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  1. @solver thanks for taking time to make the video tutorial. There are several things I saw that I can use frequently; the ceiling heigh to "1000" and using the stair angle for ceiling planes and light angles. This will help with fixing some of my problems. I did "undefault" some items and I need to get a better grasp on how to do things the right way. I never stop learning this program. Thanks and have a great weekend.
  2. @robdyck I'd like to keep the electrical symbols on the first floor since that's where the switches are. I see what you are talking about though. @DBCooper they are all marked correctly. They are finding the 9' ceiling in the kitchen area for some reason. They Liv/Din sloped clg plane is drawn on the first floor. I'll keep experimenting. Thank you both for your input.
  3. @robdyck, I think I've used the stair option before...just been a while. The ceiling plane is a new one for me. Thanks so much. Easy fixes...just got to know where to find them. One more quick question. I did the electrical plan but the living room can lights are resting on the 12' (which for the living and dining is "not flat above") ceiling plane instead of the sloped ceiling. Is there an easy way to get the can lights against the sloped ceiling plane?
  4. I've not had much trouble with ceilings above stairs in the past but this one is giving me fits. I hope someone can explain what I'm doing wrong. I've got a sloped ceiling plane above the living and dining area. There's a balcony (landing) that hangs over part of the living roo0m and a closet under part of the balcony. So, as the camera shows, I can't get the sloped ceiling plane to cover the stairs. There's a room divider between living and dining that I think is causing some of the problem. I'm attaching the .pln file if someone wants to take a look at it. On a side note, how can I make the bottom stair portion open underneath and the top stair portion closed risers? Barham.zip
  5. I'm learning that...the hard way. I just still don't know all the ins and outs of adjusting things the right way. You all have been helpful though.
  6. @robdyck it seems that many of my issues are easy fixes. I've set up a new construction template but it always seems like I mess it up somehow. Just like the kitchen floor - I've tried to go room by room and set the defaults but I obviously missed that. I keep a running list of update items but I never seem to get it all done. I don't know about your area, but this type of house is really popular around here these days. I'm glad you like it...nice PBR. @TeaTime I'll keep your method in mind when I need a more drastic reset. This plan has 9', 10' and open ceilings so I didn't want to reset the whole floor. Anyway, thanks for both of your input. I'll be keeping these items in mind when this happens again...which I'm sure it will! Have a great weekend.
  7. @robdyck and @GeneDavisI've attached the .pln file. I didn't describe the subfloor very well. My 2nd floor is an 18" truss. I noticed that it didn't have a subfloor so I added one (1 1/4" plywood). Medlyn.zip
  8. @GeneDavis here's a screeshot of the structure dbx. Do you see any wrong settings. I'll be glad to post the .pln file if you don't mind taking a look. This has been an issue for a while.
  9. I guess I need to go back and check some things. My overlap is 1 1/4" which is the thickness of my 2nd floor subfloor. I added the subfloor after I created the elevation section view. Do you think this would create the double line?
  10. Most of the time, on a 2-story home, when I do an elevation view the materials overlap (see attached). Do I have a setting wrong somewhere? What would be causing this? I've learned not to adjust autogenerated walls, so I'm trying to find the right way to fix this. Any input is appreciated.
  11. @Renerabbitt and @TeaTime here's what I came up with. Thanks again for the input.
  12. Well, @RenerabbittI like your style, but what @TeaTime presented will do what I need. Thank you both for your input.
  13. Customer wants a wardrobe cabinet shown in a bedroom (to be custom built) - doors on outside with drawers, shelves, and shelf and rod on the inside. I've tried the wall cabinet and modified shelves, but I can only get them to be all roll out or none. I'd like to have three drawers with shelves or shelf and rod above - behind the exterior doors. Is there a way to do this within the cabinet DBX?
  14. I use plot lines as well and do similar to what you describe. The layout grid that @GeneDavis suggests, definitely helps line the layout boxes up.
  15. I think I follow what you have explained. I may try that. Thanks.
  16. I'll have to experiment with the wall section templates. I don't have any walls on my new construction template right now so I'll have to try this out. Thanks for the input.
  17. I hadn't used the grid on a layout page. That does make lining up the layout boxes easier. Thanks for the tip.
  18. Since I've been using CA, I've been placing interior elevations (wall elevations) one at a time on the layout page and lining them up with CAD lines. When you've got 20+ elevations, it takes a while. I'm just wondering if there is a more efficient way to do this? If so, I'd like to hear others' process.
  19. That makes sense. Then just call out the proper materials if you do a cross section? Thanks!
  20. What is the best way to show siding on the exterior of a porch beam? I'd like to do it like it would be built.
  21. @TeaTimethanks for the run through of this. By following your input, I made some changes and did some comparisons. I was able to adjust the fence line with the line management tools to what works for me. I can see where the Print Preview is useful (both on and off).
  22. I've read several articles and the CA helps on line style management but can't figure out how to make line styles look right on a layout. Per the attachment, I created three different line styles to represent a fence. I can live with any of them in plan view but when I sent it to layout, I don't like any of them. Would someone provide some guidance on how to represent something like this in the plan and still get it to look right on a layout? TIA! Fence.pdf
  23. @TeaTime, I like your suggestion also. I'm going to look into both your and @joey_martin's method. I'm glad there are options. Thanks for your input.
  24. @joey_martin, I really was overthinking it. I've never attempted something like this and didn't know what to search for. Thanks for the explanation and examples. This will be so much easier than where I was headed.