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  1. Of course after having struggled with it for 4 hours, I find the solution 30 minutes after posting... In my 3DConnexion Properties for Chief Architect, in Advanced Settings, I somehow must have clicked "Dominant". And then I realized it's not just that it can't do Roll+Pan together, I can't do ANY two operations together. One always wins (it just so happens that the roll does nothing, so when it wins it's much more obvious). But I couldn't move diagonally either... so effectively I was in "Frogger" mode. Turned off "Dominant" and now the navigation is smooth as silk again. Argh.
  2. I'm having an issue with my 3DCONNEXION Space Pilot II in Chief Architect which I swear is new as of this week. Can someone with a 3D Mouse verify whether this is something Chief Architect always did, or is this maybe just a setting I accidentally bumped? Chief Architect obviously doesn't allow its 3D model to roll - you always have a straight horizon. Which is fine, but I thought however that if you did a roll input with the 3D Mouse before it was just ignored? However, now it seems to block the rest of the 3D Mouse input and the camera operation just stops dead in its track if there is any kind of roll input. So for example if you input a pan-left, and then try push bit harder on the mouse to pan faster, it will inevitably give a small bit of "roll-left" input as well, just based on the shape of the controller. This will stop the pan-left dead in its tracks. Similarly, the difference between a "tilt" and a "roll" action is a fraction of a degree on the controller. So doing a tilt with and then getting a bit of accidental roll in there causes a dead stop. That's a problem because these are very subtle inputs. Try in a full 6-degree app like the 3Dconnexion Viewer, by doing a pan left/right only - the subject is inevitably going to roll a tiny bit as well because it's almost impossible to do the one input 100% without the other. It's fine not actually doing the roll, but blocking the rest of the mouse input makes the navigation extremely jerky. And I could swear it didn't use to do this. Can someone else confirm?
  3. Who do I purchase that ability from? At this point I don't mind paying extra for it.
  4. Yes, that did it! Thanks! I thought these were persisted, but they're just kept in memory, so first destroying the room (making sure the .plan wasn't saved with it), followed by closing & reopening fixed it. Finally Fluffy is no more! Thank you!
  5. It's easily reproducible. Attached a sample. Try and draw a room or move a room into those 4 arrows so that it's not called "Fluffy".
  6. Is there a way I can see a list of "rooms" and delete one? Obviously a room is just designated by the walls surrounding it and shouldn't really be an entity that exists otherwise, but it does. And it seems to be based on positioning of the plan. For example I have a room called: Fluffy. If I move over one of the walls by an inch, it changes the name of the room to "Bath" - as well as all the associated settings with that room. Then if I move the wall back, it changes back to Fluffy. It doesn't appear as if I can do anything to get rid of that change between "Bath" and "Fluffy" - if the wall moves the room name changes. It's not just as simple as: "Just rename Fluffy to the new name you want"... since Fluffy got it in its head that it wants a foundation wall under its interior walls. I've gone through that room details with a fine comb - I can't for the life of me figure out why Fluffy wants a foundation - taken screenshots of every single page and individual setting to compare it to the non-Fluffy room, everything matches. And I can reshape Fluffy all I want, the foundation wall will follow its walls until I reshape it to the point that Chief Architect no longer sees the room as being the "Fluffy" room, then the problem goes away. If I delete all walls in the vicinity of 50ft from that room and just redraw them, Fluffy comes back. It seems to be locked to that specific location on the plan (or something). But Fluffy shouldn't exist in the first place! I just want to delete Fluffy. And preferably all other Fluffies (i.e. non-existing rooms) like it.