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  1. You know, I created this image on a lark but ever since we have been having a spirited debate as to just what exactly it is. Is this an example of 2D 3D? Or is it 3D 2D? Is it a 2D rendering or a 3D rendering. Sorry, somehow this seemed germane to this topic.
  2. Now I'm getting confused. So are we talking about a Spanish home done in the Italian manner?
  3. My philosophy has always been that the inside of my computer is no place for liquids. I had the unfortunate situation of spilling lemonade onto my workstation once and it was not a pretty sight, but I digress. I have always used spacious cases and very robust power supplies and have never had an over heating issue. It's the same reason that I run Avid mechanical disk brakes on my road bike. Who want's to mess around with a hydraulic system and the potential for seal failures and fluid leaks?
  4. What the heck, you guys are practically next door neighbors. Why don't you just hook up at the local pub?
  5. Interesting design... Didn't David use one of those to bring down Goliath?
  6. Hey Chop, hope you didn't invest too much time in engraving the plates to print those up. You might want to take another look at those before you try to pass any. Nonetheless that is a unique way to devalue the C-note.
  7. So I added a couple of stacks of C-notes to my plan and by the time I took a camera view they had turned into singles.
  8. To what would you attribute the glowing areas behind the headboard and pillow? It seems that from the sun direction those areas would be in shadow like the bookshelf... no?
  9. Very impressive and it's not everyday that one sees the horseshoe crab as wall art.
  10. Aye matey, there's the rub. has thousands but they tend to have high surface counts. They also have some free samples so you might want to give some a try and see how they perform for you. Here is a quick PBRT comparison between a Chief 3D tree and a Xfrog tree. These were both Ash trees and seem to be striking eerily similar poses.
  11. Yikes! That's only 1,823 files. And I was thinking of volunteering to convert a few for you. I think I'll defer to the Rabbitt on this one.
  12. I didn't look at your plan, but based on your image it looks like you have color toggled off.
  13. I don't know Eric... If the OP is looking for a riff-raff kind of look he just might be in the right place. There are river rocks and gravel in the Core Library if that will work for you.