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  1. Did you also check Build Roof Planes, or Auto Rebuild Roofs in the build roof dialog?
  2. Please help others and use a screen capture application instead of a camera to capture images of the screen. Much easier to see. X13 Dimensions to sides, openings and doors.
  3. It's helpful to know the specific appliance. It looks like you are inserting a dishwasher. After placing a base cabinet, select the dishwasher in the library and click on the cabinet to place.
  4. And here is one on roof planes -- may or may not be useful.
  5. Lots of ways to approach this. This is 2 walls in the same space. One is thin and contains the windows, the other is a No Room Def railing wall to give the structure -- post, rails and beam.
  6. I understand what you need generally. Did you answer my questions from above?
  7. It looks like there are doors and the upper part of the panels open like windows. Do you need working windows and doors? What part are you having trouble with? How accurate does it need to be?
  8. Lots of info available via search on the Chief website.
  9. @wcastroperez Please post questions in General Q&A. Tips & Techniques is where you share your tips and techniques. Please check your messages -- envelope icon top of page.
  10. You have found the forum for the Chief Architect branded products. Home Designer users have their own forum, HomeTalk, where you will find suggestions based on your software. Please delete this thread via Moderator Actions near the top of the page.
  11. Please check your messages -- envelope icon top of page.
  12. And I'm running X13 on a very similar system (hardware wise). You will miss out on the enhanced rendering that comes with X13, but Ray Trace and the same rendering types in X10 will continue to work.