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  1. In these type of cases I use steel portal frames with concrete base footings
  2. Use the poly solids to create the opening roof parts, re-size/shape to required size and then convert it to a symbol. OpeningRoofs.calibz
  3. I have done a few designs with opening louvre roofs. Attached is overviews of opening roofs I have done in CA, not very good images though. Attached are 3D symbols I have made up to represent an opening roof, not perfect but looks OK. In the file are the poly solids I use to create the opening roofs size/shape and then I convert it to a symbol. If any use all are welcome to them. Opening Roofs.calibz
  4. If you care to step outside the US its a big world with more than one country and one terminology
  5. Quote: "So you're saying that because another company used the wrong terminology that it's "Standard" now?; 2 wrongs don't make a right." Just pointing out that MiTek, a US International Company which is leader in the supply of construction fixings etc widely use the term "outrigger". As you would know terms used in different countries differ to decribe different construction methods, materials, terms and items, We in NZ have many other different terms which are mainly handed down from English origins, ie; we have door architraves and skirting, you have casings and base mouldings and the list can go on forever, whos right? Original terms and decriptions go way back to the Greeks, Romans, Euorpeans, English and other countries, pre our colonial days, they were all designing and building before all of us.
  6. "MiTek" (standard terminology) MiTek Outriggers.pdf
  7. Sub Fascia Depth/Height Setup Top of rafter to top of soffit lining measured at the back of th fascia
  8. Michael, no offence meant, just trying to say that when a standard truss is set with standard settings and placed in the plan it should not have an energy heal or raised heal.
  9. This is only true if the VSD and the roof pitch remains the same. Greater truss spans may require the top and bottom chord to have a greater depth. Steeper roof pitches increases the depth of the top chord. Therefore the heal height would be different in each case as the VSD increases or decreases. Standard trusses are not specified as having a heel height.
  10. A Standard Truss: A standard truss has no heal height. The bottom of the bottom chord sits on the top of the top plate and extends out to the wall framing exterior face where it intersects with the top chord. The top chord under side sits on the bottom chord where the bottom chord meets the wall framing exterior face. The truss heal height or energy heal height is the height from the top of the top plate to the top of the top chord vertically above the wall framing exterior face. An energy heal serves two main purposes, one to increase the distance between the top an bottom chords to increase the structural span of a truss, the other to provide a greater depth between the bottom chord and the under side of the roof for increased insulation depth for higher insulation R-values.
  11. Yep 55 years plus ago I was hand drawing doors with a straight line, it was the drafting standard
  12. I create a CAD dashed line box called "set-out frame" on its own layer. The set-out frame overall size (height and width) defines the extend of the drawing area for a floor plan or cross section on the plan/cross section sheet. The set-out frame size is determined by the plan scale that it is sent to the layout, also the layout sheet size. Once the plan sheet is sent to the layout and centred or placed on the layout sheet as required, you then turn the "set-out frame" layer "off" so it is not displayed on the layout sheet. In my library I have a range of set-out frame sizes already set up for different scales.
  13. It is not always the norm where I am but occasionally used where the section has a slight slope
  14. I have been with CA since version 10. During this period I have seen it develop into an excellent program as others have. Over the years the loyal support of the users have allowed the company and the program to progress to it's current day position. Business is a contract between a seller and a buyer, a moderate approach to change should have a mutual benefit to all. Chief Architect, excellent program, excellent service, excellent price, excellent value, excellent partnership, I trust these values are maintained.
  15. Thanks DBC, I have experimented with the height in decimal mm, that alters the text height as required. But how do you relate the "line style text height" to the desired text height for different required scaled plans.