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  1. Please don't take any offense but I was literally taking out the trash when I came across this rogues gallery from years gone by. Enjoy?
  2. I guess this isn't what you were looking for then.
  3. That looks like some serious hardpan. BTW, I could swear that your hair is growing.
  4. I believe @Christina_Girerd is also located in that neck of the woods.
  5. While we aren't being too picky, I must say that those stools on the near end of the island look pretty sketchy to me.
  6. Thanks for the link Jacob. Disabling automatic updates using the Local Group Policy Editor worked like a charm. I did not know you could do that there and I'm not a fan of mucking about in the Registry.
  7. I'd bet against this one Chop. If you know a way to keep Windows 10 from updating itself I would love to hear it. Aside from being marooned on a deserted island if you are connected to the web you will be upgraded whether you like it or not.
  8. I'm impressed Perry. Do you have Bill Gates personal number on speed dial?
  9. Cardboard cutouts can be pretty effective if you use a good image and crop it carefully. I often use 2D images in my 3D renderings. In this example the young lady and the glass in the door are 2D images.
  10. I don't see a single downside to using them. As I've said before here I installed a pair of Genie wall mount openers in my duplex garage and they are great. Neat and tidy.
  11. I think u'all (I just made that up) are missing the key phrases. It was a "Limited Edition" and you were warned to get it "before it goes extinct" I have downloaded a couple of these limited editions in the past (although I didn't download this one) and they, for the most part, consist of a couple of whimsical symbols that loosely fit the edition theme. Perhaps someone who downloaded the edition will post it here. I must admit that I did find the "Messy Kitchen" edition entertaining.
  12. might try hiring a landscaping service to clean all that brush out of the house. Just kidding. Try turning on some light sources inside the house. In this 30 second test RT I put a 150W Point light in the center of the room and it goes a long way in reducing the reflections in the windows. Some window treatments would probably help too.
  13. Good info Moe. Maybe someday I will take a stab at organizing my User Library.
  14. Holy Cow! The only place I've seen that style of construction is at the Colorado Supermax prison.
  15. lol. I was leaning more toward Scanty_Winsor.
  16. Not to digress but I was wondering which Jason (@jasonN or @jasonn1234) is the evil twin. Just kidding. Interesting concept though, maybe I need an alter ego to pump up my reputation.
  17. Thanks Michael, as you know I'm usually frequenting the forums in what others would consider to be "off" hours. By the time I get to some of these posts they may have already veered significantly off topic. Undaunted I just fire off my responses.
  18. So last night about this time I made what I thought was a fairly innocuous reply to a quote someone made in the topic X13 release. When I logged on tonight I had Notifications that several people had reacted to the post. When I clicked on the link to be taken to the topic I get an error message that says I don't have permission to view that content. Sure would like to know what those folks had to say.
  19. I'm guessing that if you try the YouTube link at the bottom of Eric's signature you will find the answer.
  20. OK, so I knew I wouldn't like something. It used to be that when you went down to the "Next unread topic" in the lower right hand corner, the title of the next topic was given. That way you knew what conversation you were joining. Now you are just taken to the next topic without knowing what that topic may be. Kindly restore the old functionality Granted you can find the topic once you have moved on to the next unread topic by looking thru the URL address at the top of the page but that was needless and now is a cumbersome nuisance.
  21. lol. I was going to say that I already hate the new look.
  22. I used to love California. Now I just try to endure California.
  23. Where should we discuss Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, if there are such things?
  24. Best to give Chief sales a call. It's been a long time now but when I upgraded from Home Pro to Chief Premier they subtracted the Home price I had paid from the cost of Chief. And of course, you could always download the trial versions of each and give them a spin.