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  1. Chopsaw


    That looks like you have altered your selection fill color in Preferences but you would need to click on the room to get that ?
  2. Yes of course, check one of the longer measurements that are dimensioned and calculate the ratio then select everything and use transform and replicate to make the adjustment. Or you may have not used the correct import settings. This can also be checked by measuring and calculating the existing ratio.
  3. Yes I think so as long as access is not restricted. You can always remove the link after the problem is resolved if you want to limit how many people see it.
  4. You can do a save as and make a copy of the plan file and delete anything that is irrelevant to the problems you are having or just upload it to you cloud account and post the link here so one of the experts can down load it and help you out. Also it looks like it may be time to update your signature.
  5. Interesting view but I assume that is not what you were expecting. Turn off the appropriate layers in your camera view. I find the easiest way to do this is to have your Active Layer Display Options open and select the object you want to turn off (likely on the "Framing, Roof Rafters" layer by default and then just turn it off. There is a special layer hider tool but if you are just learning that will not teach you anything.
  6. I think your right here too, was just put there to verify the elevation of the house, and when it's built, and verified it will be ignored. When you are done with it don't just ignore it. Yank it out and the tree might have a chance to heal and continue on with it's life. Transfer the elevation to a permanent location if there is one better than the tree.
  7. Personally I don't like seeing anything nailed to a tree but for some reason surveyors seem to do it without hesitation. I guess they don't understand how trees grow or even how you make lumber or firewood but anyway it seems to happen. I am certainly not an expert but it seems the nail is likely somewhere they could reach to without a ladder and at even 10' below the requested elevation which is based on sea level and not local ground level. I think most species of trees grow in height from the top and not the base, the base just increases in diameter as the top grows in height. Likely just a temporary marker anyway that is not intended to be used next year.
  8. I find it is always a battle to get things just right in layout. We do have some pretty good tools to get the job done but there is always something that takes a little more time and effort to accomplish than it seems like it should. Not sure there is a solution for this exact problem but one thing that would fix it and I think would really help me out is layout box borders not being controlled by only a layer setting. If the boxes had individual controls like labels I think that would make a dramatic difference to how layout is done. I often only want a few layout box borders so end up using a cad line to accomplish it when needed.
  9. Yes you can curve a ceiling plane or a roof plane that can include a ceiling. Curved Ceiling: Check Curved Ceiling to specify the selected ceiling plane as curved. See Curved Roof Planes. Specify the ceiling plane’s Angle at Eave, Angle at Ridge and Radius to Framing Bottom. These three values are interrelated - when one is changed, the other two adjust accordingly. You may find it helpful to first specify the Radius value, then the Angle values. A flat ceiling plane with a pitch of 0 has angles of 0 at both the ridge and eave, as well as a radius of 0.
  10. I would say that is a Chief Architect issue. Perhaps they dealt with it in X16.
  11. Just a guess but it would seem the only way that could happen is if the roof planes are not joined properly. You may be able to zip the plan file and upload it that way.
  12. Are you referring t the CSV file? This is one of the formats supported by the 'Import Terrain Assistant' but the data is not presented in an X, Y, Z format as is required by the assistant. In regards to editing the file in Excel or notepad, that's not something I'm familiar with. The CSV file is attached. Yes the CSV file as Rob has commented on above. I am not even sure what that data is or how it would be of any use to anyone.
  13. What format was it ? There are 12 import choices and if none of them work you should be able to edit the file in excel or even note pad.
  14. I would build a polyline sidewalk or start with a plain polyline and convert it to a sidewalk. It will require a seam in the perimeter to create the hole.