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  1. Chopsaw

    Need 4 Sill Plates

  2. Chopsaw

    PDF printing 24x36

    There are still chief users that like PDF 995 or if you are comfortable hacking into your registry you can add the larger paper sizes to Microsoft. I have heard mention of bullzip also. Adobe of course but that should show up as an option if you have it already.
  3. Chopsaw

    Hole in Roof/Custom Ceiling

    Possibly your polyline is not contained fully within a single roof plane ? Might need to see a screen shot or the plan file otherwise.
  4. Chopsaw

    PDF printing 24x36

    Unfortunately Microsoft only goes to 11x17 but chief is a better PDF saver anyway.
  5. Chopsaw

    Wall Mounted Light in Skylight Well???

    I am sure it is on the to do list but not likely anywhere near the top. Any way the symbol rotation would work for that one but not pendants on a cathedral ceiling unfortunately.
  6. Chopsaw

    Wall Mounted Light in Skylight Well???

    I would think that particular fixture would look ok if you were to just rotate the symbol to match the skylight shaft angle.
  7. Chopsaw

    commercila columns and dimensions

    Your circles and lines are cad blocked together which is ok but you will have to snap your dimension string to the center of that cad block at the end. Set it all up and then slide it to where you need it. Use the dimensions to move the cad blocks if you are trying to match the original PDF. P.S. Next time save the PDF in the plan file when you post it.
  8. Chopsaw

    Imported DXF file not showing up

    I opened in Trueview and it said there were missing referenced files. The tilte block shows up in Layout but only a reference to some sort of .png file in model space. Not like the "LOWER LEVEL".
  9. I noticed that in your previously posted file on the other thread but I was able to correct it so that it did follow at the 108" R. which I then joined at the hip to get the 207 11/16" R. hip radius. I found it was best to check it by creating a cad detail of the section and then snapping an arc to the top of the rafter. It seemed to work fine.
  10. Chopsaw

    Framing schedule to Excel

    Seems to work ok.
  11. I cant recall discussions on the subject but here is a video that Rene did on schedules that may be helpful.
  12. Chopsaw

    Attic Vent Louvers Upside Down

    You might be able to fix two problems by increasing the overhang.
  13. Hard to know for sure. You computer should be up to it. I run 3 screens on my 1070. Does this happen with only your current plan file or with others as well ?
  14. Chopsaw

    Editing Line Styles

    @Dermot The only way I can get the consistency you speak of is with my plan view Drawing Sheet Setup at 1:1. Then a 1/16" dashed line style will actually measure in at 1/16" with line weights or print preview turned on. And then with "Use Layout Line Scaling" turned on when sent to layout it will actually print at 1/16" regardless of the scale used. The problem is that my Drawing Sheet Setup is only occasionally set to 1:1 since that setting ends up in the Scaling setting of the Send to Layout DBX it is most commonly set at 1/4" = 1' causing the 1/16" dashed line style to display as 3" with line weights or print preview turned on. ( Made an error in my previous posting and measured a stock dashed line style "TinyDash" that I thought was 1/16" but was actually .03125" hence the 1 1/2" measurement.) So line styles are scaling up proportionally in plan views. Is there a way to prevent this to avoid confusion ? I think Mr. Wiley is experiencing the same situation in Section View and it has never made sense to me why this would happen.