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  1. Stairs go up to a gallery/loft, and where they end at top, with 44-1/2" width, the wall adjacent the woman figure is 6'1" at the wall, and the OH is 7'0" at the middle of the stair run. What does code say about this? This isn't gonna get built where they will say anything about it, but I want to know how a well-versed plans reviewer or inspector would treat it.
  2. Thanks, Eric. I knew there was a way, as I have done it before. Needed a reminder: tudor, no radius.
  3. Dogear arch isn't doing it for me. All I can get is a 45 side when I need one steeper. The image is what I want.
  4. Most windows get cased (trimmed) to cladding (unit edge at perimeter) at exterior and over-with-reveal on inside. This means if heights of windows are tweaked so door head trim height matches that of windows, you cannot do it for both in and out. Check it out. Casing (at head) for an exterior wood-framed door is about 1/2" LOWER outside than inside, while for a clad window it's opposite. Exterior is HIGHER out versus in. Chief models casings with better realism for doors than it does for windows, for me at least, because all my jobs use clad windows.
  5. The R.O. opening height for an 8/0 exterior door is 99" plus or minus. A header with a plate under it thus can be no taller than 5-1/2", for 109" walls. Until a new update happens and gives us more framing options, one will have to do manual editing to get headers tight to top with plate under.
  6. It will take time, but the tilted elements can all be modeled as solids. For just those parts, I'd be inclined to model in Sketchup and import. CDs will be tedious. Charge a fortune.
  7. So for window height to align to door height, your doors are not a standard 6/8, or 8/0? And your wall height is 109 not 109-1/8? Most places sell 9' precut studs that produce the 109.125 wall height, and that's what you see in Chief's OOB template.
  8. 83 3/8" is the RO height when a 2x10 header with plate under is tight to the top, when 97 1/8" is wall height. I'm not able to access my X12 today but how does Chief autoframe it when the 2x10 header and 82 7/8" window height and 1/2" top clearance is specified? Should be a quick edit, but you'll do it for each opening in wall detail, then for each opening in section to get the inside ply tight to the outside ply. Tedious, but straightforward editing. I do it on every job.
  9. Don't trust the dbx image. Show us both after framing.
  10. Tell you what. Paypal me $500 and we'll zoom for an hour and you'll be all set.
  11. This can't be real. You created the 3D model, the house, with the interior you show on the picture, all of which would require you to study and train with the software, extensively if I might say, and you cannot understand layers, layersets, default sets, and saved plan views? in plan view for floor 1, open it using the various out-of-box SPVs, and for each one, carefully examine the active layersets and all the defaults. You'll learn something.
  12. Watch some videos on default sets, layersets, and saved plan views. It's all there for you.