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  1. Well that is neat. I appreciate you sharing it with me Dianne. BTW you have a great name, but you spell it wrong, lol!
  2. That is exactly what I was looking for! thanks! It does take too long to do the search. It would help if there was a cheat sheet for Simpson or the other manufacturers where we could see which one we were looking for before we go to search.... like a laminated page with pictures of the various doors and their code names. Maybe there is something on line or something the manufacturer can email me. I will check. Thanks again!!! Edit: I found this on their website. It lets you narrow the doors down to whether interior or exterior, glass and how much glass (1/2 or 3/4) and then you get a 20 pages of doors. This door was on page 3 numbered as 77506 Nantucket. https://www.simpsondoor.com/find-a-door/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA7NKBBhDBARIsAHbXCB6pFZ5iAjgv1OAzGCm8gJ2POmR76B30iXP7Ix6vmo2RoS1YnlMeR6saAmKREALw_wcB
  3. DianeP

    open gable porch roof

    Great idea!!! I will use that next time. Thanks!
  4. DianeP

    open gable porch roof

    I thought I looked through all their doors. I will go back and double check. Thanks!
  5. Are there any doors available where you can design the height of the panel at the bottom and the add lites to the glass like you can a window?. I have to make this door have 6 lites but it won't allow the lite adjustments.
  6. DianeP

    open gable porch roof

    I think this is close enough. Thanks for the help!!!! On side note ( I may put this under its own topic) are there any doors that you can design that have the panel at the bottom adjustable and the glass allowed to have lites. I have to make this door have 6 lites but it won't allow the lite adjustments.
  7. DianeP

    open gable porch roof

    Sorry I wasn't clear. The gable that is on the front porch that is open with columns underneath the sides. is it something I can use a roofing tool to do or do I have to draw a shape get the thick vault. How do I get it to be open in the gable area, I used both of your suggestions to get me going. I tried to do it with ceiling surface making it 10" thick but it didn't hug the roof eve and it didn't have the "legs" showing on the inspiration picture. I will try my hand and modeling it with a polysolid..
  8. DianeP

    open gable porch roof

    I need some ideas on how to accomplish this from someone that has more expertise than I do. I've always draw them with a beam going across at the bottom supported by the columns. Also, what is the correct wording for this type of roof, if anyone knows.
  9. DianeP

    floor system not showing

    Agreed! No this is a new plan attempt. I like what you did with the plan,. Maybe I can talk them into it. Certainly would be an easier build.
  10. DianeP

    floor system not showing

    Duh! Changed the setting as you mentioned Eric and it worked.
  11. DianeP

    floor system not showing

    I think you are right. There is something with the wall type that isn't right but I have tried to compare the dialogs from a different wall type that works properly and can't seem to see the difference. I have had the same thing happen when I tried to use a screen porch railing wall type. Floor under the porch disappeared on the second floor. Would love to know the setting that needs to be changed for next time.
  12. DianeP

    floor system not showing

    K, need to have someone make me feel stupid, LoL! Why isn't their a gap where the floor system should show brick going all the way up? Bergman residence 3 CA.plan
  13. Is there a way to generate the support structure for exterior stairs without changing the landings to decks? I am always going back in and adding posts but wondered if there is a better way to do it. What do you folks do? Thanks!
  14. DianeP

    roof plane/ wall issue

    Oh wow, thanks guys for all your help. I think I should be able to work it out now. I'll let you know if I run into complications. THANK YOU!!!!