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  1. I believe Michaels video method that I posted above (that is not longer available ) utilized moldings and the use of 3D molding polylines and symbol offsets to achieve a filled member in a simulated section view. I think there is a limitation though in that you can only assign one material to each molding line used. So you could section an entire house by assigning it to a molding line but do you really want wood grain caps on your concrete slabs ? Perhaps there is a way around this problem but I am not sure what it is. Definitely not a checkbox in the cross section slider DBX although it would be nice it would likely take some seriously complicated programming. Depending on how serious you are you can also draw faces to fill in open section cuts but that is quite a bit of work, unless it is for a very specific purpose.
  2. Usually those tools are all located together at about the center of the top tool bar.
  3. You may have turned it off and it is remembering that you wanted it off or the file did not save those settings properly and you need to turn it back on yourself. Sometimes that sort of thing just happens.
  4. No sorry. Unless you want to upgrade you will need to paste a text box over top of the dimension in X12. Not very practical though.
  5. The list should contain all the cad blocks that you have in your template plan in "Cad Block Management" as well as anything that you have active in the plan file. So if you want to use the cad block from a symbol in your library place that symbol into your plan and the cad block should show in the Available Cad Block list.
  6. You should be able to get it right in one try if you set your number style to decimal inches and use all the available decimal places in your calculation, with the cad line method. As you typically would not have your dimension defaults set quite that fine.
  7. I think you need a 900 series GTX card at the very minimum to generate any 3D in X13. Not really sure why it changed when you updated the monitor though. Possibly a resolution change as well ?
  8. No problem here going straight through with the door open or closed. You may have some sort of a floor level or room height discrepancy, maybe even a wall definition issue so if you can't identify the problem you may need to post the plan file or send it to tech support.
  9. Quite possibly a rogue roof plane that is not properly connected but hard to say for sure. If you want to post the plan file one of the experts may be able to figure it out for you.
  10. If you go into "Structural Member Reporting" You can set it up to prioritize specific lengths so you are not cutting everything out of precuts. You will want to understand what it is doing and how it is reporting before you send it out to a contractor and there is certainly still a lot I don't know about how it all works. That is the one reason I like the framing schedules is that they are quick and easy to check and verify.
  11. The one nice thing about using the material list for framing is if you have a detailed gable end wall or something similar it will actually give you the long side dimensions for the cut list while the framing schedules just give you centerline dimensions which almost makes you want to not use that method at all, otherwise it would be great.
  12. I don't think there is actually a way to do that but is sure would save a lot of trees. You could make a buy list and a cut list but linking the two I am not sure about. Sometimes when it really maters like with timber frame I will graphically lay out a cut and buy sheet but it is a lot of work.
  13. It is in the X12 and X13 Residential Template files and likely others that I did not check. You may have deleted it from your own template but you could reload it if you like. There should be virgin templates stored here by default : C:\Program Files\Chief Architect\Chief Architect Premier X13\Templates
  14. Nice to see that you are busy and pushing the software to it's limits. Hoping you will get some great suggestions but I am almost thinking you need to use Edit Area to move an entire floor into a new plan file. Then move it back once you have it completed. Work on one floor at a time that way with 5 or 6 plan files. In 3D it may help to use a Perspective Floor Overview most of the time and set it to not display the Lower Floors.
  15. I think # Y X Z Description (comma delimited) gives you the correct orientation. Any Idea what the UGV is at the NE corner because that may explain the missing SIB ? "Under Ground Vault" perhaps ?