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  1. zowie123's post in Railing: Post To Beam, How To Rid Post At Wall...? was marked as the answer   
    Thank you thank you.  I knew it was there somewhere.  It's so quaint having toggles for everything rather than just being able to click on it and delete?   Thanks again, very helpful. Cheers!
  2. zowie123's post in My Build Terrain Icon Shows Up Next To My Arrow Cursor After Building Terrain. was marked as the answer   
    Under the 3D menu, 3D View Defaults, the Auto Rebuild Terrain was unchecked.  I checked it and it's gone.  
  3. zowie123's post in Can't Get Point To Point Dims To Show As Fractional Inches? was marked as the answer   
    YES!  Primary format, use the " thingy instead of the ' " marks and it changes.  Good on you mate!  Thank you