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  1. Canuck's post in Getting rid of backdrop was marked as the answer   
    Thanks Perry....This has been driving me nuts all morning.
  2. Canuck's post in Floor framing defaults was marked as the answer   
    Default > Floor> Floor Structure Edit (L)> Layer 2> 11.25"> Structure Type: Lumber> OK. 
  3. Canuck's post in Carport & Garage wall set up was marked as the answer   
    That was my first check Perry. I even compared it to a detached multi-bay I did in March in X-7, and it's the same settings. Anyway, not going to ponder this any longer. I've just created a new template in X8 specifically for garages. This should resolve the issue.
  4. Canuck's post in Window Callout Text Sizing was marked as the answer   
    Thanks to both of you. I will try both methods and see which works best(easiest).