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  1. Rich_Winsor

    How To Create A Sloped Wall

    Self closing?
  2. Hey Rich,


    How do you like you computer with Chief? I am looking to build a new computer. It looks like you have a newer high-end rig.


  3. Rich_Winsor

    External hard drive

    Only 10 terabytes? Geez Charles, what are you backing up? The library of Congress.
  4. Rich_Winsor

    External hard drive

    Don't know if I would trust an antique HDD (with all those moving parts that can fail) as a back-up drive, but I do use my older SATA SSD drives as super flash drives. All you need is a SATA to USB adapter cable and you can use your old internal SSD drive as an external storage device. Very handy.
  5. Rich_Winsor


    Turns out that if you have Windows 10 you have a screen recording tool included in the software. When was the last time you scrolled all the way to the bottom of the Start Menu? That's where it's located disguised as the "XBox Game Bar". You can also access it by holding down the "Windows" key and then hitting the "G" key. Don't know if it's robust enough to record Chief sessions though. I did a quick test of a modeling session in Chief and it worked fine for the action in the window that was being recorded, but the opening any new drop down menus or browsers in the window did not show up on the recording. But what the hey, it's there and it's free. Give it a shot. Maybe it can be of use to you.
  6. Rich_Winsor

    Cannot get any kind of dormer on roof

    Then you need to check out @dshall's YouTube channel. You've pretty well summed up his modus operandi. Sorry Scott
  7. Rich_Winsor

    Exterior Deck and stair issues

    Renderrabbitt....? I like it. I think Newell may be on to something here.
  8. Rich_Winsor

    California Assembly Bill 68

    This is a slippery slope for sure. Without getting political I can only say that increasing the population density of neighborhoods that don't have the infrastructure to support the increase is a recipe for trouble. IMHO
  9. Rich_Winsor


    Corel VideoStudio X10 has a nice live screen capture feature.
  10. Rich_Winsor

    Moving to New PC

    If you don't mind, how loud is the computer. I have read some reviews that the fans are noisy.
  11. Many moons ago I did something sort of like that. Use your bird's eye picture as the background and tweak your camera position so that your Chief model is in the proper orientation for the picture.
  12. God love you guys, but when you start hashing out these macros I might as well be reading this stuff. More than ever I am convinced that macros should have a forum of their own.
  13. Rich_Winsor

    Tennesse Architect ONLY

    Don't want to range too far afield here but @CharlesVolz you have a typo (an extra "lot") in the 4th paragraph. Just a FYI.
  14. Rich_Winsor

    Survey Says ...

    Don't know how many of you have taken the Customer Survey in the Announcements Forum? Also don't know exactly who is compiling the results, but it does afford one the opportunity to input suggestions to improve the program. I suppose It can't hurt to fill it out and ask for the main improvements you would like to see. I sent one in.
  15. Even a blind pig finds an occasional acorn. Berkeley was also the first town to ban the Fire Dept. from having U.S. flags on their fire engines. Don't believe that ban has been universally adopted.