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  1. Hi solver, sorry about that! I've switched up the view and attached it here. So what I am referring to is the structure with black fascia. At the moment, you can see a sort of cut-out where I am only drawing that roof plane to the line of wall above. However, it *should* be drawn under the top plate of the floor below, where it sort of fits under that wall above. I can't seem to represent that correctly in 3D - as you can see in the second image, if I run that roof line past the wall above it "cuts open" the wall above and doesn't display a soffit. Is there anything I can do to let the program know I am intentionally drawing this roof plane to fit under the wall above? If I draw a ceiling plane to fix this, I don't get the fascia, so it's still not correctly representing what I'm trying to do. I hope this provides some clarification.
  2. Hello - How do I build this awning to fit under the floor system of the room above without it removing my walls and everything? I could just patch this with a polyline solid but.. I'm guessing I'm missing the setting to click for this roof to be built here without it tearing down my wall above.
  3. I would, it wasn't me who downvoted the post.
  4. Oh I'm sorry about that. Thanks for your explanation, I have been using this technique now and it's been working for me - you definitely answered my question.
  5. The drywall is disappearing, showing the osb below, on the inside of a wall. This happens when I drag the wall to meet the ceiling below on the exterior, because for some reason the wall doesn't cover a small pocket above the ceiling/soffit. see pictures. I've figured out a temporary solution - polyline solid with a cutout for the window - but can anyone tell me if there's an actual solve for this. Thank you in advance!
  6. I would like to change where the Archives folder is located - I've found the button in settings letting me see the path location but there seems to be no option to change this. My pc has a startup drive as well as a larger storage drive and I would like my files to be backed up there rather than cluttering the startup drive. Thanks in advance-
  7. Hi Charkitects, Does anyone know if there's such a thing as global defaults in this program? For example, I would like to set defaults for cabinet materials and hardware finishes for all my projects, as I build spec. homes for a small company that has a specific style. Or the siding, for example. We're usually using the same standing seam metal on each house. How can I set CA to default to the same material for siding every time I start a new project? I'm probably missing something. Thanks!
  8. Found it! Thanks Glenn.
  9. Thank you so much Ryan, David, and Chris for your replies. I have updated my signature to show that I am using CA Premier X12 - Chris, I have added my comment to your petition.
  10. Does anyone know how to change the decimal under the story pole marker lines? I've attached a picture, it's the numbers circled in orange. I would like to get rid of them completely as some of my story pole markers are close together and this takes up extra space. Thank you in advance!!