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  1. SHCanada2's post in How To 'Stretch' Text With Story Pole? was marked as the answer   
    I tried it on your plan. changed the reach and choose the right side. but it does have an errant "ridge line" but you can delete it.


  2. SHCanada2's post in Having trouble creating complicated ceiling was marked as the answer   
    you would need to know the dimension coming from the outside wall to where it starts coming up, and how long it goes for (or the hieght at the top)
    but here is a quick showing of it working. your two end ceiling planes need to be equal parts (they looked to be off an inch). Then the ceiling plane to the right (I redrew)Bedroom.plan needs to be raised/lowered to the meet the ridge of the other 2 using transform replicate in the Z direction


    anyway the attached altered plan can hopefully get you going
  3. SHCanada2's post in Room Macro/Rich Text to Schedule was marked as the answer   
    did you try a note schedule?
  4. SHCanada2's post in X15 - issue w/ camera views saved to layout was marked as the answer   
    that was the case but appearently if one uses 600 dpi, you will get a smaller file size.
    with a full page PBR view, and the rest of the layout being plan and elevation views, at 600 DPI (11x17) my file is 7MB
    wish I thought of that 2 years ago
  5. SHCanada2's post in Change SQ m to m² was marked as the answer   
  6. SHCanada2's post in Wall framing issues with raised heel roof trusses was marked as the answer   
    I believe the limitation is restricted to heel heights  below a certain VSD and/or related to pitch. If I take the above plan and build the roof with "raises from ceiling height"  24" above ceiling, it works, but 12" does not. 

  7. SHCanada2's post in Plot Plan Dimension Text Location was marked as the answer   
    i typically use dimension lines with a blank line style for plot dimensions, because it snaps to the line. move the line, the dimension changes. move the dimension line (that you cannot actually see, but you can select) and the text moves with it

  8. SHCanada2's post in X14 Freezing When Exporting PDF was marked as the answer   
    i get this issue when there is live 3D camera on layout. sometimes it finishes and takes an hour, sometimes not, sometimes 15 minutes. I've gone to using images on layout (send to layout as image)
  9. SHCanada2's post in How do I change the floor elevation of my garage? was marked as the answer   
    did you try changing the absolute elevation of the floor?