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  1. God love you Jasmine but I can make 20 bucks an hour working at Mc Donald's
  2. Not sure if this is what you are after. Have you looked at DWG TrueView? Its from Autodesk and its free.
  3. Like Jason said it's a little hard to see what's going on. The glass on the porch floor looks better than the glass that is/is not in the window. I think it will look better if the individual panes are broken rather than a big section of the glass missing across multiple panes. Be sure to add some spiderwebs and cobwebs in the corners of some of the panes. Your textures are looking great except that the grain is running the wrong way on the horizontal window muntins. (hate when that happens) Keep up the good work! Really like what you are doing by trying to get the best possible output from the tools Chief supplies instead of just telling everyone to use some different software programs for renderings. I had to go back to X6 to find this broken window I had a play with. As I recall I set the window glass to no material and made the broken pane from a thin 3D solid set to the standard glass material.
  4. Don't like to see legitimate inquiries go ignored. Had a play with this. There are a lot of things going on here. Basically I ended up stacking 3D Solid cubes (set to a glass material) to make the glass blocks. Converted cubes into an Architectural Block and set it into a hole in the wall. Used a 3D Molding Polyline around the opening for the Casing. Hopes this gives you somewhere to start.
  5. To get you started select (highlight) the room you want to work on. Select 'open object" to go to the Room Specification DBX. Select 'Moldings' and uncheck the 'Use Floor Defaults' box. You now can use the controls to in the DBX to manipulate the base boards. If you click 'Replace' it will take you to the library where you can choose any style you wish. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks for the meaning. You learn something new every day. BTY, just for the record, 'as long as you can remember' and 'a very long time aren't necessarily the same thing.
  7. Well, thank you Mr. Cooper. For someone who ostensibly jumped out of the wrong end of a perfectly good airplane I can see where you might be confused. I’ve done my due diligence on this one. The episode I was paying homage to wasn’t technically a ‘drag race’ but rather in the vernacular of the day it was a ‘chickie run’. The two participants speed toward what could ultimately be their demise and the first one to bail out is the chicken. I took some liberties in my updated version but basically the young lady starts the participants while facing them and then turns and runs up the road as they blow by her. Here is the scene from filming the original: The view I captured is obviously from the other direction and a second or two before their image. (As a side note if you ever find yourself in a chickie run I would strongly advise you not to wear a jacket with loops on the cuffs, but I digress) I was using some powerful design elements like the one point perspective to draw you into the center of the image where the young lady is vignetted by the plumes of smoke. All of this is a distraction/ misdirection if you will, so you won’t realize the major flaw of the image in that she isn’t casting a shadow. What gives us the right to take such liberties? TMI? Now aren’t you sorry you asked?
  8. Ok, ok, enough already. Just wanted to do one more take on ‘drag style’. This is my updated homage to Rebel Without a Cause. Sometimes I wonder if you people realize the amount of effort that goes into creating these one off Chief images. To find a model to use for this scene I found it necessary to meticulously cull through literally hundreds of images of scantily clad, attractive young ladies waving checkered flags to find one in an appropriate pose and with a background I could easily make transparent. I know, it’s a tough job but somebody had to do it.
  9. Depends on how long ago you broke it. A simple Undo will remove the break if you just applied it.
  10. Is this one of those cases where life imitates art?
  11. So... I'm sitting here for the second night in the past 3 listening to the drone of the Generac because the bankrupt giant utility company can't keep the power on. No cable or internet so I took the opportunity to have a quick play with my Chief interpretation of 'drag style'.
  12. The easiest way is to use some image editing software to crop your 8x8 image down to a 6x8 image and then use that image to create a 6x8 material. Very cool tile BTW. It's a dogs head from whichever direction you view it.
  13. @DarlingInc I would be very cautious about upgrading just the GPU on a 9 year old computer. These new video cards are physically enormous and require oodles of power. There is a good chance the card will not fit in your motherboard and case and your power supply probably can't supply the cables needed to power it. By the time you upgrade your case, motherboard, power supply and video card you're probably better off shopping for a new rig. As for what level of performance to choose for the components I prefer to settle in one version below whatever is the latest and greatest release. Usually available, cheaper, and more reliable without much of a drop off in performance.
  14. Is this one of those trick questions? I would show a scale drawing and populate it with a couple of vehicles.
  15. Yes, it was just a joke! How dare you Robert! You should realize by now that humor is frowned upon in these forums and often even censored. People get so wrapped up in their little crises that they lose sight of the fact that laughter is in fact good medicine. BTW, I thought your original response was both funny and appropriate given the amount of info supplied.