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  1. You're right, it does happen all the time. If you're really just trying to reinforce something that's already been said though, I think it goes a long if you qualify your statement as such with something like: As so and so already stated... I agree with so and so... To add to what so and so stated... Etc. Or if you don't want to give credit to a specific person and instead just want to build on the idea: To expand upon what was already pointed out... I agree that... I too think that... I second... In order to achieve the aforementioned... Etc. Not only is it courteous, but referencing the original statement also helps tremendously if your goal is to bolster and truly reinforce a common idea/discussion instead of creating what might seem like a whole new one. It just helps keep things a lot more easy to follow when there's a common reference point. There's my 2 cents.
  2. My point is that you've just repeated what I already said. I also thought the extra information you added to your post was unnecessary and a little misleading.
  3. I already mentioned placing the dimension perpendicular. Its not really snapping to the point where you clicked though like you're claiming. It's just that Chief isn't drawing the extension because it's unnecessary. Its easy to prove too. Just dimension to a line and then change the angle of that line.
  4. It doesn't sound like you're missing anything. Dimensions snap to a number of specific points on various model objects but those points are almost if not always either at corners, start/end nodes, break points, or at object centers. What you're trying to do doesn't coincide with any of those. You're trying to snap to a random intersection point along a line. There's nothing for Chief to associate this random location with (which becomes a really issue when moving/resizing the referenced object). You have a few options: Use Point To Point Dimensions which will automatically drop a point marker at your desired location so that Chief has something to associate the dimension with Place the dimension perpendicular to the referenced line so that Chief can just use the end node Place a break in your referenced line so that Chief has something to associate the dimension with
  5. Here's what I recommend: Place an angular dimension that is attached to your desired lot line on one side and to a perfectly horizontal or vertical line on the other Group select your desired objects Click on the dimension and set it to either 0 or 90.
  6. During Import, click on Show Advanced Options and then go to 3D>3D Geometry>Drawing Unit and change the Unit.
  7. I developed a very simple to use, tried and true method for this a while back very specifically for use with Total Stations. The required 2D point data can literally be placed, compiled, and exported in about the same time it took me to type up this response. It just requires a small starter kit and some basic instructions.
  8. It's all in the name of the setting--Subfloor Height Above Terrain. That is, its how far (height) the 1st floor subfloor (absolute zero) is above the terrain zero (sea level).
  9. Its because you haven't defined anywhere on the terrain as anything other than -8'. You need to define somewhere as being 0' so Chief know where to slope to.
  10. You can do as Eric showed above, but for what it’s worth, it looks to me like you probably just failed to check Evaluated for your macro named “x”. Just make sure the macro is set to Evaluated, Context: Owner, and then try again.
  11. Not a dumb comment at all. This is exactly what I suspect is happening as well. The next thing I would suspect is that perhaps Include in Layout Page Table is not checked for any of the other sheets.
  12. You should be able to get attic trusses if you place the required interior walls and set the ceiling height appropriately.
  13. No. not really. You created a backclipped view meaning everything in the background was cut out of the picture. That just leaves you with whatever is between your camera and the clipping plane. Since your Cross Section Lines layer was turned off you weren't getting any lines being drawn in those areas. You're also not seeing any floor framing because the floor hasn't been framed yet (the framing layers aren't turned on either by the way). And lastly, you want see a fill for your foundation wall unless you either manually create one OR use the Auto Detail tool to create one...and again, the appropriate CAD layer needs to be turned on.
  14. This is pretty much exactly what I would expect to see with that camera as you have it set up. The only thing missing really are the Cross Section Lines. Turn that layer on.
  15. Try it again. It should work. You may want to open the cameras one by one and and reposition them by clicking Fill Window Building Only, but I tested it out and once the building is back at 0,0, everything works as I would expect.
  16. I think your problem is being caused by the fact your model is about 2 miles from the origin. I would suggest you used Edit Area (All Floors) to move everything back to 0,0. I think that should fix your problem.
  17. Make sure all the appropriate layers are turned on in that CAD Detail’s layer set. It looks to me like all your layers are turned off except for your cross-section lines layer.
  18. Schedule tab>Show Schedule Callout
  19. Your leader is not set to Attach Head to Other Objects.
  20. Are you sure that your leader is set to Attach and that it's connected?
  21. I personally think one of the most efficient methods is to simply maintain a statically named Main plan. Only rename a version when you are dropping it and only relink a plan to layout when it becomes absolutely necessary. See below for a little more info.
  22. No need for the rescue exceptions. The serve no useful purpose in this example and just take extra time to execute. Just use %label% in your text box.
  23. And what are you hoping to get with the leader?
  24. What do you mean by "over ride"?
  25. I agree. I don't think it has anything to do with the macro looping. His screenshot shows the executed macro results meaning that its not stuck in a loop and has indeed finished execution.