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  1. I agree with Glenn Time i work with Surveyor's plans and they all use datum above sea level, it is a thing the ties in with all the public utilities here. So when i put the levels in from Chief, i use the real world data as Glenn mentioned. But then i deviate from Glen's. I set my floor level to one specific level line and use that as my 00 floor level. eg, lets say my floor level is 42.00 AHD. Then i nominate the 'Building PAd Elevation' to be 42000. Then off i build the house as normal. This works well for me and everything is then related to the realworld AND the arbitrary levels in Chief..... I've been doing this way for some years now. Francis.
  2. i would suggest just do the upgrade of the current seat from what you said. Like Lew said, the add'l copy means you have to upgrade 2 in the future. And you will prob forget which is 'Primary' and which is 'Secondary' whem you upgrade later, otherwise you won't get the discount for the secondary lic renewal. Frank.
  3. That is wonderful. Thank you very much. been doing some commercial building with car stackers and this will come in handy. Much appreciated. Francis.
  4. when you send a plan to layout, you scale it up.. instead of 1:100, you rescale it to 1:50 or whatever you want. But then, you should have a layerset/Annoset with larger text, dim etc at a height to suit... Frank
  5. Scot IT is a zip file. you have to unzip it. I think microsoft's compression tool can unzip it. Frank.
  6. Yes, Same here. Cute PDF. Funny thing is after a reboot, it becomes ok. I believe it maybe the computer is running out of memory or some sort. Frank
  7. Hi All I have come across this several times now and i am wondering what others have done for a compliant handrail for a stair in a public building. Here in Melbourne, we are getting more stringent about this and i do not believe CA can nominate a handrail that is shaped like the attached picture. The only solution i can think of is to have a moulding polyline in elevation of the stairsection, I know the new stair tools is coming out in X9, but i don't think it has been requested........ Maybe we need to put this into requests?? and then maybe it won't make it till CA XXV.... :-) Regards Frank
  8. Joe Thank you. Got some client asking for niche in wall lately and yours fit the bill just right. Frank
  9. The 'Transfore>replicate>rotate' should work with any angle you specify. Don't know why you are having problem. By default, it will rotate at 7.5 degree increments (or 15) Must be plan specific. Post the plan. Francis.
  10. I have the T120 as well and am pretty impressed with it. Francis
  11. I've had this problem lately. In X7 and X8. I figured it maybe my system getting a bit old plus the upgrade to Windows 10. Mind you it occurs occasionally. Shut down Chief and restarted it will solve this issue. It maybe a memory leak somewhere. Francis.
  12. Alan Thanks for the reply. I will try that out. I sent 2 different views to the layout as plot lines, now that i 'upate' one, both becomes the same view.... Regards Francis.
  13. Opps somehow the picture did not attach. I'll try again.