wanting to do under slab MEP plans. IE show the plumbing and drains at location on stripped down foundation plan. I would like to add them to the fixtures so when I place a fixture it automatically places them on their own layer. I have seen it done in another program and would like to do it in chief.
  5. Joe, The reason I use the above method is it cleans all intersections. most foundations have many thickened slab intersections. As well as dimensioning. And I am not that good at 3D solids.
  6. Rob, I attached a plan where I use a thickened slab beam wall on the foundation layer and trace the wall above. I then make it a foundation wall and move it to a "walls, foundation 2" The graphics work for foundation plan, however in section will it show a rectangle footing and stem. Saved plan views to look at are Working plan view Foundation plan view Chief tech is who suggested moving wall to different layer and turning it off. Hope this helps... I hope they will get on board with fixing thickened slab beams to work with footing and stem walls. (I gave them all my foundation details to help explain!) Sample thickedned slab beam.plan
  7. I do not get to 52 revisions. Here is how I do it. Plan number 2400. Layout and plan are named 2400 If I make a revision or option, I save plan 2400 as 2400 - 1, exit and go back to 2400 and make the changes. If I have to make another revision, I save 2400 as 2400 - (next number), exit and go make changes to 2400. If you ever have to go back to another version. Save 2400 as 2400 - (next number) Then go into old version, and save as 2400 This method keeps plan 2400 as current plan and all the revisions as - (version Number in order). I rarely change the layout specific to a plan version. however if I need to then Save 2400 - (version Number) layout file This has worked for me well and keeps me from having to guess what plan file is the current version.
  8. Really it was not. Michael in Alaska (Alaskan_Son), is the one that did the macro and modified the font to work with it. If you are interested I would check with him and see what he would charge to sell it to you, as well as modify your font, unless he all ready has a font you use.
  9. I just got a RTX 3080 Ti last Thursday, from Newegg. It is working well, now I just have the learning curve of settings in PBR. Was not cheap however should extend the life of my computer for another year or two.
  10. I normally do not do landscaping. I am doing exterior renderings for another designer, and sent over the landscape plan. Any cross referance to what to use in Chief to be close would help a lot.......... Deadline to get this done is today. Thank you
  11. Sheetrock Opening would be my guess
  12. Thank you I kept looing under object
  13. I do not know what the syntax is for that to be placed into text box so I do not have to type it. I typed the example above to show you what i wanted