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  1. I like this idea. Either this or doing what @Renerabbittsuggests...keep it simple!
  2. I completely agree. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing something.
  3. So is everything in the green box a macro to produce the dimension and leader line?
  4. Thanks for the input. I'm not sure what the referenced line label is but I'll check that out.
  5. Is there a way to move the plot plan dimension text? Ideally, I would move it where it doesn't conflict with other lines/items. See attachment for example.
  6. @TeaTime I may try all the schedules on one CAD Detail page (in a horizontal row) now that I have them formatted the same width. I guess it depends on how you want them to display on your layout page. Thanks for the ideas.
  7. @TeaTime I've tried that. Not every plan has the same number of notes in any specific schedule. It becomes a problem in laying out the consolidated CAD Detail page so I can crop each one. If a schedule grows over its alloted space on the consolidated page, I've had to move other schedules to make room for the increased size. If you have a way of arranging them so this doesn't happen, I'd like to hear about it.
  8. @rgardner, thanks for the pointers. I followed them and tried it out. I've attached a screenshot of how I set up the floor plan layout page where I try to fit most of the note schedules. I've placed most of the schedules off the page so I can move and adjust them once I send the floor plan to the page (I've not taken the schedules off my .pln template yet, hence the double numbers). I like the way its set up so I can just relink the schedules. As I have it now, I would have to zoom out and look at the applicable schedule as I'm adding notes. It would be nice to have a consolidated CAD Detail to view while I am adding notes, but this would create the double number situation again. What is the best way to view the schedules as I am adding notes to the plan?
  9. I'm looking for input on how to best use schedules in my .pln file and on my layout pages. Per my screenshots, I have created several note schedules. They are on separate CAD Details in my .pln template. I have copied and pasted them to my .pln for reference. I try to put the applicable schedule on the layout page that it corresponds to so tradesmen don't have to reference just one notes page. The preliminary note schedule is used just for preliminary work; likewise, the roof notes on the roof plan layout page, site notes on the site plan layout page, and remodel notes on remodel layout page. The floor plan layout page usually contains the construction, plumbing, HVAC, cabinet, and trim note schedules. Is there a way to place the note schedules on the applicable pages of my layout template? This would eliminate opening each CAD Detail and sending it to a layout page each time I work on a new layout for a specific plan. If there is not a way to have the note schedules on my layout template pages (before I save it as a specific customer layout), is there a more efficient way than what I am currently doing? Thanks in advance for your input.
  10. Thanks so much! I hoped it was something easy that I was overlooking.
  11. Is there a way to use the Wall Type DBX for this L Block foundation (or some other way) so the slab displays to the inside edge of the L Block. The "L Block" is created as a pony wall (see Wall Type DBX in screenshot) but I can't figure out how to manipulate the slab. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  12. @SNestor, I was about to send @Renerabbitt and @MPDesign another question about the gable walls and rails. Thanks so much for the video. I've watched it carefully and will be correcting some things accordingly. Thanks for calling out some bad habits (and being kind about it) - dragging walls in elevation view, painting a material over another instead of defining a wall type, and more. I'll be working through this on my plan and incorporating your tips on all future plans. I'll go ahead and ask about the deck railing before I get started. I'm going to follow the tips in the video. But can I add the deck railing directly under the gable walls? Since @SNestor explained where the gable walls need to be (not on the 1st floor) I'm thinking the railing should work the way its supposed to. I'll send a picture of the covered deck with rails when I'm finished. Thanks again, all, for your input.
  13. @Renerabbitt I downloaded your firepace stack about a month ago (thanks for making tools like this available). The tapered part of the fireplace is your symbol. After looking at your symbols, I created my own lower "cabinet" so I could move the firebox around. I may go back and take a look at your whole stack again. @MPDesign the outside is exactly the way I need it, but the inside is not right. There's got to be a combination that will work. I've been off of this project for a few days...hence the late reply. I'm back on it and will be working with the ideas you all supplied. I'll post an update when I get further along, get it right, or give up again! Thanks for both your input. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
  14. I'm trying to represent an outdoor fireplace as shown on the .png attachment. My approach wad to frame the firebox with brick veneer on the outside. Then add the high gable walls as attic walls. The problem I'm having is when I pull the attic walls into the narrow part of the chimney, it deletes my wall that the fireplace and mantle are on. I've tried several ways of doing this over about 4 hours but can't get it to work. Could anyone give me a way to do this? I"ve attacheed the .pln file if you want to see where I am on it. Thanks in advance for input. Ingram2b.zip
  15. @Doug_N, @CharlesVolz, and @joey_martin you all make good points and the consensus is to not give a builder sole rights to a design. Thank you for your input.