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  1. I dragged the footing from right to left across to the far corner and it seems to have cleared up. Also noticed the brick overhanging -- is this correct?
  2. It's helpful to have an image (screen capture) showing the issue as often it will be enough to provide a suggestion, and eliminate the need to download and review a plan.
  3. Chief probably works differently than Revit and AutoCAD. Here are two videos on changing the 3D part of the symbol. There are other methods and which one you choose will depend on what you want to do (see the 3rd video below for another method). A bit of searching -- the Chief website is a good place to start, should find info on doing the 2D. And welcome to ChiefTalk. Please take a minute to complete your signature as it helps others help you. Short video how to:
  4. As David said, they are on their own layer that you can set to not display. You can rebuild the foundation to get rid of them. You cannot simply delete them. If you do not understand why they are there, I imagine a bit of reading in Help will make things clear. And your question belongs in General Q&A. You may see what goes where here:
  5. Thanks for starting your signature. Please add your version (X15, X12 etc.) as the first line so we can provide the best responses. See my YouTube channel for some railing videos showing one way.
  6. I don't understand. When I said wall, I assumed you would substitute beam for the opening between the living and kitchen, and that you would understand that the red line I marked does not need to be straight all the way across the house. You need to sit with the truss manufacturer and explain the delivery issues, and let them design the trusses to fit -- they do that for a living. Your lumber company does not. If you switch to a low slope (flat) roof, most will use trusses with the top cord sloped, and they will still need to be delivered. I use Ballard Truss. They started local to me, but I believe they have locations around the state, and there are surely others. Truss manufacturers often use extendable trailers for delivery instead of a standard semi trailer. And consider asking for a plan review before you get too far. is a good place. If you make no other changes, could you flip the hall bath so you are not looking directly in from the living room? I'll suggest this entire part of the plan could use a good rethink.
  7. This is an older version of the plan you had posted. Why not split the trusses and have them land on a bearing wall?
  8. Do you know the max length for a truck and trailer to get to the site? You do not have to use trusses for the entire roof. The porches could easily be framed on site, for example.
  9. There is only one Display Options dialog. The only difference is the Layer Set that is displayed when it opens. Each camera type has an associated Layer Set, and Display Options opens showing this Default Layer Set (unless it has been changed). Plan View default Layer Set is controlled via the Plan View Specification dialog.
  10. You can force Chief to generate a gap.
  11. I've not seen that problem. Do you have another door you made to try in its place? If you export your door symbol and attach the .calibz file I'll take a look. Right click the symbol in the Library, choose Export Library.
  12. Questions like this are best directed to Chief via Sales Related Questions here on the forum, email or phone.
  13. What does your door look like? A Vector View image should show it best. And when you say seam, are you referring to the gap where they come together?
  14. You can usually fix the first and second floor mismatch with the Through Wall At End/Start settings (wall structure panel). What happens with the cap on the 9" wall (and the other higher similar wall)? How will it terminate or wrap?
  15. This shows going from a solid to glass, but it still applies to this problem. Once the panel is replaced with a different material, or color, it may be changed.