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  1. I haven't been impressed with the PBY with X13 yet. I lose the sunlight rays coming through the windows whenever I move the interior in 3d. I have to scroll outside of the house, move in 3d, the rayed shadows reappear, then scroll zoom back inside the house. Then whenever I move around the interior I lose those crisp sunlit rays through the window and I instead get these fuzzy glowing globs like I circled on the attached image.
  2. I don't understand why Chief was able to give us a column grid tool that automatically populates those same grid locations onto our elevations, but they can't make that same automatic feature work on the section cut lines. Why? WHY? WHY?
  3. Yup. I just realized my old computer at home that I work on late at night isn't compatible with the new version. It's sporting an old GTX 780. I also maxed out my 250 gig ssd boot drive with the install. It's a sad day when you realize, you either need to buy a new preboxed computer from Dell Alienware just to get a decent video card, or pay an astronomically high price for a video card component if you want to build your own computer, which I've done for the 4 office computers. Pic attached is from my late January build. Looks like I'm headed to Microcenter, Newegg, and Amazon again. Maybe Bestbuy?
  4. It seems most use Wrightsoft.
  5. Holy crap! And I thought the system I built in my signature was overkill!!!!!!
  6. It does what it wants, not what you try to make it do.
  7. Thank you. I should have looked through the rest of the attributes available.
  8. A little late to the party on this one, but.... I am looking to create a few basic palettes for a few standard kitchen designs that have been repetitively appearing on jobs lately. It's nice to click once and show the client the different options. But as I'm playing with it I noticed none of the cabinet hardware is changing. It always remains what was originally on the cabinet. The hardware location does move around according to the placement settings, but door and draw hardware remains unchanged. I checked the training video and the options for set properties are supposed to be there, but they don't show up in my Chief drawing. See attached. Chief training video that has the settings, and my chief with settings missing (ignore the metric, just grabbed a quick template to play with). Any thoughts?
  9. Nice setup. I don't do much sketching and modeling anymore. My office has become more utilitarian, and the need for easy redlining of drawings is a bigger need. I'm traveling more between NY and Florida, and need a good option for redlining pdf checkprints produced by my staff. I want to be able to do redlining the airport, on a plane, at a coffee table, in bed......anywhere I can squeeze in some productivity time. It looks like it'll be either an Ipad Pro, or my existing Samsung Chromebook plus with Kami pdf and the included stylus. Dam Ipads are freaking expensive, plus apple pen, plus floating keyboard. Jeez I hate Apple.
  10. Thanks for the feedback Rich. I was afraid of this obvious answer. I'll have to look into it more. I like the Lidar paired with a 3d scanner app. I could definitely use it in my toolbox.
  11. I used a digitizer tablet 25 years ago for Autocad 14. My nephew works for Falcon's Creative Group in Orlando doing theme park design and they seem to be using a mix of Wacom tablets AND Wacom Cintiq onscreen drawing computer/monitors. Has anyone been able to implement a tablet, Wacom or any other brand, with a stylus pen rather than a puck/mouse? The reason I'm thinking of this is, I'd like to also use the stylus for redlining pdf drawings and a stylus is more intuitive than a mouse. I've also looked at an IPAD using Morpholio Trace or Procreate, but I'm not an Apple fan and I'm not really interested in adding any Apple products to my office workflow. It would be a dream, if Autodesk Sketchbook which I use on my Chromebook Plus with it's stylus pen all the time, was able to import PDF, but it's not. So any comment?
  12. I ran into something similar a few months ago. A client wanted a mechanical room in the attic above his garage. The problem, this attic was adjacent to the master bedroom and the mechanical room would only be accessible from the bedroom. I looked through all the codes and remember finding something that stated it couln't be done, but I'll be damed if I can find it now. I did find an article about why a water cannot be in a closet adjacent to a bedroom..... Ideally, water heaters should be located near gas or electric service and where water supply and distribution lines can be easily installed. Ventilation is easier to achieve if the unit is located on an exterior wall. Water heaters can be installed in bedroom or bathroom closets, if necessary or preferred, but only if they're an electric, direct vent or sealed combustion chamber unit. Other water heaters that use fuel combustion are not permitted to be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms or closets that open into these rooms. Edit: I think I found it. Section 303.3 of the Fuel Gas Code. Appliances (furnace or water heater) shall not be located in a closet that is only accessible through a bedroom. Then look at exceptions in #5.
  13. Yup. Every 32" maxes out at 1080p. Enlarging your screen onto one of those makes the text very pixelated. I found out the hard return..... waste some more valuable unpaid time
  14. Just my 2 cents..... I bought two of these Hisense R7 43" last year and love them. Unfortunately they aren't available anymore: Today I bought 3 Bestbuy branded Insignia FireTV 43" tvs. Two for my assistants upgraded workstation and one for me at home, but I don't care for the screen colors, and I think if you sit too close the corners of the screen aren't as bright as my Hisense tvs. Good enough for my assistant, but I'm returning mine. I'm going to pick this up tomorrow instead. Vizio 40". It's a bit smaller and should fit on my small desk at home that I have in a spare closet in the basement for late night work away from the wife and kids.
  15. For anyone tight on desktop space, here's a smaller 32" TV that will help. It's the first time I've seen a TV under 40" that is still 4K But I'm picking up this 43" to squeeze onto my home desk tonight. I just can't deal with this crap any longer.