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  1. IvanCyr

    Double Callout on Cabinets

    Thank you gentlemen, much appreciated. A fair bit more than a two click solution!!! LOL Np though...perhaps Chief can work toward segregating those items in X-11.
  2. IvanCyr

    Double Callout on Cabinets

    Thanks Joe...here' s the plan. Chopsaw, thanks for the reply. I opened up ALL schedules to review and didn't find those "Labels" in question as any items in any of the schedules. Likely a 2 bit easy click...but I've missed it. ChiefExample_e.plan
  3. IvanCyr

    Double Callout on Cabinets

    I really appreciate you guys looking at it. I've attached a screen shot showcasing the sink in question. Perhaps this helps. Ivan
  4. IvanCyr

    Double Callout on Cabinets

    ...and just a further note of the sink. It is listed as an imported symbol. Opening up the symbol and looking at the "Symbol Specification" it shows: 1. Inserts into Contertop; 2. Under Schedules, "Treat as Plumbing in Fixture Schedule"; 3. Type: Sinks(Kitchen).
  5. IvanCyr

    Double Callout on Cabinets

    The "Fixtures, Labels" is turned off. When I turn off the "Cabinets, Labels" all callouts disappear. All the labels on the page seem to be located on the "Cabinets, Labels" layer. Hope this is clear. Any suggestions? Ivan
  6. IvanCyr

    Double Callout on Cabinets

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to removing the second call out on the cabinet schedule. These seem to work in pairs. If you look at the attached pic, there are two red circled cabinets; I would like the callout in the diamond box to be hidden on this view (for example, the right cabinet has a sink in it)...but both callouts seem to come and go at the same time. Likely a single click somewhere to fix this...I just don't know where to click! Much appreciated.
  7. IvanCyr

    Broken toolbars/shortcuts

    Oh...found it....got it working again. Whew....
  8. IvanCyr

    Broken toolbars/shortcuts

    Yeah...I tried to "Restore Defaults".... nothing changes... the entire Toolbar section is blank and stays that way. There's mention of changing the name of the toolbar folder in Chief and then importing it...like every day.... I could do that while there's a permanent fix on the way....what's the file path for that and exact name? Thx. Ivan
  9. IvanCyr

    Broken toolbars/shortcuts

    I just had a similar thing happen at my end. Plodding away working away in Chief, I save my plan and exit. At some point in the save there's an error and I can't reopen the plan either...it seems to gotten corrupted. I close Chief, reopen and poof...NO MORE TOOL BARS...nadda. There's nothing in "Toolbars and Hotkeys" and "Customize Toolbars"... I was able to get a .bak file up and available into Chief but still no toolbars. I uninstalled Chief X10 Premier and re-installed to no avail. X9 Premier still works fine as well as X10 Interiors. How might one go about restoring toolbars?? Any ideas? Ivan
  10. IvanCyr

    Time to Show YOUR GOODIES!

    I will share a link to a VR capable virtual 360 tour. This first floor renovation was completed in Chief X9. The contractor handed out pics to his "guys" and said we need to make it like this...using renders and the Virtual Tour. I had a friend in the kitchen last week with the tour opened up on an iPad and he wasn't sure if he was looking at a photo or the real thing. Click here for tour Click on the purple "flowers" in the tour to navigate from room to room. Kind fun. The living room furniture models are Ikea models or I modelled them myself...exact carpet on the floor. Comments welcome.
  11. Gottit. Thanks so much Michael. Sorry, I just noticed your name in your signature block....I'll remember that for the future. I appreciate your speedy reply! Ivan
  12. Hi again, I queried "block" in the help function and it took me to the "CAD Block"....here's the schedule options. All fixtures types...no electrical options. I'm missing something...but I'm thinking I'm close. Any extra help anyone? Thanks again. Ivan
  13. Alaskan_Son, thx for the quick response. Unfortunately, my brain lacks the wattage to completely comprehend #1..."Block" the object?? Open the dbx you mean and click on a setting? I'm missing something likely real easy...but if you could oblige, I'd be most appreciative. Thanks so much. Ivan
  14. I have a detached garage plan where I wish the baseboard heaters to be included in the electrical schedule. They presently display in the Fixtures Schedule. Is there a way to redefine the baseboards to show up in the Electrical Schedule automatically?
  15. IvanCyr

    360 Tours and Renderings

    Hi Robert, I might have to take a pass on this. I won't be able to get to this for at least a week. If you are still "stuck", drop me a line and I can look at it again for you. All the best. Ivan