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Hi everyone! I am new to Chief and a student of Environmental Design. I just downloaded the student version a few weeks ago and have only had little time to familiarize myself with it. I downloaded a bunch of catalogs basically almost every single one is downloaded. This summer I am taking Kitchen & Bath Design. We are 5 weeks into the semester and so far I had hand rendered everything. But, everyone else in my class is using chief. Their plans, 3D's and elevations look so good. That is something that even if you are the best at hand rendering a 3D plan just looks more real in chief. So, I started really messing with it last week. I want to at least be able to present one of my rooms on Chief. So far I have half way finished my first floor plan. I have the walls finished and was adding my fixtures. I have the toilet and tub. But, my issue is I was looking for a vanity that was at least close to the one I have picked out for my design. I cant find one. There doesn't seem to be many options on vanities. But maybe I'm just not looking in the right place. My main question though is can we upload a picture or the vanity or add it into the catalog somehow so I will have the exact vanity I have used in all my hand rendered drawings? I just do not know what to do at this point and help would be appreciated! I am basically teaching myself how to do all this. 


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Look what I did.


Hit the RETURN key followed by the space bar.


Paragraph breaks make your text much easier to read.


There are scads of bathroom cabinetry at the 3D Warehouse site, and any of it can be downloaded into your model.



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No a picture is a picture , so it won't be a 3D Object , but Chief's Cabinets are VERY customisable and can be turned into just about anything.


There are a few pre made Vanities but Cheif expect you to use a Base Cabinet and configure the Options as needed.....


There are tutorials here :


and Video's Here:


Please do your Forum Signature so people know what software and Version you are using if you plan to post more questions , thanks.



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As Mick states, a picture is not an actual 3D object however depending upon the situation it can be done. In the example below the clients wanted to use a specific Ikea closet organizer, no way was I going to spend the time to model it. I found a decent quality pic of the Ikea closet organizer, cropped it and then applied it as a texture to a plain poly solid box placed inside the closet. Given the quality of the added pic it looks 3D even though it's actually 2D.



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There are a lot of different things you can do to expand the content available:


- If you can't find what you want in the core libraries that come with the program, you can use the Get Additional Content tool to download more libraries from the Chief website.  All of this content has been designer to work well with Chief.


- If you can't find what you want in any of our libraries, you can look online for 3D content that you can import directly into Chief.  Please be aware that some online content is going to work better in Chief than others.  Some of it may have very high surface counts and could really slow things down in Chief.


- You can build your own objects using a wide variety of the tools within Chief.  As noted above, the cabinet tools are very flexible and can be used as a basic building block for many other types of objects.  You can also use the 3D primitives, shapes, and molding polylines to create all kinds of other things.   I recommend that you design these things in separate plans and then convert them into architectural blocks or symbols that you can then add to your user library for reuse.


- You can build your own objects using other 3D modeling software and then import them into Chief.  There are a lot of things that I can design very easily in Chief and other things that I would not bother.  For example, although I could design a toilet in Chief, I don't think it would be very easy so I probably wouldn't.


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Everyone, if you never @ mention or quote the OP, especially if they are new, they likely won't know to see if anyone has responded.(in my experience.)

16 hours ago, FullerHomeDesign said:


Welcome to our forums, would you mind sharing an image of your hand drawn vanity so we could better advise you?

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A 2D image of a vanity would probably be a tough

sell in a 3D view (given placement of the image and

camera angles, etc.), but I often incorporate 2D pics

into 3D views.


Similar to what Graham's doing in his example, in

this image the leaded, beveled and frosted glass in

the front door is a photo of the actual front door glass

and the young lady is also a 2D image.

Front Door-Night-Final.png

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Here's another example. In this one I created a main vanity box with a blank front face so I could control the counter top, sink placement and taps. I then placed a 1/16" p-solid against the front and applied  a pic of a real vanity as a texture to it. I adjusted the main vanity box material to match the front pic wood. If I spent a bit more time I could have photoshopped the knobs out of the original and then used knob symbols to create even more depth.




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On 7/10/2020 at 6:43 AM, TheKitchenAbode said:

I found a decent quality pic of the Ikea closet organizer, cropped it and then applied it as a texture to a plain poly solid box placed inside the closet.

Pretty trick Graham

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