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  1. I'll be teaching at Dan Baumann's Total Immersion Summit this month. I specifically will be teaching rendering as well as other power user tips and tricks. To sweeten the deal, I will be giving away OVER $1400 worth of Chief Architect items from my shop in a Spin-The-Wheel raffle to anyone registered by Feb 6. This is a HUGE event that you really won't want to miss. Aside from the training classes, you will be socializing with industry pros, sharing laughs and meals in between classes and setting up some life long connections. I cannot tell you how important it has been for my work to have met and stayed connected with other industry folk. Here's a brief overview of what's included: Seven Nights Lodging with Private Room and Bath. Five Days of Chief Architect and Business Training with Classes. Optional Evening Business Strategy and Mastermind Sessions. All Food and Beverages - "Come for the Food, Stay for the Training". Access to Online Members Area for Info, Downloads, and Extra Training. Access to Private Members Forum to ask questions and stay in touch. Four Zoom Meetings for Q&A before and after the event. All custom course handouts prepared by Dan. Dan's Chief Templates for Plans and Layouts will save you a ton of time. Networking & Life Long Friendships will help you expand your business. Chief Experts Total Immersion Experience for Chief Architect Users
  2. Thank you.. labor of love for sure. People associate me with rendering but I make almost nothing on it like I said. Just something I enjoy doing. I don’t know how to say this without feeling like a braggart… my photo manipulation skills are world class. I compete in photo manipulation contests and help a large number of people in various photo manipulation discord servers. If you don’t know what that is, it’s specifically taking image resources and stitching them together to create a finished and believable image. The only reason I ever got into the art is because of the rendering “misses.” My friends know they will get a couple of prank photos out of me throughout the year..don’t mess with the man that can make you do anything in a photo , ha! nowadays im so fast with photo manipulation that you might catch me replace a rendered window with a real one if I feel like it, and it would be faster than a re-render. here’s an image which was created from the following images. No other images were used… which means you have to take the following images and manipulate them to create the final image I have shown.. no other outside images allowed this was a contest I was a part of. i also created two other images from the collage of provided images. so all 3 were created solely from manipulating the collage images. No painting any pixels allowed, no hand drawing, only manipulation through warping, hue/saturation and curves adjustments, etc. kindve a hobby of mine now
  3. I’ve been offering rendering services and stay competitive overseas for over two decades and I can say with confidence that I don’t do it for the money, haha, I barely make wages on rendering. you have to provide a rendering in under four hours time or you lose your shirt. all the exterior renderings I show in the gallery were all just models provided, no landscape, finish product had to be under four hours. This isn’t your “best-day-ever-no-issues-no revisions-no back and forth emails” 4 hours either. It’s repeatable, I can get all of the detail and quality I want from the first email to the written contract to the final post-processed produced image including custom objects and materials that aren’t always available in the library. other than that you might get a client that wants to do a render and you may do it because you want to, and yes, that’s great, do it and have a blast or do it because you’re bored, or your proud, or because you can’t help yourself. Only times I make money on renderings is when they buy a big stack of them, because then it’s just time in post for me.
  4. Exactly, sometimes Im running multiple jobs at once and this is a life saver...also when I go down to costa rica I don't need to bring a big machine
  5. that's because it is an affiliate link, it does a redirect and tracks your machine so that if you purchase something from the site I get a credit for it
  6. I do and HERE is my affiliate link 10 gpus will not doing anything within chief, they would in a program like thea. but you can rent a 4090. You could also, alternatively, set your sample rate lower and get an AI denoiser to denoise frame by frame.
  7. Sometimes, when I work a rendering too long it becomes an intimate and progressive relationship where I overwork the scene and lose the perspective of the client. That blown out exterior draws you right to it. It’s the first thing I see and it distracts, whereas I should be looking at the architecture. My two cents i am teaching rendering at Dan baumans summit next month, you should check it out
  8. Why not use watercolor render with line over, and make the line squiggly ?
  9. We don’t have HDRI capabilities in the software, so adding colors to your background really make for an inaccurate lighting condition and adds to the amount of time it would take to correct the condition, especially with a color diffused amidst cloud cover. Correcting color casting from a single color like grass is really a single action fix in post edit, and is not a problem by comparison. Food for thought. btw there are a ton of free HDRI’s on the net for comparison, these can be converted to CA jpg backdrops.
  10. FYI these are shot as pano's in TM instead of spherical. Would be nice if they were truly spherical. Also I would you please use a different tree for the tree closest in proximity as it the least realistic. Last note, instead of overexposing, please underexpose, as then we can control it more with backdrop intensity in a raytrace PBR
  11. I made that before they gave us 180 swing here is one that is resizable
  12. Try this one out
  13. FYI you saved the entire assembly as a cabinet door, as opposed to exporting the working cabinet
  14. POST 95 #freesymbolfriday is here for Chief Architect on The Rabbitt Design Feed single click to add this sink with chopping block and faucet...for when you just need a quick good look. Setup with correct offsets and centering get it as always at or Direct at Follow this link for the Rabbitt Design FB Feed for additional content: CLICK ME TO GO BACK TO THE INDEX!!!