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  1. Night8917

    Christmas Sales

    Thanks for asking Guy. A few of my symbols can be seen on my Facebook page. I can put together a list but that will take some time. The biggest bundles are Kitchen Bathroom/Plumbing Ceiling fans Sauna Electrical Garage I do have a few old pictures that show some of the bundles, will make a collage of these pictures and post here. Have nice weekend Anders
  2. Night8917

    Christmas Sales

    Hi guys and girls. Having a sale on my symbols this Christmas.
  3. Night8917

    Symbols for sale

    Thanks Jeff for the kind comment. Anders - LAN Web-Atelier
  4. Night8917

    Symbols for sale

    Hi Guys and Girls. I've been away form this forum for a long time, maybe some of you still remember me. I had another job for a few year and I didn't have time to be here, how ever Covid struck and I lost the other job. So to make some extra money I will offer my symbols for sale and also take custom symbol orders, if you want something special I make it for you. You can see a few of my symbols, old and new on my facebook page. If you like what you see send me a PM or an E-mail. Best regards Anders Niemi
  5. Night8917

    Christmas Sales

    Hi guy. If anyone of you want to get my symbols bundle you better do it before the 30 of may, after that my site will be down and I don't know when it will be up and running again. I'm not renewing with my Web-host and I have not found a new host yet and the summer is here so I will not do anything until earliest nov - dec, since I have a lot to do on the house. I'm selling the bundle for the Christmas special price $62.50 (regular price $89.50) Have a great summer.
  6. Night8917

    Christmas Sales

    Hi Guys. Last chance to get my symbols for the discount price. I will change the prices in the week to come. Have a great week.
  7. Night8917

    Christmas Sales

    Hi Guys Christmas sales om my site.
  8. Night8917

    Lift For Garage

    Hi Tommy. Maybe this would be interesting. Have a great day.
  9. Night8917

    Symbols for sale

    Example of my symbols.
  10. Night8917

    Symbols for sale

    Hi Guys. Want quality symbols get my Complete bundle now. Have a great weekend.