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  1. my guess is there is more than one trigger as i never, at least not consciously, delete the living area label.
  2. you could also reduce the sunlight intensity to 1500. I think the default is 100 000
  3. the other thing you can do is just have a bunch of named cameras on your template, and then only use the ones you need
  4. I avoid google, as it tries to use credentials, rather than allow one to log in with typed in credentials. I cant count the number of times I've been sent google links to my email, only to click on them, and cannot get in because google thinks I should be using some other gmail credentials. MS teams used to have a similar problem, but I havent had any issues in the past couple years. Zoom may be simple, but I've never been left out of a meeting.
  5. I dont think that works for the eaveline of the floor above, but I will try it out
  6. why not put a wall there?
  7. I do not understand the request and/or cannot visualize it. I'm not sure what "without covering up the area between the stairs" mean
  8. I'm not sure I understand this, when I try and drag the opening wider it just snaps back. attached However, moving all the railings out -1.75, instead of the ballusters and rails which I was doing previously, got it a lot closer to what you have, just the top of the inside post is screwed up: but this is good enough thanks 29.03.2024_13.59.17_REC.mp4
  9. thanks, I had offset -1.75 and dropped 6 so close to yours. I'll give it a whirl
  10. one post left to move to the outside. Currently it is the deck doorway wall's post so I cant offset it, but when I set that doorway wall to no newel post, there is then no post from the intersecting two ramps. any ideas? doorway newel post enabled:: uncheck newel post for the railing doorway wall
  11. add a second story and just put the bathroom in it the stairwell
  12. i tried out the plan footprint but found too many limitations (for instance I have to show eaveline on site plans and the plan footprint does not show this. Yes, one can concentric make a polyline, but with different overhang depths, this is a pain) Cantilevers do not show, front landings, decks do not show).But I will concur the terrain tools leave something to be desired. One would think it would be simple to create a even sloping grade next to a foundation, and different elevation points along the property lines. but it is not that simple that I have found. I inevitably draw a grade line on an elevation. For the site plan I have a reference view of the roofs and the main floor plan plus the CAD lines for the property line. Then I dimension setbacks to that CAD line
  13. i'll use a 3dsolid if it is not structural. if structural, and large enough, I'll draw a wall and leave a room, but then change the walls to no room definition
  14. could also look at this one I had awhile ago
  15. there is a setting to adjust the model in google earth vertically as I had a basement in the model. it took me awhile to find it, and now I do not remember. so if you are wondering why it might be floating, look for the setting. The only real issue was it was hard to get a street view of the model, as google earth uses the satellite, not streetview. But a birds eye view looked good. I also had trouble cropping trees where the building went, never did get that figured out
  16. i've done it the other way around, export the CA model and import into google earth
  17. is this what you want: It looks like an exterior style pallet tool, where the "creativity" slider starts to change more things, and uses key words to determine what to change. I do like the what if functionality, not sure if he can save it as different versions of the model, as he shows them as bit maps. He also spends a fair amount of time waiting, and it looks like trial and error. What they should do is just batch 10 different options, so he can go have lunch and then come back and see ten different results
  18. and walls with no roof above. This is typically seen on multiple storey structures if your exterior walls between floors do not align perfectly. Use the align up or align down buttons to ensure they are in alignment (the buttons only show if they are slightly (a few inches) out of alignment. This is the majority of weird walls that I get
  19. the bushes by the front foundation look like they are dancing ...either the dog is singing a tune or the wind is whistling sweet melodies. Just need a good soundtrack