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  1. tds_cc

    CAD Detail View Defaults

    Thank you soooo much! It worked. Super simple step but not obvious.
  2. tds_cc

    CAD Detail View Defaults

    Hi all. I have a question about the CAD detail drawing view. How do I set the defaults so text, leader lines and dimensions draw on the correct layer? Whenever I start drawing a new detail, I make sure my current CAD layer is set to the CAD layer I set up for drawing details. But there doesn't appear to be a way to do the same for text, leader lines and dimensions. So for example, I will draw a leader line and it will default to the layers I have set up in my normal drawing view page (for printing at 1/4" scale), not the layers I set up for for the CAD view (for printing at 1/2" scale). This means I have a leader line with a huge line weight and arrow. My work around is to manually adjust the leader line and then copy and paste the leader line so I don't have to keep changing them every time I place a new one. Same thing for text and dimensions. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  3. I work at small design build firm and we are using Chief x11 at this time. There are only two of us using Chief. We often are working on the same project. We are having trouble figuring out where to store custom textures so that they are properly linked no matter which person is working on the file. For example, my coworker made a custom texture and has it stored on her computer. But, when I open the file, the texture is gone, because the link path is pointing to a location on her computer. Is there some way to store the texture in the file? Or should we be adding the texture to our Chief libraries on each computer (and if so, how do you do that)? We also use Google Drive, so perhaps that might provide us with an option. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks! Christi
  4. tds_cc

    Wall selection in 3d not working

    Thanks everybody! Lots of good info here.
  5. tds_cc

    Wall selection in 3d not working

    Thank you! I agree, it seems weird. My coworker and I are wondering why CA even offers a wall covering option if it's going to behave this way. We will go back to just changing walls I suppose.
  6. tds_cc

    Wall selection in 3d not working

    Thanks but if only it were that easy. I know all about using tab. I have already tried that and it is not working.
  7. Can anyone tell me why I can't select any walls in 3D view in the attached file? Whenever I try to select a wall, it will only select the room. Concept_Drawings_Sanchez.plan
  8. tds_cc

    Box windows

    I want to create a box window that has three individual double hung windows on the front face. When you first drop it in, there is only one window and I can't figure out how to add more. Any ideas?
  9. tds_cc

    Closed elevation view without saving

    Good thing it wasn't too much work then! Thanks. I can stop looking now.
  10. In an elevation view, I was working on drawing some other items in. Unfortunately, I accidentally closed the elevation without saving (just pressed the wrong button). Do those items I drew (mostly polylines) still existing somewhere or do I need to completely re-draw in a new elevation view?
  11. tds_cc

    Mystery walls can't be deleted

    Can't say why that worked, but it did!! Thanks @solver
  12. tds_cc

    Mystery walls can't be deleted

    Thanks @solver, but I'm still not sure what you mean. I opened up the room dialogue box for the garage and the ceiling is already set to the default.
  13. There are two walls above the garage in the CA model attached. I can't get rid of them and I don't why they are there!! Anyone know what's going on? I'm using CA v10. I have attached a picture and the CA file. Existing Drawings Piotrowski.plan
  14. tds_cc

    Can't delete toilet

    That worked!! Thank you so much!
  15. tds_cc

    Can't delete toilet

    I can select other fixtures. The fixture layer is not locked.