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    Ryan Gardners

    Truly crazy what you are able to do. It probably took you forever to setup your templates and texture library, but now how long does it take you to bring a design to life like this?
  2. This has always bugged me so I figured I would ask the GODS. This might just be me, but the Plan View Specification dialogue box, General tab, Save Options, Never Save, seems pretty useless to me. If I have all my layers set up correctly. I open a plan view, for giggles here lets say I open a roof plan. I want to take some rafter span measurements, so I turn on the layers for all my walls. I take my measurements. NOW, if I have "Never Save" clicked, when I close the view shouldn't the layers NOT CHANGE in the saved plan view......I mean not save, I mean not change from my perfectly set up layers? This option has never worked for me. I really want this one thing to work right. Sure, I could click "Prompt to Save" which works correctly, and just say no when it prompts me to save. But why doesn't Never Save not work correctly? Or do the GODS just hate me?
  3. I don't think it was fixed. My blueprints definitely look different. I use standard Arial font and the font just looks different on the page. Instead of waiting I wanted to move forward. So I ran through all our notes and details and did the old standard.... grab all text nudge left once nudge right back to original position reposition any wandering text that overlaps It REALLY sucks when you open a client file from 3 years ago.
  4. They are aware, and working on it. But please submit a bug report so it stays a priority on their list.
  5. Thanks. Sending in the bug report. just in case.
  6. Has anyone noticed that text is printing slightly larger in X14 than it was in X13? I only use Arial font to print 3/16" and 3/32" main text. I measured my 3/16" printed text and it's printing at 1/4". I have a bunch of construction details that now have text running out of the viewport. I also have some text has started to wrap in X14 when it didn't in X13. On the bright side, X14 handles sheets with large amounts of text a lot faster and snappier than X13 did.
  7. Is it just me, or does X14 not cut the ceiling joists correctly at the roof sheathing? I've replicated it a few times. Works fine on X13.
  8. I remember I found a work around back then. I think it was either , start with a fresh blank plan and create a new template for the new release (I might be wrong.), or I also noticed a difference if you resave the file as a new name....that's how I got to layout #90. Lately I've been only updating the same file and overwriting it, but this might also be the source of the problem. I've only RECENTLY started having this issue again. I assumed, probably wrong after Dermot's input, that it was because of an update. It appears more likely it's because I've used the same file for too many updates. The economy is taking a crap, so this is when I usually update all our borders, estimation item costs, etc. So I'll have some down time soon to do a new fresh X14 template. But seriously, EVERYONE, thank you.
  9. I know. Me too. Learn something new everyday.
  10. Dermot, I narrowed it down. It has something to do with when when you designate the file to be used as a Layout Template file.
  11. Dermot, I get that. I understand the Designer portion of the pre-filled text through preferences. I myself have never done it through the Preferences tab. I instead had it prefilled out on the sheet through the designer toolbar, and saved the filed ASIS. I'm guessing Chief is now overwriting the data boxes in the file because the Preferences data boxes were blank. SO I can fix this by doing it your way, which I see is the correct way. This data should never change anyway. But what about the CLIENT info boxes. Is Chief clearing out those when opening a new template file, because the info is there when I manually open the file, but disappears when Chief opens it as a default file......which it hasn't done in the past. Here's my reasoning, and it's silly, I know. If you don't give employees explicit directions on how to fill stuff out, they do it hap hazard and wrong and then I'm fixing it. Text is done in lower case, they name the file wrong, they put the cell phone by the home phone, etc......stupid clerical mistakes. That's why I have these prefilled so they know exactly where and how I want it done.
  12. I sent this video to Keri at tech, maybe she can figure it out.
  13. No to both. I keep a clean file of both the plan and layout files, with no walls or anything in them. I resave them with a new client name whenever I start a new project. I update the settings as I go, resaving the layout and plan files with new numbers....LAYOUT 91, LAYOUT 92, PLAN 91, PLAN 92, PLAN 93 ........etc... Thanks for the input guys. I'll see if it's a problem on the office computer tomorrow morning. I know my assistance mentioned it two days ago on his computer too. I really think after 2 years, it's time for a fresh blank template plan to start over.
  14. Yes. It is. See attached. Opens fine manually, but when it opens as a template it clears all the information and loads up blank.