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  1. tds_cc

    Closed elevation view without saving

    Good thing it wasn't too much work then! Thanks. I can stop looking now.
  2. In an elevation view, I was working on drawing some other items in. Unfortunately, I accidentally closed the elevation without saving (just pressed the wrong button). Do those items I drew (mostly polylines) still existing somewhere or do I need to completely re-draw in a new elevation view?
  3. tds_cc

    Mystery walls can't be deleted

    Can't say why that worked, but it did!! Thanks @solver
  4. tds_cc

    Mystery walls can't be deleted

    Thanks @solver, but I'm still not sure what you mean. I opened up the room dialogue box for the garage and the ceiling is already set to the default.
  5. There are two walls above the garage in the CA model attached. I can't get rid of them and I don't why they are there!! Anyone know what's going on? I'm using CA v10. I have attached a picture and the CA file. Existing Drawings Piotrowski.plan
  6. tds_cc

    Can't delete toilet

    That worked!! Thank you so much!
  7. tds_cc

    Can't delete toilet

    I can select other fixtures. The fixture layer is not locked.
  8. tds_cc

    Can't delete toilet

    Hi all. There is a rogue toilet in a plan I am working on - my coworker and I can't figure out how to select to delete it. It's unselectable! Has anyone else ever had this problem? (By the way, I tried to upload the plan here, but it is way too big for what they will allow, even after I compress it.) Thanks!
  9. tds_cc

    Break line tool not working

    Thanks DavidJPotter and Kbird1. You're responses were helpful, polite, professional and productive. I was trying to break a rectangular polyline which I have done several times in the past but for some reason it wasn't working yesterday. However, when I opened the file again this morning - it worked! Maybe Chief just needed to get a good night's sleep. I also read over the section in the manual per David's advice - lots of good stuff in there. Thanks again.
  10. Hey everyone. For some reason my break line tool isn't working. I click on a polygon and hitting 3 doesn't work to break and the break line tool doesn't show up in the my lower tool bar. Has anyone else had this issue?
  11. tds_cc

    Drawing on a layer

    How do I draw on a certain layer? For example, when I'm in Plot Plan view, when I try to draw a rectangle, it wants to put it on CAD, Default. But I actually want the rectangle to be on CAD, Plot Plan so it shows up in my Plot Plan view.
  12. tds_cc

    Grouping objects & CAD block rescaling

    It would be really nice if I could create what my old drafting software called components. I could group objects together and create a component. If I wanted to change the component, I would double click on it to open it, make the changes, and it would change all of the other ones too. Is this possible with CA?
  13. tds_cc

    Grouping objects & CAD block rescaling

    Just figured out how to make the CAD block - I wasn't seeing the icon at first. So that takes care of question 1. But, question 2 still stands.
  14. Question #1: Is there a way to group objects together? I drew an elevation of a baluster using lines and arcs. I'd like to group these objects together and I thought I could create a CAD block, but I when I select the object, there is no icon at the bottom for creating a CAD block. Question #2: When I am successful in making a CAD block, I would like to be able to resize it in one dimension and then explode it, but it won't let me. In my old drafting program I was able to do this and found it to be quite useful. Is there no way to accomplish this in CA? Feldstein.plan
  15. tds_cc

    Sand texture not printing

    You guys are both right. I did finally realize the dots themselves were only at a line weight of 1. Went to 20 and it solved the problem. Thanks!