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  1. solver

    Red Lines around Garage Walls

    An image (screen capture) would be most helpful.
  2. solver

    VERTICAL weathered lap siding ??? (how?)

    You have found the forum for the Chief Architect branded products. Home Designer users have their own forum, HomeTalk, where you will find suggestions based on your software.
  3. solver

    Missing standard Chief Linetypes in X12

    It's not clear what's missing.
  4. solver

    Can I change layout drawing sheet

    Save the layout, then give it a try. If it does not work, close without saving.
  5. solver

    windows, drywall returns with wood sills

    Did you download and review the plan I attached in that thread? All the needed info is there. I've not seen any other automatic method. One thing not explained well was my use of a wide (10") exterior casing. That was just to show it had no effect on the symbol size.
  6. Are you expecting to do this with auto roofs? Look at changing the Baseline Angle.
  7. solver

    Exterior Images

    Search the forum for "plot lines" (with the quotes).
  8. solver

    Import .plan to other .plan file

    Edit>Edit Area>Edit Area (All Floors) Copy/Paste from one plan to the other. You could also make a symbol of one of the houses, then place it in the other plan.
  9. solver

    arched soldier brick issue

    I do. Seems like that would be on by default. I do very little CAD work and need to spend some time learning.
  10. solver

    Custom pony wall alignment ???

    Define the block part of the wall with 2 layers. One on the interior side, 1" thick, and then the main layer. Align main layer inside.
  11. solver

    arched soldier brick issue

    I see you figured it out. Maybe this will help the next person. Watch on YouTube:
  12. solver

    arched soldier brick issue

    Watch on YouTube:
  13. You could make the shed a symbol.
  14. solver

    Room colors

    This is a PBR from a Home Designer user showing similar. My comments: If you turn off the sun, the floors look the same. Make the dividing wall invisible and the floors look the same. And when you change the wall back to visible, the floors remain looking correct. It shows reflections on the kitchen floor, but they do not cross into the adjacent room.