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  1. solver

    Cabinet Door Front Scale

    The Chief website is full of articles and videos. Often a bit of searching and reading/watching ... Then you will understand Joe's reply.
  2. solver

    Cabinet Door Front Scale

    Did you set Sizing for your new symbol?
  3. solver

    Going over an existing wall - but offset

    Experiment with these settings. May also depend on the Pony Wall?
  4. solver

    Realistic Rendering Software after Chief

    Don't think there is one -- at least not anything available now. Check out this page for what's upcoming.
  5. solver

    Rid me of this unwanted window trim

    When you use the Enlarged option, Chief places a Pass-Through in the inner wall to make the hole. You cannot select the Pass-Through unless you move the wall like JT said. If you place the Pass-Through manually like I did above, you can select and adjust as required.
  6. solver

    Rid me of this unwanted window trim

    Might be how Chief handles the enlarged option on the window. I used a Pass-Through on the right window without problem.
  7. solver

    3D Molding Line in 3 Axes

    Watch on YouTube:
  8. solver

    Angle snaps not working for me

    I added -25 and walls and CAD snapped correctly. Easy to draw 90 degrees off of the 25 degree lines too.
  9. Open the roof plane, uncheck Use Room Ceiling Finish. or Instead of dragging that wall top, why not make it a railing? (set to Balloon Through) Make the wall under the counter Room Def and you get the base trim.
  10. Straight Watch on YouTube: Tapered Part 1 Watch on YouTube: Part 2 - Adding Molding Watch on YouTube:
  11. solver

    Odd window shape

    I made the insert depth 8".