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  1. I put a copy of this in my Chief folder. Just figured it might be handy to have verification straight from the horses mouth.
  2. Do you want to hide them or just make them fit the window opening? If you apply the window treatments from inside the "Window Specification" DBX the pulls will resize to fit the dimensions of the window. It looks like you applied them directly from the core library to the window. Depending on the view type you use you can hide the pulls by changing their material type to "opening (no material)". They will be hidden in Standard and Physically Based views but will still show in Vector and line views.
  3. I'll probably get lambasted for this but I have never understood why Chief insists in devoting so many resources catering to such a small market share. Doesn't make sense on any level to me.
  4. Very impressive as usual Dave. The only problem we have is that the folks in our neck of the woods aren't smart enough to figure out what the address is.
  5. So you’re measuring an as built for an addition and there is a large feature (tree, structure, utility pole etc.) on the lot and you would like to get a good quesstimate of its size. Here is a quick and easy way using only a stick or pole of known length and your cell phone: Measure the length of the pole and then stand it up beside the feature you want to measure. Back up a ways to reduce distortion and take a photo. Import your photo into a Chief plan and measure the length of the pole in the plan. If the pole is the correct length (run out and buy a Lotto ticket because it’s your lucky day) but it most likely will measure shorter than its actual length. Divide the known length of the pole by the measured length in the plan. This will give you the resize factor you will need to enlarge the photo. Select the photo in the plan and use the Transform/Replicate to enlarge the photo by the resize factor you calculated. The photo is now to scale and you can pull any dimensions you may want from the plan. In this example we wanted to get a good ballpark figure for the height of some redwood trees on the property. I had a 17 foot piece of pvc pipe which we stood up for the photo.
  6. Clicking on the YouTube link at the bottom of solver's signature might be a good place to start.
  7. Nice enough walk-thru but what's up with that reefer? It's at least upside down and backward (maybe inside out to boot). There is no way to flip or rotate it to make the "chilled" read right and if those handles are really down there then there is no way Perry or me is ever gonna use it.
  8. Chief has a couple of fairly crude bicycle symbols in the "Home Essentials No.4 Garage accessories" bonus catalog. The downloads available go all the way back to version X8.
  9. Looks like Solver has a solution but I couldn't help but notice the interesting decor in the pic. I especially liked that rack of antlers on the deer on the wall.
  10. Peal and stick baby! Sheath the roof with OSB and tape the joints to seal them. Apply any flashing and drip edge: Seal the roof with the recommended sealant: Roll out the roofing material removing the covering on the adhesive backing as you go: Easy peasy, this is the stuff: GAF Liberty 3 ft. x 34 ft. (100 sq. ft.) SBS Self-Adhering Cap Sheet Roll for Low Slope Roofing in White
  11. OK, I see, you want curved panels. So build curved panels. This was done using Molding Polylines to build the wainscoting and a Material Region for the wallpaper.
  12. I don't know? I just applied the wainscoting from the library to a curved wall. Are we overthinking this?
  13. Sure, all you need is the .msi file. Do you know what release number you want? I have the fallowing numbers in stock: BTW, The files are like 300MB so getting it to you could be an issue.
  14. The Help files seem to be out of date. Many moons ago Chief increased the button sizes from 20 x 20 pixels to 128 x 128 pixels. At 20 x 20 you only had 400 pixels to create a button image compared to 16.384 pixels at the new 128 x 128 size. You can use any image editing software to create a 128 x 128 pixel PNG image. Be aware that Chief will overwrite any edited buttons you may have created with every software update or new version release so it's a good idea to save any buttons you have made into a separate folder so you can reinstall them after updating. Here are a few before and after samples of buttons I have edited to suit my tastes. New ones on top, original ones underneath.
  15. I believe the "recommended" practice is to draw walls in a clockwise direction in the northern hemisphere and in a counterclockwise direction in the southern hemisphere.
  16. Select a roof plane and the "Place Roof Plane Intersection Point" tool will become available for you.
  17. Interesting observation. I have the exact opposite problem with Windows. I spend too much time trying to keep it from wanting it to update itself whether or not I want to update. Go figure.
  18. Don't know how I missed this one. Thanks JT. Flattery will get you everywhere with me.
  19. If you're a glutton for punishment you can accomplish a lot with material regions. For example I made all of the seams in the front of this local auditorium using material regions set to cut the finish layers.
  20. That's only because they haven't spilled the soup yet.
  21. Holy Cow, look at all the red ink. I hope I'm not putting myself in peril if I suggest this discussion might be best served if it were to be resumed in the thread that had to do with discord.
  22. Besides someone could get impaled on the tail fins of that pink caddy .
  23. The car may be worth more than the structure.