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  1. they look to behave differetnly. below are both with the top right corner dragged. notice with the C key the extra buffer to the label c key: x key:
  2. I think though, because you and I seem to be doing the same thing, if you send it to layout then crop the box, as long as CA does not reduce the camera width or height by more than the amount you crop, you would be okay/ Or put another way, if your camera was larger(width and or height) that what you really wanted, you then send that to layout and then resize using the X, then crop to what you wanted, you should be okay least that is how I do it, I dont care that the camera is perfect width or height, as long as it is larger than what I want because I will enlarge and crop in layout
  3. Keep them the same or change them in default sets i change the arrow size for different default sets: 1/4" 1/2"...should probably be 2.25
  4. well, let me preface by saying what i am trying to do and so I am always on the lookout to see how people do it. I want to be able to send the cameras to layout and then not touch the cameras or do anything more with the layout. Because I want to change things in the plan, such as cabinets, fridge location etc, and just have the change show up in layout so i can pdf them to send to the client, or even for me to review. So i first tried sending the camera to layout but it showed up as a medium sized layout box (see the second image below), and when I went to pull the corner to make it larger, the layout box would not expand correctly(third image). So then I went to sending "screen as image" to layout and constantly resizing the image and constantly resending to layout whever something changed. Then someone told me the layout box will expand concentrically if I hold down the X key while dragging a corner, I then crop it to how I want...which results in the aspect ratio I want.Which is why when I saw your issue, I was wondering if you are doing the same as me, because I do not have the same issue, and I essentially choose the aspect ratio by cropping. I have these two on layout and I dont have to resend or export images. they update with the plan The only "remaining" problem I have is that to get the crispness of the image, I need to pdf the layout as ARCH D, if I pdf it as tabloid, is is not as sharp, presumably because CA is maxing the out the DPI at 300 (CA indicated such), and by having the larger sheet, i get more dots in my image. But that is just a guess. The only problem with this is that a full page ARCH D PBR RTRT camera takes minutes to pdf, while tabloid takes seconds. Send "screen" to layout: dragging the corner: uisng the X key while dragging: cropped: per first screnshot above Now other people have said they export the camera to image, and the layout is linked to that image. Its just a PITA in my opinion to constantly be exporting images. I asked CA to be abe to specify a DPI per camera. If they did that I think one could get as good an image as one wants through configuration, and pay whatever price one wants with relation to file size. And with the existing cropping ability one can get whatver aspect ratio one wants. which is why i was intrigued by your issue
  5. in case i ever have this issue, from what to what did you change? thanks
  6. thanks for the update, I did some checking on layouts, and do not see it change the apsect ratio for me. It keeps to the same size window filled that I sized using the 'X' key. is it only happening when you do this? : if so that would explain why i do not see it
  7. most people use plot lines I believe for elevations plot lines live view live view with black and white camera plot lines:
  8. download it from 3d warehouse and then import it into chief
  9. This is normally what I want the behaviour to be. I might switch layersets to see other things (all on for instance) on a plan, but will go back to the one I sent to layout, and I might turn the odd layer on or off. To quickly go back, I actually just go select the saved plan view in the saved plan view drop down rather than trying to remmeber the one i was using If you use save plan views, I believe if you switch to a different layer set in the plan file, and then save that saved plan view, the layout will refelct the layerset, as the layout uses the saved plan view (if configured that way)
  10. I had a post couple months back on this
  11. to fo this, select the roof planes, then click the transform replicate button, and specify a positve number for Z. But really this should just build properly without having to do that. You might want to post the plan
  12. i think it is in build-> roof. or check the help
  13. Do you have the dimensions of where the ceiling changes, along the walls. And the height of the peaks, and the height of the starting points of the slopes. You would need these in order to properly place the ceiling planes
  14. btw thjat pitch over the doors looks m ore like 4:12 than 8:12. you would need to measure the peak to kinow for sure, or scale your picture