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  1. If you are really stuck you can rotate your layout sheet and title block but it is quite a hassle. I would have thought you could lock the dimensions by now.
  2. It seems that may be what is going on. I was just hoping not to have a basket full of workarounds for such a simple project.
  3. Yes nice catch but how does the affect the railing ? Railing is manual to sit on the first tread.
  4. You would think that if that was the issue it could be corrected by reducing the size of the bounding box for the newel post but unfortunately No.
  5. Is this just chief being smart and reminding me that hardware is required to make the connection or is there some setting that I have missed ?
  6. Yes just apply it to a polyline solid as a material set to "stretch to fit". Works great for oil paintings if you just make the p-solid thicker.
  7. I think what you are getting at is that the tape measure tool is useless unless you turn off your grid snaps to use it. This should be automatic if not an optional default setting but not really sure who would use it to measure their grid.
  8. Will tab allow you to select the room after the slab is selected initially ?
  9. That is a bit of an odd situation unless you are a long long way from 0,0. You may need to post the file.
  10. I don't think so without an ingenious workaround. You could use a doorway and then an independently places door symbol with a custom 2D cad block but by the time you go to that much trouble you might as well do it in cad the way it was likely done originally.
  11. That looks like an oil painting Alan. Did you try a TV with a fame around it ?
  12. It is a material you are using and not an image right ? What level of Emissivity did you use and does it work in standard view ?
  13. I am not so sure cement board is the greatest product in the north east or other places where the climate is cold and damp. I asked a question about submersion and got some good advice here a while back.
  14. Yes you can adjust the material properties... Make it General and then "Emissive" It even works with concrete !