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  1. Even though it's a total bummer for me, your team is making a wise choice by staying focused on iOS. I purchased an iPhone and am on day 7 of their 14 day return policy, so I'm still deciding on if it's worth the investment.
  2. Thanks so much for posting this current information. I had no idea! Back to iOS I guess!
  3. Once you support Android devices, Canvas is surely going to blow up! Team Android people like me don't want to buy an iPhone or iPad. However, I'm more than willing to upgrade my phone to a Galaxy S21+ or Ultra just to have Canvas. Hoping to hear an ETA on an Android debut.
  4. The few small firms that I worked for both used 11x17 to print bid sets for the city. Is that typical around the country? Or should we switch to ARCH C and D?
  5. I have a few questions: Does the certification ever expire? Where do you use your certification logo? Can college students take this exam? (using the student downloaded version Thanks!
  6. David, do you ever find the Matterport scan inacurate or leaving out critical information/
  7. How in the world can you draw up 2000 sq. ft. in an hour in Chief Architect? Are you inserting exact window and door sizes too? I would love to learn your tips. Thanks
  8. Hello, I am struggling to find someone who can create a residential as-built in CA. It seems that measure techs/draftsmen only know how to use AutoCAD. Q1. Who creates your as-builts, and do they do it in CA or another program? Q2. Is there an easy way to create as-builts from .dwg files for a beginner? Note: I am not seeking services from any of you. Just generally wondering who does your as-builts. Thanks