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  1. Ouch! Thanks Dermot, I'll give this a shot. Happy Thanksgiving to All.
  2. I don't. I was using the laptop as a temporary workstation while I was at home quarantined so none of my normal backups were in place.
  3. Hey everyone, I was moving plans from my laptop to my PC and the files got corrupted along the way. Prior to knowing they were corrupted I erased them off of my laptop. I was able to recover the files from the hard drive but I get the following error when trying to open the .plan files. [Unable to read the file "file name here" This file does not have a valid header record.] Has anyone ran across this before and have a way to revive these files? If not I have lost hours of work but learned a very important lesson. CHECK BEFORE YOU DELETE! Thanks in advance, Brett Rooks County - As Built.plan Rooks County - Porposed layout.plan
  4. Haha, Jon I'm rolling in my seat, I may just have a bit of Cheyenne in me so I think "political correctness" could be cast aside.
  5. Haha Great job guys! I may have to run the V.P. idea through and see where it sticks! H.O.D./P.M. might be a good place to start. Thanks everyone!
  6. Alright fellow Cheiftans, I have a not quite Chief architect related question for you. I have been working at my current job for just over a year and my boss has been searching for the appropriate job title for what I am doing. I draw all of our residential house designs as well as commercial as builds/ design build projects. I meet with clients and talk about what their wants and needs are for their particular project, then my boss and I will go into the design/ cost proposal stage, followed by our presentation to our clients. Then I am charged with becoming the project manager, following the job through its completion should the terms be acceptable to all involved. This includes doing material takeoffs, ordering material and coordinating its delivery to the job sites, quality control, project meetings with owners and subcontractors, as well as preparing monthly billings and keeping track of the projects financial situation. My question to you is what the heck am I, besides just a project manager? What is everyone calling themselves these days? (besides crazy) Any ideas you would be willing to share would be much appreciated! Thanks Guys & Gals,
  7. Well, it had something to do with my fence. Not sure why or how but the fence is gone and so are the problems. Thanks Kilgore.
  8. I have one file that I cannot open any perspective camera Views in. All that comes up is a white screen with an error message (attached below) In all of my other plan files I am able to open camera views. No settings have been changed in this set of plans and the plan file is no bigger then my other plan sets. I have the most recent driver I can download. Anybody have any ideas?