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  1. Chopsaw

    Room colors

    I think the issue is that there is no light source in the rooms in the distance but chief places a light in the room where the camera is so to fix the problem you need to place a light in the other rooms. Not so sure it needs to shine on the baseboard but just needs to be in the room.
  2. Chopsaw

    Balcony Issues

    Make sure it is closed in Chief and then zip the file and see if it is less than 25MB to allow you to upload and one of the experts will take a look. Floor structure is controlled in the Room DBX ( Dialogue Box ).
  3. Chopsaw

    Balcony Issues

    Looks like you have several issues to resolve but it appears you are using a railing with only a single layer. The exterior layer of the railing wall definition provides the "skirt" that hides the floor structure that likely should be concrete and not OSB and hardwood ? So take a look at your floor structure as well as the railing definition. Also looks like maybe you have a ceiling for your balconies ?
  4. Chopsaw

    Roof Blues

    Is this an existing structure ? Do you have a photo of how it looks ? If we know what you need we can then advise or help. Even a quick sketch would help or draw with cad lines on your plan view.
  5. Chopsaw

    Lintel not extending?

    Ok maybe not a Bug. Just another confusing inconsistency in that you can control the "Depth" of the Casing in the DBX but if you want to change the depth of the Lintel using the same molding profile you need to draw your own custom profile. Not like they ran out of room in the Lintel DBX !!! That looks good. Not really practical for waterproofing though. But ok if used over windows. WMR ??
  6. Chopsaw

    Lintel not extending?

    I know it is getting late but if I choose a CA-001 then where do I set the thickness ? I think Christina found a Bug.
  7. Chopsaw

    Lintel not extending?

    Humm.... Try a Stucco-6. Not sure what is up with that ?
  8. Chopsaw

    Lintel not extending?

    Try the delete surfaces tool. For some reason if the door is recessed the lintel gets buried into the wall. Why ? That would be for Chief to answer. I guess we need a Thickness setting or Display on Surface option.
  9. Chopsaw

    Scale Variable on Layouts Incorrect?

    It is showing you the current scale of magnification on your screen. When you print it will display as 1/4".
  10. Chopsaw


    There are less restrictions in X12 but if you need to you can create a Text Schedule by turning a regular schedule into Text and editing it, but it will be totally manual at that point.
  11. Chopsaw

    Layout Box Text Editing

    Sounds like you are talking about the Layout Box Label ? If so you need to choose a different Text Style for the Layout Box Labels layer or edit the existing one.
  12. Chopsaw


    Did you try a Furniture Schedule? You can display all of the properties of the symbol or even enter your own info. Or you can copy and special paste Excel data into Rich Text but it won't be live.
  13. Chopsaw

    Confused Roof layers: Structure vs Surface

    I like the Idea of the thicker I Joists and the spray foam. The drawback I see is that spray foam as well as rigid insulation has really poor sound dampening properties. This could be an issue depending on the location but almost any where it rains metal roofing is noisy. I think a nice compromise is a couple layers of Roxul insulation with wiring in between and then spray foam on top which solves a few problems all at once.
  14. Chopsaw

    Pony wall layer intersection issue

    Those are always a little tricky as they seem to have a mind of their own. The trick is to display the top or in this case the bottom of the pony wall before editing the wall intersection. And then even when you get it right you may need to correct the upper section after. pony_wall_alignment_Chopped.plan
  15. Chopsaw

    Confused Roof layers: Structure vs Surface

    If you run into issues I would be glad to take a look at your plan file. There are a lot of factors that go into a custom roof.