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  1. CAmichael240114

    LIVE VIEW or PLOT LINES, which one do you use?

    Always live views for everything so they auto update. Floor plans in colour so that different wall types are colour coded. Exterior elevations colour, Cross sections black and white for better detail. Layouts printed as PDF for digital emailing and printing. Cost of colour printing is not a consideration, small cost compared to the cost of the project
  2. CAmichael240114

    Confused Roof layers: Structure vs Surface

    The roof metal is the surface layer. The structure layer is all other material layers below the roof surface and above the ceiling structure and ceiling finish (battens and the gypsum board underneath). Draw separate roof plans with reduced rafter height for the different soffit depth
  3. CAmichael240114

    Anyone Using Digital Submissions In Your City?

    As Kiwideziner states we have been submitting building consent applications (building permits) in NZ electronically for years now. All plan requirements and application information should be included and correct at time of submission. The key is to get your "own application system" setup correctly, this makes the process efficient, time saving and cost effective. I wouldn't want to go back to the old paper way.
  4. CAmichael240114

    How to: "Which layer sets contain a particular layer?"

    Also a layer ("A" for example) can not be deleted if an item, symbol or CAD block is added to the library on that layer ("A"). You have to find that item in the library, change it on to another layer, then you can delete the layer. It is hard find if the layer is blocked within a CAD block.
  5. Take a 3D overview with camera, rotate/tilt/zoom to desired view required, Ray Trace about 9 to 10 passes, menu file/export as jpg to desktop Double click and open jpg in windows viewer, edit/crop view and size to suit, save it. Move the saved jpg into a desired folder in the project you are working on. Import into CA, I usually import into a plain CAD detail sheet and then send to layout, resize to suit on layout Check save in plan. jpg file should not be moved once saved to plan otherwise it will loose the link and will not display in the plan.
  6. CAmichael240114

    Who can rid me of this annoying Windows 10 toolbar?

    If you get an alert or message from another program it stays on top until you close the message or DBX, also from memory if you hit the F1 or help button while in CA it stays on top until the message or DBX of help file is closed
  7. CAmichael240114

    Who can rid me of this annoying Windows 10 toolbar?

    Taskbar - check small taskbar and auto hide it, my settings in Windows 10, no problem with cA in full screen
  8. CAmichael240114

    Metric question

    Or put another way you could say 1 Electric foot equals 1000 Electric inches Therefore in theory:1 Metric metre does equals 1000 metric millimeters
  9. CAmichael240114

    Drawing & Inputting Dimensions

    Maybe this is what you are looking for; To dimension interior room dimensions to the room side of the drywall layer In the wall specification DBX, wall types, define, wall settings, dimension to exterior of layer: - change to "drywall"
  10. CAmichael240114

    Are there phone apps for measuring topo?

    The apps called a "surveyor"
  11. CAmichael240114


    Or this, there are other things that need cleaning up also 1411 Plan Roof Fix .zip
  12. CAmichael240114

    Personal Signature ?

    Sign your signature on a white blank sheet of paper, scan it to your computer, save as jpeg. Copy/paste on to required sheet or use insert picture, select jpeg.
  13. CAmichael240114

    Best way to model these exterior end walls

    Thanks for clarifying Steve and Glenn, so the coloured pencils, colour wheel etc are MAC interfaces.
  14. CAmichael240114

    Best way to model these exterior end walls

    Great video again Steve, always good to learn. Just curious, while watching the video I noticed that in your colour chooser the colours are displayed as pencils with a better selection of colour shades. Is there a setting in Chief fo this or how do you set this function up?
  15. CAmichael240114


    Had the same problem a few times before in different plans. For example in one plan set consisting of a floor plan with CAD details/notes/arrows, roof framing plan with CAD details/notes/arrows, plumbing plan with CAD details/notes/arrows. In a roof plan added CAD/notes with arrows to different items, in a plumbing plan of the same plan set added CAD/notes and moved items around. Go back to roof plan or floor plan and the arrows in that plan have been moved around, the arrows have followed the CAD items around on the other layer set in the same plan set. The only way I found to stop this happening is to block the arrows