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I had a look at some of the videos released on X8 - a little excitement is in the air

Elevations with color and shadows - about time -  at least we are catching up.


As for the Pole Dimensions video - it is so quick it is difficult to understand and see any changes

Also I hope that these pole dimensions are tied to the 3D structure so that they make sense and are not just like the the markers that are available in X7



1. Stairs are still "very mickey Mouse" - the flexibility is poor and the diagrams representing the functionality is atrocious.

2. Floor levels are still very difficult to understand - the explanation boxes are badly arranged and poorly detailed.

3. Wall heights - you still cannot set a wall height on an external wall interdependent  of the roof - roofs should not control wall heights - or at least we should have the ability to turn that off.

I could go on..... but people might think I'm ungrateful (I'm still great full for the program and thank all those that produce it) ...well I'm frustrated to see others using similar programs and having more flexibility - I have been working with this program for a long time.


Wish all the staff and all those that have participated, (Persisted),  with this program the best for the season - and a happy new year to all.

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Hey guys, grass is always greener. Bear in mind that many of those other programs are extremely expensive, hard to learn, extremely rigid (as in... if there's no tool for the job there's simply no way to do it), and/or bloated and excessively time consuming.

I know a lot of guys using those programs look at Chief and wish their terrain tools worked like that, or their library was that big, or they had certain residential tools, or the ability to modify cabinets like that, or that their program could produce a set of plans that quickly...the list goes on.

From me to Chief, I want to say thank you. Thank you for producing such a great program, thank you for continuing to improve it, and thank you for taking the time to share a few of the things we get to look forward to with X8. I'm looking forward to it :)

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I think the "Quick Sneak Peek" of Story Pole Dimensions was TOO QUICK AND THE AUDIO WAS POOR QUALITY.



otherwise it is just adding to the "confusion".


I hope the two key "ISSUES" noted below have been addressed

or will be as part of the Chief X8 release or its following updates:


     1. Stairs


     2. Floor level changes and there associated data boxes


All the best for the New Year to Chief Staff.

You can always stop the video along the way, and look at things a little closer.

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Looking forward to X8 changes, but please don't forget to add: 


1. Wall cabinet top height to the cabinet DBX.  It's very cumbersome to align the tops of cabinets in Chief when cabinets are of differing sizes.  


2. Better library search ability.  The number 1 time waste in Chief is finding things in the library.  The search capability is 1986, it's broken up into too many areas, bonus main and manufacturer.  


Of all the updates for x8, better library organization, classification and search would save the most time.  




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Looking great, so far with X8.


Here's a suggestion:  Chief Architect's renderer is decent quality, but godawful slow relative to other rendering systems.  That's just a fact, its the slowest renderer I've ever used.


I have for example Lument RT on my system, which is a newer real time rendering system.  Lumion is another real time system that is even better quality, but more expensive.  For a comparison of time difference of both of these vs. Chief, I could produce a high-end 2.5 minute animation (HD, 4500 frames) with advanced lighting, plants, animated figures, cars, birds, and special effects with Global Illumination in about the same amount time that I can produce a single high res ray traced image from Chief.  I'm not talking 2x as fast, quite realistically they are 100x faster.  Both of these systems import files from Chief via DAE perfectly.  The textures and everything else are perfect and intact.  


But there is no lighting information sent over as far as I can tell, which is a bummer.  Both of these real time renderers can turn on night scenes automatically just by changing the time of day to dusk or night.  The lighting information is there in the Chief models...I just wish that it exported via DAE or another format.  One possible option...replace the obsolete 3DS format with FBX export, and include the lighting info in the files.  Or just add it to DAE if that's possible.  But opening the option to use 3rd party rendering systems is very worthwhile considering the time impact in Chief.



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Sunshine Moves with the Camera


absolutely fantastic !!!


I suggested this about 8 years ago in a post calling for 4 suns


It takes awhile but CA does listen :)




You  know Lew,  there have been several features that you have requested that have eventually been implemented and I would like to thank you for that.


Now when it comes to your suggestion to lock floors.....  I ain't so keen on that one.....   but others have paid off hansomly.

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