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  1. Please post questions in General Q&A. Tips & Techniques is where you share your tips and techniques. Please delete this thread via Moderator Actions near the top of the page.
  2. solver


    Have you worked through the Tutorial linked via the Help menu? Yes you can. Chief uses Template plans. When you start a new plan, you are opening a saved template that contains many things, including wall definitions. You can also save walls in the library.
  3. solver

    Siding Wrap

    Use the frame.
  4. solver

    Double walls and triple roofs

    Seeking Services is where you post asking for paid help. Not sure who you are asking, but there is lots of articles and videos on the Chief site and videos on the Chief YouTube channel. Plenty of info to answer your wall question. And a FYI. You have found the forum for the Chief Architect branded products. Home Designer users have their own forum, HomeTalk, where you will find suggestions based on your software. You may, if you wish, delete this thread via Moderator Actions near the top of the page.
  5. You have (probably) a standard polyline in with the other items.
  6. solver


    Have you looked at the Auto Dimension defaults?
  7. solver


    It's not clear if these are thing you want, or do not want, and if you cannot find the defaults, or cannot find the specific settings in defaults to make a change. I'll encourage you to look again in Help. Search for dimension defaults and read. Open various dialogs and look at the settings. Change settings and test them to learn what they do, Your answers are there. Part of learning the software is learning how to answer your own questions. You will, if you pay attention, learn other things during your search that you will need to know at some time. You generally want to say what type of dimension you are using as well. Temporary, Automatic, Manual etc.
  8. solver


    Lots of help via the Chief website and YouTube channel, and the built in Help system.
  9. Your "pebble dash" walls seem to be brick walls that you have painted with a pebble dash material. Is pebble dash the same thickness as brick? If you define your walls correctly -- the pebble dash wall having a thin layer of pebble dash, I imagine you can make the walls do what you want.
  10. solver

    backdrop image

    Please update your signature by clicking on your user name at the top right of the page, click Account Settings, then Signature on the left.
  11. Please check your messages. How are they supposed to meet in the corner. Maybe a picture of an actual brick/pebble dash corner would help. Here in the USA, we don't use pebble dash, so you might need to educate us.
  12. solver

    floor system not showing

    Look at the Boxed Eave settings.
  13. What is the corner supposed to look like?
  14. solver

    floor system not showing

    I imagine it's an extension of the overhang from the roof on the right side of the garage.