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  1. what you have done is exactly what I do, I also have a 3/16 scale But what I do not do is have an SPV for each. If I need to change the default set, I will change it, then save the SPV associated with it. This means the same SPV in different plans will have different scales, which is fine with me. I considered a new template for each per rene, but came to the conclusion that is too much work to maintain
  2. I get RTRT on my 3080 finished in a couple seconds on X15 (capped at 50 samples, denoised). it runs at about 50 samples per second on X16 with samples set at 500 and denoise on with my laptop 4090 (which is more like a 4080), it takes about 3 seconds
  3. I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to do, but I added a solid, then changed its category, then did a material list from a polyline. it is there:
  4. did you figure out the second storey walls coming out issue?
  5. There was a gentleman last year who had to manage many macros and users, and decided instead of putting them in the template files, and perhaps copying them between templates, to instead put them in their own .rb file in this directory. That way if he had to make an update, people would not need to update every plan that they were working on to get the newer macro results. he would just copy the new rb file to their directory Downside is, if one opened an older file which at the time, had a different result from that macro which maybe has been changed three times since that older file was last opened, you would be unable to obtain the original result without having to go into the directory and revert to the macro file of the day that older file was printed. So one has to assess, how often that downside would occur. or perhaps manage it another way, like creating a new macro if an update to a macro would have a material difference to older files, or worse would break because there is a new parameter that was not available at the time Or I suppose if you were really really diligent you would incorporate some sort of versioning on the execution of that macro
  6. edit->edit Area->Edit area (all floors) select, and then rotate although with two buildings, I would be inclined to make one a symbol and then put that in the other's plan. I've never tried it, but there is also the reference plan, which can show both buildings side by side in 3D view
  7. wall heights for flat ceilings are determined from the room specification ceiling height in the structure tab. If you are determining wall heights another way, you may have been pulling down or extending walls from 3d views...which for the vast majority of cases is not needed and should be avoided. You can reset walls' wall height by opening up the wall dialog and resettting the default height. if it is greyed out, it is already the default
  8. if I remove the roof plane from the perspective view, prior to creating a symbol of the house, the roof disappears. normally I would not care, but this is an odd roof and I do not actually need the roof correct, as I only need the back of the house correct, but I need to show the entire house in plan view symbol shows like this in plan view:
  9. i think this is now PAtterns->color->material color? odd that it is in "patterns", no?
  10. I'm trying to do this again, and same problem. Is the only option to screen shot the plan and put it on layout?
  11. there is a setting to turn off the merging of "colinear" walls. I think it is in preferences. A search of the doc or this forum for "colinear" should find it
  12. questions need to be posted to Q&A forum
  13. attached. click CAD->Points->Point Marker for those custom manual points 16.05.2024_07.57.19_REC.mp4
  14. you can add whatever you want to a storey poll, similar to other dimension lines