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  1. GeneDavis

    Window Casing Custom

    Here are two snips from the WindsorOne catalog's Craftsman section, showing the lintel/casing intersect and that for the sill/apron under the casing. To get that look in 3D Chief, you will create your own molding profiles, one for the lintel consisting of the SINGLE OUTLINE of the stack of the crown, the board, and the bullnose piece. Use it in your default defining the extend as zero. Then examine it in 3D or elevation and play with the extend to get what you want. For the sill, create another custom molding consisting again of the SINGLE OUTLINE of the stack of the sill, the scotia, and the apron, making sure the sill's inside edge is the same as where the back of the apron board is. Chief does not do a stool that reaches into the window. When you use this, you will spec an extend of zero and a wrap. We do this creating custom moldings that emulate multi-piece stacks because a.) Chief does not have molding stacking for window trim, and b.) if we want an apron, we prefer to have control of its appearance.
  2. GeneDavis

    Roof frieze sketchy for curved roof

    I closed the file so maybe it can be opened. Went ahead after failing with the moldings-as-fascia thing in the roof dialog for the curved sections, and used 3D moldings instead. But if you are going to look at the model, see about why I have the vertical line showing in elevation on the attic wall at front (plan LEFT) elevation. Thanks.
  3. Here is the plan file and I hope it works because I cannot figure out how Dropbox is working since I used it long ago. Both gables, front and rear, have a flared-out radius joining a roof return, and I am unable to get a successful frieze molding set to work. It may take a 3D molding to do it, something I have not tried.
  4. GeneDavis

    How to cut a hole in a p'line solid?

    Thanks! I tried them all so I know how each works. The canopy is a roof, a molding, a slab, a material region, and the p'line solids.
  5. I tried it and nothing I tried worked. The brackets need holes to look like timber work. Do holes only work for the other elements like walls, etc? Is this a job for Mr Boolean with whom I am not acquainted?
  6. GeneDavis

    Model the impossible hip

    The degree setting came from me doing a workout in 2D CAD to examine points of tangency. And you really need pitch in degrees when working with curved roofs if you want them tangent to the roofs they join.
  7. GeneDavis

    Model the impossible hip

    I'd like to help a client built some difficult roof returns, by building full sized models that can be used at job time to cut and install framing parts. It is a real 3D challenge. A center gable is pitched at 11.25 and hipped wings at L and R are recessed back a foot or so. Specified on the drawings is the radius roof overhang at the hipped roof edges, but nothing is called out for the returns that are shown in elevation. I suspect the plans were done in Revit. The section on the architect's section detail call out the curve for the flare as 108" radius with point of tangency where the 4.5 pitch roof meets the building line. Nothing further is said about what to do for the gable returns, which in my opinion are the key signature architectural feature of the building. Pics attached here show the Revit-drawn elevation of the return, where I am in Chief with it, and a micro-plan to focus just on the geometry. The software goes nuts when I try to join these at hips and valleys. Equal-equal is OK, but the program produces weird results for the irregulars. As with returns of this type, fascia height is a constant. I know that if the "hip" could be generated, it would not be linear in plan view. It is a curve, and not a circular segment. How these things get built is a mystery to me. Maybe shipbuilders are better equipped mentally to handle it, because curve fairing is necessary, I think. I know nothing about Chief solids, and all the boolean stuff that goes with it. Maybe Chief solids can generate the curve and I can plot it, then get busy with the band saw. Curved roof edge study.plan
  8. GeneDavis

    Nice effect in a camera view. How can we do this?

    It's OK but I cannot control the line color. Where is the setting?
  9. Not sure what software was used, but it's an interesting effect. Helps the client focus purely on the view one will see from the space. Need the right pics, though. I have seen people build a platform where their proposed principal views will be from, to get a sense of what is planned.
  10. GeneDavis

    How do I bring a molding profile into a CAD detail?

    I knew it was something simple. And I get to use my middle finger! Thanks.
  11. GeneDavis

    Adobe smart

    I got a big plan set to use in working up some structure and find the ways to get the job built. There are links built into the .pdf, such that when looking at a floor plan with elevation callouts, a click on the callout takes you to the page where the elevation is displayed. Which version of Adobe does this?
  12. I can't seem to succeed. What is the trick?
  13. I have the foundation wall as a two-layer thing, 8" main layer concrete, the finish outer layer in 2" air gap and 4" stone. I want the framed wall above to have the stone come up to level 0 (with its stone wall cap done with a molding). So is this best done with material regions for the stone? Or am I better off using a stacked molding, stone under stone cap?
  14. Plan attached. The overhang on this, everywhere, is a small 2'6 by whatever length needed curved one, joined at the building line with the roof over walls and house. They won't behave. I highlighted the two along the front elevation (plan L) that need attention. Select and you'll see the odd behavior. And while you are looking, tell my why I am unable to do a simple one vert one horiz muntin pattern in the round window. The elevation view has the blocked CAD lines, but I get no "load muntins." Market Main DeHaan.plan