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  1. yes. Haven't checked into x13 yet. Will when I have more time.
  2. There are a few changes that have happened since my windows 10 update. The one that is bothering right now is there used to be a little faint red x that would help you line up walls that were close but not exactly in line with each other. Anyone know how I can get that working again? More later on the other things that are working differently.
  3. Man, all of you are just absolutely awesome!!!!! Thanks so much for taking time to help me on this. After a refreshing weekend and your inspirations I have an idea of which way to go. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!!!
  4. Yes I put it on there yesterday. They are primarily giving me landscaping ideas instead of something for the house.
  5. Like that! I have added a belly band as well and that helps. Thanks for getting me thinking again!
  6. All really good ideas that I think will work for the front of the house. They just don't like the side elevations and I am not sure what to do to fix that. I think they would like more lines in it but it is just so odd looking and I am not sure what to do. .
  7. Not sure if this is the right category for this, but I have a remodel that I am trying to come up with a different version for the front elevation. The sides of the house have to look as attractive, as well. I changed the rear of the house to the way they want it. Does anyone see something else that I could do? This is what I have so far. They are open to having the deck closed in above the garage. Only restriction is we can't go past the existing roof eves on the front. Bump outs are fine, as are pergola type treatments. Kind of burned out on it at the moment, so any ideas might get my creativity flowing again. Thanks a bunch!!!
  8. Thanks! This got me what I needed. Always appreciate your great help!!!
  9. I tried your idea. It seemed so promising, but the airgap moved to the exterior acted like a thick wall and interfered with the roofs that I had (see picture) such that I couldn't drag the roof grips over to close the space. It would just revert back to its original position because it thought the airgap was part of the wall. The airgap also put another type of material on my drawing instead of the board and batten. I tried to change the material for the airgap to board and batten, but it didn't work.
  10. Thanks for giving me ideas to look at, but the exterior choice lines the board and batton up with the exterior of the brick. I am trying to have the exterior of the 2x6 wall line up with the exterior of the concrete in the ICF wall, which is what I have been told is the way this wall would need to be built. Any other ideas?
  11. Can anyone help me with how can I get the 6" siding wall to line up with the exterior side of the concrete on the ICF wall?
  12. That looks pretty neat!!!!
  13. Thanks for the insight. I didn't find you video, but I found this one on various shaped cabinets. https://www.chiefarchitect.com/videos/watch/1538/special-shaped-cabinets.html?playlist=87