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  1. payettedesigns


    Here is a real tech question. Where do you change signature line on forums. I do not see it in the edit profile. I need to up date my PC info so I can impress everyone because at 61 years old that is important to me lol. David
  2. payettedesigns

    Copy and Paste in Place X12

    Yes I loved it but there were times when I would leave a window on top of a window ect so making you go an extra step might be helpful. I just do not want Chief to change things based on low level users. I consider Chief Architect to be an increasingly Professional Software . We use Revit as well but Chief is Streamlined for the Residential Market. Over the past six years Chief Architect has brought almost a million dollars into my business and for that I will be forever blessed. I have little to show for that success because I like toys but hey life is short. Cheers.
  3. payettedesigns

    Copy and Paste in Place X12

    Yeah I figured that was the reason. I do the other ways as well all the time. There is still copy , paste in place on the other menu so I can still use it when I am stubborn. I love X12 lots of great things like the point to point. Cheers.
  4. payettedesigns

    Copy and Paste in Place X12

    Please tell me why Chief Architect has decided not to put " Copy Paste In Place" In the right click menu? x12
  5. payettedesigns

    Drop Box versus Google Drive

    Does anyone use Google Drive for Cloud Storage? I have been using DropBox for years without incident and it syncs perfectly. We switched to G-Suite and I have a mountain of Google Drive storage and I am paying for both. DropBox and Google Drive If you are using Google Drive can you weigh in and let me know of any issues. appreciated..
  6. payettedesigns

    Perfect Field Measuring Setup

    Wouldn't work for me I take a table or use something in the clients house. When we do additions I measure every inch of the existing. Windows , doors everything and make a complete accurate model it usually takes me a full day or more. I also crawl under the house and get the piers etc. We sell these completed plans back to the owner in addition to the design work. We put them in a PVC Tube with a bracket and it goes in a closet for the next homeowner if they ever sell. We list all the mechanical systems and warranty house as well. The backpack looks interesting though but I use a laptop with a large screen. Cheers
  7. payettedesigns

    Different use of PBR

    Never though of that. Awesome thanks for sharing.
  8. payettedesigns

    Autocad and Ancillary Programs

    My business has grown over the years and we brought on ancillary programs out of necessity. We use Autocad LT for the sole purpose of being able to manipulate DWG files etc when they are sent to us. The engineering firm we use likes us to send DWG files to them which of course can be exported from DWG with minimal manipulation of Layers. We also brought Revit in the office for larger projects and we are in the learning phase with the software, My question is how many of you guys and gals use other programs and which ones. I know we all have different size businesses we do about 30 additions and usually around 10 to 15 new homes a year which I would consider a small to medium practice. I making a living but I am not slaying it financially by any means. We have so many monthly subscription bills I need to streamline things. We use Drop Box for all our File sharing and recently made a switch to G-Suite for everything else. I use Nitro pro for PDF which I love and we were using Adobe Photo Suite for some post production work. We have not gone the Lumion route yet because frankly I find the Raytracing and presentation views of Chief Architect enough. I use Sketch UP to change 3ds objects or create ones we need but we are beginners with sketch up. I would love for a bunch of you guys you weigh in.
  9. payettedesigns

    X10 point to point dimensions?

    Draw 4 exterior walls to make a small room. Draw a cad box, use the point to point measure tool, and measure from wall to the box then shorten or lengthen that dimension .... see what a great change this is, the Gods of Chief Architect have smiled on us.
  10. payettedesigns

    MEP included in construction Doc's

    We just reached our 500th plan and submital. This number includes 7 states. The only time MEP plans were required in a residential home is when we did a 12,500 sft 3 story house. We hired an MEP Engineering firm and it cost us over 5000.00 dollars. I hear of it happening from time to time but I though that was just urban ledgend.
  11. payettedesigns


    Just when you think you know everything a Guy like you comes along. This is awesome thanks.
  12. payettedesigns

    As-built Checklist

    Very Nice
  13. I want to thank Chief Architect for making my firm a success and help me feed my family the past five years. While we use Revit for our  larger projects Chief Architect is simply amazing.

  14. payettedesigns

    Sky Light Shaft

    I have a situation where I am placing a skylight close to a ridge. The ridge is centered over an oval tub below where the client wants a raised ceiling (trey) and an angled skylight shaft. Is there a way of getting the software to frame to the raised ceiling plane and not the 8' plane.?
  15. payettedesigns


    Chief Friends: My business is swamped right now. I have 37 projects on the boards 21 additions and 16 new home projects as well as some kitchen and baths. We do not take on addition projects unless the client agrees to and pays for a complete re-draw of the as-built ( unless they have plans.) We do this because we are sold on the importance of 3D visualization for our clients. I have a very elaborate Lake House I am working on and would like help from someone who is and expert on incorporating terrain data from a dwg provided by the surveyor. We have complete contour elevations on this survey. I also would like to partner up with someone who needs work and has been using Chief Architect for at least 5 years. You can be a sub-contractor for us or we can hire you as full-time employee who would work remote. We have a benefit package, a bonus structure and a decent yearly salary that matches any entry level architect. You would also be required to make bi-monthly meetings at our Raleigh , NC office and your travel and lodging would be booked and paid in advance. I have field people who would do the as built measuring local and would either use room planner or draw direct from their lap top. You would take over at that point and create con-docs per local codes, collaborate with our structural engineer and create a basic 3D presentation. We sub- the post production 3D work out to another company who takes the 3D to another level. I have five employees but 4 of them are committed to commercial 3D projects which is the un- advertised part of our business. Myself and another employee cannot handle all of the residential projects we are inundated with. The ability to work in Revit and Sketch up is a plus. We would purchase a HP T520 plotter and update your graphic hardware and PC systems at our expense. We collaborate on Google Drive and have all the collaboration procedures an sop we created. You can email me direct at or Call me direct at 919-697-2428