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  1. I'm not so sure if this is the problem But there's an option to have stair sections move independently & I believe default is checked (on) Go to preferences > architectural > stairs If that doesn't do the trick immediately, I'd say delete the stair and re-place it. Sometimes I run into things where CA doesn't update an object after changing a preference or default automatically & deleting then replacing resolves it.
  2. Glennw, dshall, First off thanks a lot of the assist, but That drops the footing depth also
  3. AH i was afraid that was it, i'll just have to stick to doing them manually. Thanks for the tip on turbocad, i havent heard of that one. thanks
  4. Right, i dont think the other guy read what i wrote i CAN manually edit this into what i need but that defeats the purpose of what im trying to accomplish which is like you said SOP. *I keep my Autocad subscription because of stuff like this, if theres no way around manually editing a slab patio like this, i feel like its way faster to just do it on cad. I do like how CA implements a garage drop into the foundation build dialogue, if there was something similar for poch/patios that'd be great
  5. Default wall top & bottoms are "greyed out" **attached plan patio slab.plan
  6. Images of patio w/ & w/o walls & lowered the absolute elv. of the patio floor. Now granted, i can manually edit this one footing on the patio end to remove this curb, and model it to match the other footing depths but on any of my projects this seems to throw a ton of other things way off and it turns into a big mess elsewhere. I was just hoping there was something I'm missing in the auto/defaults because this is a pretty basic detail on mono slabs.
  7. This probably wouldn't be an issue when a brick ledge isn't required but does anyone have tips on how to model a patio drop? For example, i have a covered rear patio, i need the footings to continue for the patio floor slab at the brick ledge depth. I'm able to model a 2" drop for the patio but when it reached the outer edge it auto places a curb to reach back to the floor level. I guess its kind of like a garage drop, how there's a curb around for the stud wall, but at the garage door it doesn't curb due to the garage door threshold Chief archite
  8. X12, I must have changed a default on accident but selected objects no longer filter through the active layer display list. For example i could previously turn the display off for any object quickly by just selecting it & un-checking display, but now selected items don't filter in the active layer list so i'm left scrolling through all layers, finding the one i mean to "hide" & un-check its layer display. thanks ahead
  9. What is the plant you're referring to? I haven't been able to find anything that looks like it. Looks really good by the way! Thanks