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  1. GeneDavis

    Trusses and Roof Framing et al

    Trusswork always involves some fill somewhere. I edit out the ridge when doing fills. Just a few seconds to remove.
  2. GeneDavis

    Tile Plan- 2D/ Construction Doc

    Sure would be nice if we could select the fill in 2D, have its lines and intersections be snap-to, and be able to either x-y move it, or point to point. I draw plans for a builder who is pouring concrete atop wood-framed floors, grinding and polishing it with what looks like terrazzo equipment, and sawcutting grid lines. I draw the grids using CAD, deciding best layout. I'll write up a suggestion.
  3. I have had trouble getting dormers right since day one with Chief, which was back before X Chief. How to do the roof hole, how to specify the walls, using the specs that cut walls when joined by abutting roofs, what to do with the lower wall below the roofs, etc. It is all bad for me, almost every time. Maybe I should have used the dormer tool. I built all the roofs manually. If you go inside the rooms on second floor where the dormers are, you'll see the mess. Hope someone can help. Thanks. BZ pre.plan
  4. GeneDavis

    Adding a center rail to a cabinet door

    Custom door needed for either way, whether one panel glazed or both solid. You'll use one or two sets of horizontal stretch planes, depending on the result you want. Write a suggestion for Chief to add this option. Chief seems to like cabinet stuff, and you might get it for 2022.
  5. Is there one? Link? Thanks.
  6. I make 'em in Sketchup and import them. Was a Sketchup user way before Chief v. 10.08 came into my purview.
  7. GeneDavis

    Kitchen Cabinet side and back thickness.

    Why don't you download (and learn to use) the freeware eCabinets? With that software, you can build your cabinets exactly the way you need per all your shop preferences, material preferences, hardware, finishes, edgetape, and more. The software can be set to produce either nested array parts for CNC cutting, or aligned array parts for saw-shop cutting. Every carcase part gets a label. The software produces your buy lists for whatever you buy out, whether drawerboxes, fronts, hardware, accessories, and more. Getting Chief to emulate your builds with thicknesses is as far as it's going to get. With eCabs, you are specifying tenon size, mortise size, mortise and dado clearances, edgetape thickness, back insets, nailer size, nailer placement, nailer fixing (pocket screwing, for example), and more. I attached a screencap of a part of their writeup on nested parts diagrams.
  8. GeneDavis

    Easy Plan sketch software

    Laptop with Chief on it works for me. Gotta be a pretty skanky building to not have a place to set it on.
  9. GeneDavis

    slanted ceiling planes and roof

    The challenge is when you want the skylight shaft wall at the lower side to be aligned to the wall below. A continuation of that wall right up to the skylight curb.
  10. GeneDavis

    New Materials Texture showing Black or White

    Still no file. Come on.
  11. GeneDavis

    Round Window

    Made with the Chief window tools, including the custom muntins. 24" diameter. Go for it.
  12. GeneDavis

    Building a wall on top of a roof

    Explore the setting in WALL under the ROOF tab: Lower wall type if split by adjoining roof. Heck, explore all the things there in the WALL tab. Then go explore all the stuff that is under the STRUCTURE tab. So much to learn, so little time.
  13. GeneDavis

    Roof Base line (pitching line)

    Take a look at the wall settings for the foundation wall and the building wall sitting atop that foundation wall. See the image attached. This is where you control how the walls stack. The MAIN LAYER is either a single layer or a group of contiguous layers (1,2,3, . . . ) and when building a roof over a wall, the baseline is set on that main layers outside face. If doing roof builds using the auto roof tool command, this is where baselines land. You have complete control over a roof already built when you select it for movement or editing, and can move the baseline somewhere else.
  14. GeneDavis

    Changing ceiling heights

    How can we possibly address your q without having the plan file?