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    Monitor question

    Here's mine. Dual 43" Hisense 4K.

    Monitor question

    I originally wanted something between my 27" and the 43" I bought. I was hoping for a cheap 32" or 37", but they don't make 4k TV's in anything less than a 39". You'd have to buy a dedicated gaming monitor for that, and they aren't cheap. So I went with the 43" 4K tv and I'm glad I did. If you try to use a 32" 1080p HD TV as a monitor you will be very upset with the pixelation.

    PBR VS Raytracing

    I was watching a PBR Youtube video and I could have sworn they said check the Improve Lighting Quality box, I think by Rennerrabit. Why do you say "uncheck"?

    Monitor question

    I have dual 43" Hisense Roku monitors and love it. But then when I transfer stuff to my home 27" or my employees 26" the text wrap problems crop up. That's the only negative. 4k monitors have become dirt cheap now. Even 43" Samsung models are only $269 at Bestbuy this week.

    PBR VS Raytracing

    That's really annoying. You shouldn't have to do these little tips, tricks, and hacks.

    PBR VS Raytracing

    Don't surfaces get affected differently when they are in a different room than the one being rendered? I always see a different floor appearance in an adjacent room though a 6 foot arched opening. In the OP image it looks like the railing/stairwell is creating a separate room where the rendering settings and lights are not reaching??????? I assume.

    NY code and garage floor elevation

    Me and a friend also, always thought there was a requirement for a 4" step down into a garage to prevent CO2 creeping into living space. We tried to find it one day and couldn't. It might have been in the older NYS Code from "pre" international code days.

    PBR VS Raytracing

    Rene, Did you ever upload the new PBR tutorials? I just checked your Youtube channel and saw the new Twinmotion videos. Have you abandoned PBR for TM instead? I was hoping to sharpen my PBR skills during this downtime.


    Holy cow that is awesome.

    looking for a highly skilled chief architect user

    Is Long Island NY local enough to Rhode Island for your needs?
  11. God dam it. Thanks guys. Now when the hell did that setting get changed on my computer. Aghhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank you both for verifying.
  12. I just noticed that the automatic header opening framing sizing feature is not working correctly, and does not match the opening specs you set in Default Settings-Framing-Openings. To confirm, I drew a large house with only one interior wall, added door openings of different sizes and types from 3 feet to 12 feet. They all get assigned headers of (2) 2" x 6". HOWEVER, a door opening that is the same size, and changed to a horizontal slider, doors 3 and 4, get headers applied differently as seen in the schedule. It also appears to affect the window framing/schedule. All windows of different widths get assigned (2) 2x6. I hate to think about all the projects I sent out in the last 2 months that I didn't review the the door/window shedules. Oh crap. Before I submit the bug can someone else verify and duplicate?

    Pop up screens lock up and will not open

    I have a similar problem. When I use my dual screens, if a dialogue box opens on my secondary screen, it always locks up Chief. Always.


    Is it just me, or this new version harder to use and navigate?

    Window material in Rescheck export

    Thanks guys. I found that default setting. I couldn't find it two days ago. I use windows that I added to my User Library for standard Andersen's that I use constantly. I'll have to go in and change their individual attributes. Weird. I don't ever remember seeing this issue before, but Rescheck itself might have recently gotten an upgrade. Thank you.