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  1. tds_cc


    Hey folks. I'd like to learn how to use macros and how I can create my own simple custom macros. What's the best way to start? Not seeing much in the chief video library. Thanks!
  2. Hey folks - We have a layout file created for a project we've been working on. However, we now made some updates to our layout template and would like to use the new layout template for the existing layout file. Is there an easy way to switch these out?
  3. Why are dotted and dashed polylines always solid in the corners like this? Can I make it go away? I'd like to see the dashes extend into the corners.
  4. Hey folks. We just started using v14 and I sent my first floor plan to layout. However, once it is in layout, I can't select the layout box to resize it or manipulate it in anyway. See file attached. Update: I just restarted chief and I can now select it. What's up with that?! Orland Plan.layout
  5. Hey everyone, I've included an image here to refer to. Check out the layout file. It has an icon that is typically associated with Sketchup. This happened on another project, too. If I double click the file to open, it tries to open in Sketchup which obviously doesn't work. I am able to right click and "open with" chief and it works fine. But the question remains - why is this happening? Couldn't find any other mention of such a thing on this group. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. Nevermind - I figured out the rectangle. Question about file size still stands though.
  7. Hey folks - I have two questions... 1. I have a .plan file that is 120 MB so I can't upload it here. This doesn't seem normal right? What could I have done to make it so large?! It is a big house. But, even when I made a copy and stripped out a bunch of stuff, it only reduced the size to 117 MB. 2. Instead I'm attaching a PDF to explain my next question. There is a mystery rectangle that I can not select in order to delete it. I have tried turning all layers on and unlocking all the layers, but I still can't seem to select it! (It's the rectangle with yellow fill where the pool table is shown.) Thanks! To CA Forum.pdf
  8. The pdf file opened fine. But you inspired me to make a copy of the pdf and give it a new name. When I relinked to the new file from CA, it worked! Thanks!
  9. Also, whenever I try to import it again, it doesn't show up.
  10. I already checked that. The file is properly linked on my computer with no warning light. It is still not showing up though.
  11. Thanks for the replay David. I just checked to make sure - it's on a new layer I created that is turned on.
  12. Hi everyone, When I was in CA11 and I started the attached drawing and imported a pdf of a survey. Now that I am working in CA12, the pdf is not showing up. I relinked it to the file and saved in plan and I can click on it and open the dialogue box, but I can't actually see it. I tried to re-import the pdf and it still doesn't show up when I place it. Anyone know what gives? (Plan attached - it's on plot plan anno set.) Knudsen Concept 5 TO CA FOLKS.plan
  13. Hi everyone. We have three designers in our office and on any given project there are at least two people will be working on a single drawing file. Here's our problem - when one person creates a custom texture, it does not show up when the other designer opens the plan. Instead it just shows as white. Has anybody discovered a way to solve this problem? Is there a way to embed the texture in the plan so it is linked to the file, not the person who created it?
  14. Thanks! (They couldn't call it door type since that's what it's called!?) I'm still wondering if there is a way to make custom fields or a video I can watch? I'd still like include some other information that's not automatic (privacy vs passage, hole boring/backset, the name of a manufacturer's color/sheen, frosted or decorative glass, etc.)
  15. Hey folks. I'm making schedules for the first time after watching a bunch of videos. See file attached. I would like to be able to list the "Door Type" in the door schedule (hinged vs. pocket. vs bi-fold, etc.) Do I need to use Macros? If so, I can't seem to figure out how to make a custom field that likes to door type. Is this possible? Window Door Schedules.plan