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Alright fellow Cheiftans, I have a not quite Chief architect related question for you.

I have been working at my current job for just over a year and my boss has been searching for the appropriate job title for what I am doing.

I draw all of our residential house designs as well as commercial as builds/ design build projects. I meet with clients and talk about what their wants and needs are for their particular project, then my boss and I will go into the design/ cost proposal stage, followed by our presentation to our clients.

Then I am charged with becoming the project manager, following the job through its completion should the terms be acceptable to all involved. This includes doing material takeoffs, ordering material and coordinating its delivery to the job sites, quality control, project meetings with owners and subcontractors, as well as preparing monthly billings and keeping track of the projects financial situation.


My question to you is what the heck am I, besides just a project manager?

What is everyone calling themselves these days? (besides crazy)


Any ideas you would be willing to share would be much appreciated!

Thanks Guys & Gals,


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I had a boss who wanted my title to be, "Chief of Way Cool Technology."  I balked, as Steve Jobs used that on his b-card.  So, I became "Director of Metaphysics and Groovy Blinky Things."


Went over big when dealing with the Gartner, IDC, Accenture crowd.  I truly wanted "Great Chief Many Hats" but, HR said that was "raaacist"



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Well since this topic has taken this turn I have come up with a sliding scale:


Hey You!.....da Man.....Sir.....your Grace.....your Eminence.....your Highness.....your Majesty.....Call me anything you like, but don't call me late for dinner!


But personally I always thought The Grand Poobah has a nice ring to it. ;)


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About  two decades ago the new buzz word for a person that does the design, sees the build through meaning interfaces with all the trades to get their inputs on the design, is "Integrated Product Team (IPT) Lead", or, Design Build Team (DBT) lead. This came about to bridge the gap between Engineers/Designers that would design stuff the cost alot to build or was not "lean" is the production buzz word these days for design to recurring cost, especially for production (parts, building's,etc) since it is about recurring cost not short term non-recurring R&D. So if you are in a facilitating position that deals alot with trade inputs, which is the best way to design this industry falls short of from I have seen anyway, then those would be good titles. Project Manager we use as a sales title that gets the job, works with the client, then it goes to our Production Managers. A IPT or DBT lead would do both and manage the design. 


Other titles for Engineers are "Project Engineer" which needs a BS+ degree means the same thing but higher levels of communications. The " Architect" is suppose to fill this roll calling in other Engineers and trades as required if budget permits. I refer to myself as a "Design Build Engineer" since I work in several industries some that require a high level of knowledge and interface with trades/production.  I think the Architects roll needs to be redefined to this like other industries. When I hire into firms I could care less what they call me as long as the pay is good :)

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