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  1. Good idea. And I am guessing that I could use a curved roof plane,. I think I saw those in the available choices. BTW, love the adorable light house,,!
  2. Anyone come across this and have an answer. I guess I could always fudge it with a polyline solid, but thought I'd check to see if there was a way to do it with actual walls
  3. I turned off the trim against wall on the stairs. May be able to proceed from here.
  4. Hmmm, created a new wall type by copying existing and renaming it interior wall 6" , then I created a new normal wall layer and named it normal wall stair. Turned off normal wall stair and have the stringer showing blocking the view. Tried to turn it off on the stringers, but it is already off.
  5. Seems like a good idea. And I could keep the wall style pretty much the same, just copy and change the layer name.
  6. No I can ctrl x and cut doors, etc but I can't cut a wall they are selected.
  7. Ryan, Thanks for this. Only problem I am having is the CTRL+X of the walls. I select them with the shift key so that I get all 3 levels, but they won't cut so that I can paste them later. They can be deleted and that gives me a view to send to CAD detail, but the detail is deleted when I do CTRL+Z to undo everything. With CA being such an awesome software, seems like this should be so much easier.
  8. Seems like I knew this, but now I don't. I want to see the flights that are hidden by the walls. I know I can make the walls invisible, but then i have to go back and change them back and remember to not refresh the view. Any suggestions?
  9. Oh, didn't think of that. Thanks!
  10. David is there a way to get it so I can edit the manufacture's door? I haven't been able to before but thought I would check to see if you found a way.
  11. Thank you so much. I would prefer to keep working in x12 on this project until I build a bit more trust in x13.
  12. Wonderful! Thanks, I will check it out.
  13. Looks wonderful. looks like I need to move over to X13. I have it but have noticed it crashing and my work not being saved, so I move back to x12.
  14. Hmm. not sure how that happened. I thought I only submitted it once. Sorry!
  15. Anyone seen something like these available. The garage door is a Wayne Dalton, but not in their 2021 bonus library. Not sure about the entry door.