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  1. solver

    Structural Steel Design In Chief Architect

    Have you checked the Library and Bonus Catalogs?
  2. solver

    Plan Import

    Export your Layer Sets and then import into the plan.
  3. Is the corner cab framed or frameless?
  4. You do not want the 2 styles in the corner -- just all open with shelves?
  5. solver

    Rotate polyline molding vertically

    Simple example from a thread a day or 2 ago. Create bullnose corners on an arched opening. After placing the door, CAD Detail From View lets you precisely and quickly trace the opening, including the arch. Or imagine creating a custom stringer or skirt board for a stair. Depending on the shape, use the Line (right click for continuous draw mode), or Rectangular Polyline tools. Once in a CDFV, you can lock everything, but still pick up snaps.
  6. solver

    Rotate polyline molding vertically

    You don't for this, but for some things you do. I was trying to slip in a bit of education ...
  7. solver

    Rotate polyline molding vertically

    You could also create a Symbol, set stretch planes and rotate it. As Joe said... I assume you want to frame the picture behind the stove, so take an elevation of that wall, CAD Detail From View, trace over the outside of the picture. Copy the line you just drew, back to the elevation, Paste/Hold Position, convert to a 3D Molding Polyline, add your molding.
  8. solver

    Framing Soffits

    Only manually. You might check out the new Tray Ceiling tool in X12.
  9. solver

    Bay Window Advice

    Flared Awning in the library. I would use the Bay Window tool, and you will need to move the main roof out of the way. And we generally don't need the full backup of your plan, just the plan file itself.
  10. solver

    Looking to buy a license to use D paper sizes

    I believe David told how to do this with Pro. And you can rent Chief, or pay someone to do this for far less than buying Chief.
  11. solver

    Connecting Walls w/ Varying Thicknesses

    I drew large and then changed the length of individual walls.
  13. Watch on YouTube:
  14. This is what I get auto building. (X11) Make sure Ignore Top Floor is not checked in the build roof dialog.
  15. Trusses do not build roofs, they build between existing ceiling and roof planes.