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  1. Chopsaw


    Sure, Clip and paste an image of your 3D symbol into plan view or a cad detail and add your text then select all and cad block. If that is not what you are looking for you will need to be more specific with your criteria.
  2. Those labels are way too easy to get lost. I use pitch label cad blocks and usually elevate them above the roof line or use solid fill so they are quite noticeable.
  3. Editing symbols is a little complicated but before you get lost in that process a closet shelf is a regular shelf with a rod. You don't want the rod so just use a regular shelf.
  4. It is definitely not Chief but it is nice to know that other software companies are facing some of the same sort of challenges that Chief is. Nice gap around the front door. Missing attic walls. Short corner boards. etc, etc....
  5. Ooopsy..... Thanks Glenn I missed that one.
  6. If the cutout "box" was red it would be easier to visualize but I think the door way needs to be cut through that thick wall at the irregular angles to look right with the tunnel behind. So regular tools are not going to cut it for an accurate presentation.
  7. Looks to be a SMEG knock off or software company generic branding and mirrored cause they did not have a left hinge model. Washer and dryer are the same problem.
  8. Yes it sounds to me like this will be your best option but it is one of the more advanced tools in the program. I don't think the curved wall section is going to be of any use to you so use it to create a polyline solid in plan view and then delete the wall. The polyline solid could be independent from the masonry fill section or just be one block depending on how you want it to display. Convert that or those polyline solids to solids. Then go to an elevation view and draw a polyline solid arch to match the garage door. Convert the arch to a solid. Select the one solid and subtract the other to create the opening.
  9. Is this an existing situation or proposed ? I believe you can put a doorway into a curved wall. Did you try that ? Is the hatched section solid masonry ? If you need it to be aligned with the garage wall you may need to use polyline solids and solid subtraction to cut out the archway.
  10. Haroon, I think it may just be a fluke that it worked this time. I can't really explain it or fully understand it but it is likely the same reason that the division worked for me and not you and then the multiplication failed for me and not for you. If you go back and take a look at my corrected formula, I think that is what you will need to use for consistent results. I also showed how to correctly do the rounding you are now asking for.
  11. It might be worth having a discussion with the neighbors. They might be happy the road is going to see some improvements. A 20 minute helicopter ride may be an option.... Or check with the truss supplier and they may be able to supply the engineering for I joists if they sell those as well.
  12. Give it a try with the same formatting as I used for the multiplication and see if that works. Otherwise I would need to look at your setup or hope one of the macro gurus can spot the issue.
  13. Hummm.... I am not sure what is going on as it seems to work for me in X12. You may need to post a test plan. Actually the division works but the multiplication seems to be creating an issue. Had to tweak the multiplication to get it to work without interference from the measurement class. axb=%($a.to_f*$b.to_f).round%
  14. @mkennedy2000 You can also stash quite a few notes and other things beyond the margin in layout and not worry about them printing or even what layer they are on.
  15. You may need to confirm what version you are using and a little more about the exact values you are dividing. "/ " Is the correct format for division in Ruby but it needs to be the correct data you are dividing.