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  1. Chopsaw

    Hexagon Window

    Oops.... Do you think the client would notice ?
  2. Chopsaw

    Hexagon Window

    Yes they are kinda buried so you might actually have some. Core > Architectural > Windows > Window Units > Octagonal Also I did not play but I though there was a setting with Symbol windows for the plan defaults to provide the casing ?
  3. Chopsaw

    Hexagon Window

    I guess no one thought to look in the library. But if you can make one from scratch in 7 minutes why bother.
  4. Chopsaw

    CAD Parallel Line Dimension off angle

    Use your "Make Parallel/Perpendicular" tool to align the second line and then use your temporary dimensions to position it or an actual dimension can be set to Perpendicular with the same tool. Lots of options with Chief... You can also edit a cad line to any angle you want.
  5. Chopsaw

    Curved Baseline of Roof?

    If the minimum segment angle is not quite fine enough for you there is a method of using polyline subtraction on the edge of the roof planes to decrease the number of segments for the fascia if you are trying to simulate a steamed fascia board.
  6. Chopsaw

    Curved Baseline of Roof?
  7. Chopsaw

    Curved Baseline of Roof?

    No such thing as a curved baseline. Just as if you are going to build that with wood there are multiple segments to the roof plane and baseline. Did you find the chief video on round roofs ?
  8. Chopsaw

    camera views in layout to big

    Not really sure there is a default. It is loosely based on the "Current Screen" magnification and cropping if you use that setting when sending to layout. There is more control with sending an image rather than a live view but I don't know who does that now that we have live views. The old method of dragging a corner is now: Anchor the fixed corner and place a temporary point there and then make sure "Rotate/Resize about Current Point" is turned on and then finally hold your X key down and grab the opposite corner to resize..... Whew.... Then don't forget to delete the temporary point.
  9. Chopsaw

    camera views in layout to big

    If you need to change the magnification then marque select the layout box and use the upper edit handle. There is a much more complicated method to make it work the way it did by default several version back just by pulling on a corner. Is that the method you are after like other programs ?
  10. Chopsaw

    camera views in layout to big

    With your temporary dimensions turned on select an edit handle and then enter the size you would like.
  11. Chopsaw

    How can I speed up Layout?

    Ok I tried it again with the camera open and it cleared up but that was pretty freaky. I will see if I can duplicate it incase it is a bug.
  12. Chopsaw

    How can I speed up Layout?

    That seems logical but unfortunately the software is not optimized to work that way yet. Just for fun set all your 3D live views back to Plot Lines while you are working and see if that makes a difference. This usually works for me but I just did it in my layout that was open and trashed it so will be calling tech support again.
  13. Chopsaw

    How can I speed up Layout?

    Without getting into computer specifications and plan file size, do you have a bunch of 3D views already sent to layout ?
  14. Chopsaw

    Wrap around porch

    You can post some actual screen shots of the project that show the failure of even the plan file if you like. Hard to know for sure but possibly roof groups could be useful in a situation like that. Let us know what version you are running as well. Welcome to the forum.
  15. Sorry I did not realize you were using wall elevation cameras. They will need to be kept inside the room you are referencing. Maybe you just need to make them a little smaller ?