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  1. architect

    Monitor question

    Tried 43" 4K and multi monitor set ups in the much moving of mouse/eyes/head, etc. for my liking I find my self more comfortable/productive with one 30" 2560 x1600 screen. Although the monitor type is more expensive my 30" Dell has been working non stop for 18 years Eric
  2. architect

    Point Cloud import is the future for As-built

    I am wondering....if you are scanning a house or office does it include every thing that is in the room in the scan (such as a dresser or the homeowners cat) How would these "point cloud" items get separated from the actual building.? Seems like you would need an empty building to get a useable As-built. Thanks, Eric
  3. architect

    Tube Skylights

    Thanks for the feed back on my off topic q. .... Maybe just a pair of miners lights on my head and I am done. Actually I never installed the exhaust outlet to exterior in a windowless 1/2 bath and solatube makes a skylight/vent combo. They also can install and electrical light.... Thanks
  4. architect

    Tube Skylights

    Sorry to off topic a little... but has anyone had any real world experience with one of these tube skylights.? I would like to put one in my home but have never seen one out in the wild. Thanks, Eric
  5. architect

    Speed of x11 - finished plans

    Maybe we would feel better if we talk to Revit/Archicad users and see what their delay deal is... We may not be alone on this when working on complex projects.? Eric
  6. architect

    CA Stress Testing Results

    Looks like all that is needed is a 10ghz single core machine (and a fire extinguisher)…… My guess is a similar type model tested on Revit/Archicad would have similar delay times, etc ?. Eric
  7. architect


    Just completed a 74 unit project and now working on a 42 unit mixed use.... I think it works well if you are working solo and know the program a bit. It does slow down once you add all the individual unit details/symbols...hold off on adding this stuff as long as possible. I use a separate "detail" file that contains... well... details, notes, etc. to keep the main file size down (not sure it helps). We do need a way of having a typical unit "block" that can be utilized My guess is the other platforms like Revit slow down also when you have large models???? Maybe not. I do find the size of Chief PDFs Con Docs to be way to large compared to other peoples work. I have to use drop box to distribute. Eric
  8. architect

    Scale PDF

    Sometimes if I know the size of the "paper" the PDF was saved as (say 24x26) I can set the same paper size to be viewable via edit-drawing set up. Then just resize the import PDF to match that "paper" size on screen....I always check it by drawing a line to measure a known dimension P.S.: Set the Chief drawing scale to the scale of the PDF Eric
  9. Slight off topic ridiculous the over regulation in this industry at this point. Now we have to build houses so tight to save "energy" but you then have to put a big hole in the house in the form of makeup/outside air ventilation so humans can actually breathe without passing out.... Eric
  10. architect

    Opening X10 plan with X8

    I think renting per month is now an option... Eric
  11. architect

    ADA Curb Ramp Ideas?

    David, Thank you I will try that.
  12. architect

    ADA Curb Ramp Ideas?

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish the attached ADA type curb ramp in 3D (x10) and or a symbol import.? Thanks in advance. Eric
  13. architect


    Thank you rlackore, I have been looking for symbols like that. Was this an imported symbol from the manufacturers web site ? Thanks, Eric
  14. architect

    ADA Curb Ramp creation

    Can anyone offer ideas on how to create an ADA/ANSI117 compliant curb ramp like the one in the picture below and get it to work with a road & sidewalk in Chief. x10 Maybe it needs to be made in sketch up and imported as a symbol? Thanks in advance. Eric curb ramp.pdf
  15. architect

    Sidewalk and curb offset in 3d

    Thank you Chief for fixing this in new x10 release. Now I just need to be able to show that ADA curb ramp.... Eric