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  1. Hope you had a nice and pleasant easter. We had wonderful weather and you can really feel that spring is coming. Two days left of the sales. Have a nice weekend
  2. Happy easter to you all. I have a 1 week sales of my symbols, up to 40% discount. 2 years free updates included. Check them out
  3. One more fish done for the upcoming bundle. Took a little longer because I'm learning a new program, Zbrush. Let me know if there is something special you would like to see in this bundle. Check out my symbols.
  4. Ok guys and girl. The new bundle that I'm working on is this. If you have any specific spices you want to see in the bundle let me know.
  5. Thanks for the message Rene. That is the idea, I don't want to reveal to much yet. I will post a better picture soon.
  6. Hi all Chief users. I know the image is a little cryptic, here is another one. The first symbol is done, making a few more for this bundle.
  7. New bundle of symbols coming soon. Buy the complete bundle or only the decoration bundle now, and you'll get a discount on the new bundle when it's released.
  8. Happy new years to you all. One day of sales left, don't miss it.
  9. Hello Some more pictures of symbols that are included on my bundles. The sales will go on until the last of December.
  10. Hi to all. I'm having a Christmas sales of my symbols, up to 30% discount. Check it out. Merry Christmas to you all.
  11. This weeks update, my sauna bundle. Building a new sauna, get the symbols to see the future.
  12. Watch your head, you need a new helmet? Updated the Interior and Exterior Decoration today.
  13. Hi Rich. I think I can make them work. Will check that. Have a great day.