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  1. DRyeHD

    Truss Will Not Span Cathedral Ceiling Plane

    I don't think they will be able to either. I submitted it to them yesterday. We will see if madcowscarnival is on the right track.
  2. DRyeHD

    Truss Will Not Span Cathedral Ceiling Plane

    I was able to get a 4 1/2:12 cathedral ceiling plane to allow the truss build (13'-6" at the ceiling peak). Now to see if the truss maker can do it. Thanks Eric and javatom!
  3. DRyeHD

    Truss Will Not Span Cathedral Ceiling Plane

    javatom, You are right about checking. The main (6:12) roof bears on the front and back walls. As Eric mentions, I should be able to gain some depth somehow. I will post what I come up with.
  4. DRyeHD

    Truss Will Not Span Cathedral Ceiling Plane

    As you show, I tried moving the front ceiling plane down a couple of inches. I need the bottom of each plane to sit on the 8 foot top plate and the ceiling plane peak to be in the middle of the living room. I've also tried dropping the slope from 6:12 to 5:12 with no success. I see where the problem lies and will create the space somehow. Thank you for taking a look.
  5. DRyeHD

    Truss Will Not Span Cathedral Ceiling Plane

    Here is the file. Karstens.plan
  6. I've created a cathedral ceiling over a living room but cannot get the trusses to span across all of it. Per the attachment, they begin properly at the back of the living room, cross the peak of the cathedral ceiling, then stop at a roof pitch change. I've tried rejoining the roof planes and ceiling planes but am not able to figure out why the truss stops at the roof pitch change. My truss top chord is 7 1/8" for insulation purposes. Any ideas or suggestions? I will send the plan file if needed.
  7. Solver, I stepped through both videos you provided as I cleaned up roof openings and interior walls. Again, thanks so much!
  8. Eric, Thanks so much for the video! I will be spending some time on going through your advice.
  9. Thanks for taking a look at this. I tried reversing the wall but must have still done something wrong. I had to change all exterior walls from brick to siding - must have missed something somewhere. I will delete the previous thread.
  10. I am trying to use the "lower wall type if split by butting roof" without success. I have used this before and the correct view actually shows up in the Wall Specification View. But my cross sections and camera views all show exterior siding on the inside wall. When I try to pull the roof plane through the exterior wall material, it snaps back to the original position. I am attaching the plan file and would appreciate any input on what I'm doing wrong. Bond.zip
  11. Thank you for the step-by-step on the Dash Ref Set Layer. I'm about a month into learning Chief Architect and see I still have a long way to go to get proficient. The videos and articles help but sometimes don't answer specifics. Also thanks for the input on foundation plan dimensioning. I've started the process as you described - making my own post footings and thickened slab areas. I appreciate your input on this. It's helped get past one more learning challenge! Have a great Memorial Day weekend,
  12. D. Scott Hall, How did you get the inside main wall and foundation blocks to be dashed lines?
  13. I will look into that. But will I still have to re-create the thickened slab runs and post footings on a separate (not referenced) layer to be able to dimension to them?
  14. After watching and reading several references this morning, I created a Foundation Plan View Set and referenced it to Floor 1 (see attached screen clip). This lets me see everything I need to see, but I can't dimension to the Floor 1 reference items. I would like to be able to dimension to the thickened slab and post footings - all on one plan view. Will I just need to draw these items on a layer with CAD Lines for dimension purposes? I have also attached the plan file if you need to look at it. Your input is appreciated, Rye_Home.plan
  15. I've looked for a thread on this topic but cannot find one. Typical construction is CMU stem wall on footing and slab. I would like to show outside edge of foundation block and all thickened slab areas (for bearing walls and posts). I see the foundation block on floor "0" and the thickened slab (under bearing walls) and post footings on floor "1". I would like to display all this on one layout and add dimensions for concrete, plumbing, and other under-slab work. What is the best way to do this without redrawing a separate plan to accommodate these items?