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  1. @robdyck and @MarkMc thanks for the ideas. I'm going to try both!
  2. A customer wants a custom stove exhaust cover. I'm close by using a cabinet with peninsula radius. The problem is that i need a smaller radius on the corners (probably 6-12") to allow enough room for the actual exhaust fan. I can't find a way to decrease the radius. Is there another method that would be better to create this in CA?
  3. Robert, thanks for this input also. I'm seeing where the 3D molding is useful when you don't want the default CA solution.
  4. Robert, thanks for taking the time to not just give me a solution, but to explain what's going on. I fixed the upstairs. Now I'm going to re-read it so I understand, then fix the downstairs. I took a snow day yesterday. We got over 2 inches and lots of things were closed. It was also MLK day, my wife was off for the holiday. Thanks again!
  5. @DBCooper I haven't used 3d molding polylines much but I know they are useful. Thanks for the tip. It worked great!
  6. No problem. Using your suggestions, I've got it about 90% the way it needs to be. I've attached how it currently looks and an updated .pln file. Here are two more questions: 1. How do I get rid of the left wall rail on the upper portion of stairs and keep the lower left (open) railing? 2. Somehow, my room divider at the top of the stairs is messing up my 2nd floor ceiling. What am I doing wrong here? Millar2.zip
  7. I did make the break but I didn't adjust the top portion. I though your input was a different idea than @DBCooper. Now I understand that it is in addition to. I will work with this and see what I can do. Thanks...I'll let you know how it turns out.
  8. @robdyck I made the Open Below room on the 2nd floor as you suggested. I put a break in the first floor wall under the stair so I could adjust it in section view as you suggested. I can't seem to pull that portion of the wall up to meet the ceiling above. I've tried a few other things to make it work with no success. Any idea what I may be doing wrong?
  9. Thanks so much. I'm taking notes!
  10. I've been using CA for several years and still have problems with some stair issues. I've included a couple of pictures and the .pln file. Issues are: 1. How to show sheetrock on the bottom of an attic wall (part of dormer)? 2. How to show sheetrock above the stair rail? 3. How to move a portion of the stair in when a staircase transitions from open rail to enclosed? 4. How to show a custom hand rail on a wall that does not match the total run of the stairs? Thanks in advance. Millar.zip
  11. @solver thanks for taking time to make the video tutorial. There are several things I saw that I can use frequently; the ceiling heigh to "1000" and using the stair angle for ceiling planes and light angles. This will help with fixing some of my problems. I did "undefault" some items and I need to get a better grasp on how to do things the right way. I never stop learning this program. Thanks and have a great weekend.
  12. @robdyck I'd like to keep the electrical symbols on the first floor since that's where the switches are. I see what you are talking about though. @DBCooper they are all marked correctly. They are finding the 9' ceiling in the kitchen area for some reason. They Liv/Din sloped clg plane is drawn on the first floor. I'll keep experimenting. Thank you both for your input.
  13. @robdyck, I think I've used the stair option before...just been a while. The ceiling plane is a new one for me. Thanks so much. Easy fixes...just got to know where to find them. One more quick question. I did the electrical plan but the living room can lights are resting on the 12' (which for the living and dining is "not flat above") ceiling plane instead of the sloped ceiling. Is there an easy way to get the can lights against the sloped ceiling plane?
  14. I've not had much trouble with ceilings above stairs in the past but this one is giving me fits. I hope someone can explain what I'm doing wrong. I've got a sloped ceiling plane above the living and dining area. There's a balcony (landing) that hangs over part of the living roo0m and a closet under part of the balcony. So, as the camera shows, I can't get the sloped ceiling plane to cover the stairs. There's a room divider between living and dining that I think is causing some of the problem. I'm attaching the .pln file if someone wants to take a look at it. On a side note, how can I make the bottom stair portion open underneath and the top stair portion closed risers? Barham.zip
  15. I'm learning that...the hard way. I just still don't know all the ins and outs of adjusting things the right way. You all have been helpful though.