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  1. Corrcadd99

    CA / Home Designer Services Required - Canada

    Hello, I'm a designer located in Niagara Falls, ON Looking for some help with Home Designs (Preliminary, Working Drawings etc...) Please email me if your interested. Thank you, Mike
  2. Hello Andrew, I hope all is well.... We are very busy at looking for some local Chief Architect Designers/users. Can you please message me a few that were in contact for your parents house. Thank you, Mike Corriveau
  3. Hello, I'm located in Niagara Falls. Are you still using Chief Architect and available to assist in creating multiple residential designs/working drawings. Thank you, Mike
  4. Corrcadd99

    User at GTA (Greater Toronto Area), Canada

    Hello, Looking for to outsource some work for Working Drawings Doc. (Experience with the Ontairio Building Code and residential design) Located in Niagara Falls, ON. Thank you, Mike
  5. Corrcadd99


    Hello, I'm a designer located in Niagara Falls, ON and am looking for some help on a multiple house plans. We have hard copies of preliminary designs and have to convert them to Chief Architect and then finalize working drawings. Please call me at 905-358-5535 or email me at if your interested. Thank you, Mike Corriveau
  6. Corrcadd99

    Chief X8 Sneak Preview

    I'm impressed with X8 so far as well. I find X7 was definitely lacking. Check this Website Sneak Peak on stair improvements. Finally!!! lol....