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  1. Got a good one? I thought with as many of these as there are, Chief would have given us the tools by now? Unless it's a hidden thing. I never needed one until now. A harpist needs access from her car to the music room, to dolly up the Lyon and Healy harp.
  2. Thanks. Didn't know I had that option for the single dimension. I will do that to increase my training level, after I delete the text patch I did over the numbers.
  3. I am struggling with some imprecise, or rather precise-but-not-imperial, CAD and dimensions. I draw a square in CAD and specify the sides as 9' 6.6006239531". The number comes from me trying to define the foundation for an octagonal porch whose long dimesion is exactly 16'-7 15/16". But that is a digression. Here is the issue. When I throw dimensions on that nine-foot-six-somenting square, the left to right number comes out as 9'-6 9/16" and the vertical one as 9'-6 5/8". Now we all have calculators and know that 9/16 is 0.5625 and 5/8 is 0.625, which means Chief ro
  4. Using wall coverings to decorate a bath just line Chief did in the Nashville design they used to showcase X13. Did it with shiplap siding under subway tile, and the finished floor build of underlay, mud, and tile makes floor thickness 7/8". A 6" baseboard sits atop floor, and to get the shiplap (6" pattern) to sit full board atop the baseboard, I adjusted the pattern y dimension to get what I needed. Followed through with the subway tile. See the images. I checked for both materials, match pattern to texture. Vector view gives me what I want, but not the
  5. Any tips and techniques for this? Hidden strip lights around perimeter for wall wash effect? Of course emissive band for front-facing, but what lighting?
  6. But the goal is to have the material list give a count for all the rigid foam, that under the slab and the outboard wings.
  7. And study how to create a brick ledge.
  8. Do deck posts display on 2? Cylindrical posts, right? Created with auto deck framing? Drawn manually? You know they're in the plan, right? You can view the in 3D? Post the plan. Close the file before posting it. Zip it if it's too big, or put it in the cloud and provide the link. You'll get your answer quickly by doing so.
  9. Wanting layout views of floor plans at 1/4" = 1'-0" scale, and text at 1/8" height, we enlarge text x48 to 6". Thus, for a detail we want to show at 1" = 1'-0", text at same 1/8" height, we enlarge text x12 to 1-1/2". Math. Use it to create default sets for annotations at all your common details scales. Tell us how it works for you.
  10. Presuming you're controlling the pony walls to begin framing at your user-specified elevation, and manually dragging frostwalls down. No?
  11. Show us how you use the 2D measurement report and the 3D model. I have watched various Hover videos and see this one sheet that gives the footprint measurements in 2D (attached). My questions are how do you deal with the missing measurements, and how accurate are those given, compared to field measurements. Hover seems to be aimed at exterior remodeling contractors, and is quantifying everything they need to know to estimate roofing, siding, and trim. Unless I am missing something, it does nothing for interiors, or structure. Its pitch information is in whole inches.
  12. Ceilings won't cut walls for me, but I'm not that adept. I posted a plan recently with a question like yours, got no response, and made the required wall fills with p'solids.
  13. Sounds like you are doing section 8. Mine are civilized, but I take a pair of folding horses and a top so I can stand and work at the 42" height. Can't count on working space otherwise. A package of wipes to keep hands clean, but no problems otherwise. I see subcontractors taking laptops into working jobsites all the time, and those are far more dirty than the typical house getting measured and studied. Now if it is an unheated place and it's minus five out, that's another story. But a very rare other story.
  14. Chief has a lot of videos on their site, one of which features doing an asbuilt on site by a long time user, who makes his living only doing asbuilts. The tool is a laptop, the software is Chief. He certainly must deal with dirty and musty and damp conditions. Sure looks like the absolutely most efficient way. Watch it and tell us what you think.