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go through the ruby tutorial


The biggest thing to realize is there are ruby macros and there are chief macros


That and count on the fact that labels execute macros, as this will help you understand how to get things done. Not to say that is the only way, but that is the predominant, most practical way


and then search the forum, there are a ton of examples

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36 minutes ago, tds_cc said:

I'd like to learn how to use macros and how I can create my own simple custom macros

FWIW, it's probably much, much more cost-effective to buy them! All you'd need to do is contact someone who knows how, describe what you need, and send them some dough!

I paid for mine and that has saved me tons of time / money!

One quick example; I ordered a custom set of macros for a specific, repetitive task (used in almost every plan set I do) which cost me about $100 USD and a conservative estimate would be that it has saved me 200 hours over 5 years. Not to mention that it probably would have taken 50 hours+ of my time learning Ruby.

My own sarcastic view is that learning Ruby is for people with no money and nothing to do:) I'm kidding of course...or am I?

A few individuals who can help you out:

@Alaskan_Son @Joe_Carrick @solver


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you are correct, it takes a long time to learn anything beyond the basic. Is it people with nothing to do and have no money or they have money and nothing to do? :)


and pretty much everything i learned was from the above 3 people's posts and I can say i have spent more than 50hrs. I would agree the cost benefit is tilted towards buying as you can then modify to suit if you need to (if you have any sort of software experience). i think @Renerabbitt also has macros in his templates


I will say after trying to automate some things I found out the hard way i could save more time simply by putting things into my template plan and template layout rather than trying to macro the cr@p out of it. I think the only thing I "send to layout" for most projects in the post X14 world, is renderings and sections (and even now I have started to have predone sections in my template plan)

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Ruby is a programming language, not just something used by Chief, so there is plenty of how to Ruby on the internet.


Correct - however, Chief's Ruby is a limited sub-set of Ruby 

so be careful about learning parts of Ruby that Chief doesn't use


I was hoping for a macro recorder when CA implemented Ruby but no joy there

I had experience using VBA macros in Excel and loved the macro recorder and macro editor - but ....



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