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  1. Paramount's post in Need Roof Guru was marked as the answer   
    You guys are awesome! Thanks! If it were not for this forum I would get a refund since it takes alot of time to get started, fishing through videos, manuals, training. 
    It really helped David showing me out of that situation that you explained well. I learned alot and thanks for the video. 
    You know I have 10's of thousands of hours on CATIA modeling and flow simulations I use in aircraft and auto design...this object based and house design is different. Using the CAD tools to modify the roof is more like product design(wireframe, surfaces, sketches-to-pads, etc) I am use to. I went through the manual roof training video, and they said I need to look at the CAD since roof are modified using it, so thats next.
    Once again, thanks! I am rethinking that choppy floor plan/roof....not a good place for a noob to start I see. 
  2. Paramount's post in Changing Room Square Feet(Sf) Fast! was marked as the answer   
    That took some playing around with temp and auto dimensions but I finally got it to work. Thanks! 
  3. Paramount's post in Ceiling Display Issue was marked as the answer   
    Got it thank you very much! For the other noobs I changed my default floor/ceiling finish setting then each room spec to use default. 
    Having the ceiling parameters in floor defaults is confusing! I'd like a ceiling default. 
  4. Paramount's post in Centering Walls On Footings was marked as the answer   
    Got is thanks! My first model and I think I confused myself by trying to create my foundation using the wall specs in the first floor that works differently than the foundation floor using the floor tool "build foundation"....I was not noticing my outer clading in flush to the outer footing where it should be. If I wanted to change the layers of the wall to add say a brick layer I guess I add that layer to my wall.
    I take it is best to build foundations on the foundation floor and not try and build them on the first floor using wall specs?