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  1. Rich_Winsor

    Time to Show YOUR GOODIES!

    In the spirit of Shelter-in-place and Social Distancing I thought I would share where I have been holing up. It may not look too impressive, but it has a surprising amount of amenities.
  2. Rich_Winsor

    Trusses displaying in wrong place

    Looks like a delivery truck tie-down issue.
  3. Rich_Winsor

    Why aren't posts numbered anymore?

    Well I say let's get them back again, dadgummit. On a similar note how long have we been able to rescind / revoke / reverse / remove, dare I say undo reputation points we have previously given out? Not sure I care for this feature. I'm more of "a card laid is a card played" type of guy.
  4. Rich_Winsor

    Toilet Floor Mount with Flush valve ?

    For now the workaround is to be sure to be wearing galoshes.
  5. Rich_Winsor

    Viewing calibz files

    Hey Eric. Thanks for taking a look at this. I couldn't get the viewer to work. When I drag in a calibz file nothing happens. I don't think this approach (or Glenn's which I also tried) is going to accomplish what I need because I don't get an image of the item itself. I want to see a preview like what is displayed in the Library Browser. calibz_viewer.mp4
  6. Rich_Winsor

    Viewing calibz files

    So, over time I have accumulated a sizable folder of calibz files that I mainly downloaded here on the forum. I never actually imported them into my User Catalog because that's already bloated. How the heck can I preview these files to determine if I want to import them or not? As you can see from the image there is no preview available in the Import Library Data DBX.
  7. Rich_Winsor

    Autocad to Chief

    Dude! Are we supposed to believe that those 2 strands (of what is that, twine) are going to stop a charging rhino? Yikes!
  8. Rich_Winsor

    X12 ray tracing change?

    I went ahead and opened your plan in X11 and opened camera #2. Unfortunately there are some missing textures but I went ahead and ran a 5 pass ray trace without touching any of the settings. I then opened the X11 plan in X12 and ran a second ray trace. As you can see, for me, the images are essentially the same and the levels of light seem the same.
  9. Rich_Winsor

    Avoiding File Bloat & Slow Printing

    Just curious Joe, would converting your PDF's to PNG files yield better print quality?
  10. Rich_Winsor

    Limited Edition Catalogs - 3D Library

    When you think about it, everything is only available for a limited time.
  11. Rich_Winsor

    Limited Edition Catalogs - 3D Library

    Hey Mick, it looks like you can download the ones you missed if you really want them.
  12. Rich_Winsor

    Limited Edition Catalogs - 3D Library

    Actually it's called House Accessories.
  13. Rich_Winsor

    WORKSHOP this Friday at 3:00 pm PST

    How did you get back in Perry? I got a window saying the session had been ended right when Scott was trying to hand the screen view over to someone who had a terrain issue. Couldn't get past the message without exiting. When I tried to use the original link in the email to connect again it said the meeting ID was no longer any good and I was SOL.
  14. Rich_Winsor

    WORKSHOP this Friday at 3:00 pm PST

    You can follow along ok without a mic, you just won't be able to be heard by others (of course you need a speaker to hear others). As I recall you can type in responses but don't hold me to that. Just get yourself a cheapo headset and you'll be good to go.
  15. Rich_Winsor

    Dining Floor Looks like a Crime Scene!

    I think a more appropriate title for this topic would be: How do you like them apples?