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  1. OK, so I knew I wouldn't like something. It used to be that when you went down to the "Next unread topic" in the lower right hand corner, the title of the next topic was given. That way you knew what conversation you were joining. Now you are just taken to the next topic without knowing what that topic may be. Kindly restore the old functionality Granted you can find the topic once you have moved on to the next unread topic by looking thru the URL address at the top of the page but that was needless and now is a cumbersome nuisance.
  2. lol. I was going to say that I already hate the new look.
  3. I used to love California. Now I just try to endure California.
  4. Where should we discuss Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, if there are such things?
  5. Best to give Chief sales a call. It's been a long time now but when I upgraded from Home Pro to Chief Premier they subtracted the Home price I had paid from the cost of Chief. And of course, you could always download the trial versions of each and give them a spin.
  6. I've found the solution to this type of problem is acreage.
  7. You can control the size of the buttons here:
  8. Not gloating but that whole closed architecture approach can leave one up the proverbial tributary without adequate means of propulsion. The grass is always greener..... For equal time Windows 10 is no bed of roses either.
  9. Ancient Astronaut Theorists say yes... but then they always say yes.
  10. Hey Larry, maybe you need to downgrade your software.
  11. Michael, the depths to which you have explored this software are almost beyond belief and I am duly impressed. Please don't take this in the wrong way but the above description triggered the following vision in my mind. You put your right foot in You take your right foot out You put your right foot in And you shake it all about You do the hokey pokey And you turn yourself around That's what it's all about You put your left foot in You take your left foot out You put your left foot in And you
  12. I've seen damned if you do and damned if you don't but you guys need to cut Newell some slack. First he gets down voted for being ungrateful for the help he has received here and now he gets down voted for expressing that thanks? I'll give ya that one back.
  13. Me and Valiant Thor are taking an intergalactic Uber ride to the Mos Eisley cantina to catch the band. See you there.
  14. Although it pained me greatly, in this case I eschewed my usual use of carriage returns for the sake of clarity. Plus I wanted to make sure Michael could read it on his cell phone.
  15. Holy cow! When I was pecking this out at 3AM I was starting to have reservations. Would it be taken in the right way? What if I go to all this length to produce a list and nobody responds? I'm going to feel pretty foolish. I guess I shouldn't have been worried. Thanks for all the positive support. I hope it brought a little levity into your day.