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  1. Chopsaw

    Roof Returns

    Please also add your version number (X12) and some of your critical computer specifications to your signature for future reference.
  2. Chopsaw

    Roof Returns

    You will find those options in the Roof tab of the Gable end wall DBX. "Auto Roof Return" They can also be drawn manually.
  3. Chopsaw

    Roof Returns

    What version of the software are you using please ?
  4. Chopsaw

    Polyline solid in cross section

    Try selecting the larger one and then tab once or twice.
  5. Chopsaw

    Modifying Construction note Blocks

    Click and hold and drag a "Marquee Selection Box" around the text box and you should see the option to cad bloc in the active tool bar.
  6. Chopsaw

    How to calculate roof sqft?

    Yes open each roof plane and check the "Roof Surface Area" of the polyline or let the Material list tally them all for you.
  7. Chopsaw

    Structural Steel Design In Chief Architect

    Start Here: However you are getting into some of chief's more advanced tools so there will be a learning curve. Michael has a lot of training video's that pick up where chief's video's leave off but be sure you understand the basics first.
  8. Chopsaw

    Structural Steel Design In Chief Architect

    You may be able to use the railing tool but other than that you are likely just modeling all of that manually. Sections can be drawn and extruded as psolids and then some may need to be converted to solids to use the bolean toolset. Polyline solids can be converted to symbols with stretch planes and saved in the library or just copied and used over. It will take some time but you should be able to do a better job than the original set of drawings by using Chief.
  9. Chopsaw

    Modifying Construction note Blocks

    Yes it must be blocked to add to the library and Marquee Selection allows you to block it by itself.
  10. Chopsaw

    Define Rooms In Open Floor Concept

    You can separate them with a "Room Divider" wall.
  11. Chopsaw

    Modifying Construction note Blocks

    Marquee Selection will save you both a lot of time. Just click and drag a box around the text. Something else you may find handy is the Edit Rich Text In Place tool.
  12. Chopsaw

    X12 shutting down by itself

    So far X12 has been pretty stable for me so maybe talk to tech support in the morning and try to keep track of when it happens. Next update should be next week some time I think.
  13. Chopsaw

    Site Plan Dimensions

    Yes, but the custom macro I put in doesn't show up. It is possible that you did a really good job of placing your manual text and the wall labels are directly underneath.
  14. Chopsaw

    Site Plan Dimensions

    Yes that is also a possibility. There is also an arrow style without a tip.
  15. Chopsaw

    Site Plan Dimensions

    So are we talking about X11 or X12 because your screen shot shows the label set to "Specify" Maybe post your plan file or a test plan showing the same behaviour.