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  1. glennw

    Exterior 360 fly over?

    Don't forget that you can also spin a 3D view with Ctrl+Alt+S.
  2. glennw

    Exterior 360 fly over?

    Chad, Use the Walkthrough Path tool - it does external fly-arounds as well as internals.
  3. Having that stupid Reference Grid displaying is one of my pet peeves! I hate the thing but I find it is turned on in just about every Chief plan I look at.
  4. There shouldn't be any problems getting close to or exactly what you want. Why not post a pic of one of your hand drawn plans and someone here can probably tell you.
  5. glennw

    Windows and door , wall issues x12

    Using a 120" hight stem wall will not do what you want. I think you will find that once you change the stem wall height back to zero, all your problems will be solved.
  6. glennw

    Elevations and Grading

    My tips are: Don't use Elevation Points - use Elevation Lines/Splines. Use Elevation Regions as much as possible. Don't overlap elevation data. Don't use Retaining Walls - use Terrain Breaks and normal walls placed after. Use Elevation Data instead of the Terrain Modifiers. Don't use Automatic Subfloor Height Above Terrain. Tile a 3D view with the terrain plan as you work so you can see the immediate results of your input.
  7. glennw

    Windows and door , wall issues x12

    Why do you have a 120" high stem wall in the new section? I would fix that before doing anything else.
  8. glennw

    Please help - Lost Room Definition!!!

    Just for the record in case this comes up again. The problem was caused by having that external wall down the left hand side of the 3 rooms and the garage, marked as a Double Wall - Furred Wall. Changing it to the more normal Frame Through fixes the problem. You should also check the wall at the top between the Covered Patio and kitchen - it is inside out.
  9. glennw

    Sloping exterior soffits

    If I understand you correctly, you should be able to use roof planes. Can you supply the information about the roof geometry - how are they setout?. How is the soffit a different angle to the roof? What does "back down to the exterior wall" mean?
  10. glennw


    Preferences>Reset Options Reset Side Windows or Reset Toolbars - you will lose any customisation though
  11. glennw

    Wall Framing start point

    Framing Reference Marker may do what you want.
  12. glennw

    Radial Dimension Tool

    Don't forget that if you use a dimension line, you can always drag the dimension text to wherever you like and you can change the dimension text size. Th beauty of using a dimension is that if the geometry changes, the dimension will change as well. Not so with a leader.
  13. glennw

    Using Place Points for Layout Consistency

    Use a Point Marker instead of a Place Point.
  14. glennw

    Pt to Pt Resize Problem

    There is one case I know of when this is not correct. That is when you have an image that you want to resize (rotated or ortho) using the images perimeter (as opposed to click any points within the image). You can resize the image by clicking the Point To Point Resize in one corner of the image. You can then drag the cursor along the image edge to the other corner - the cursor will stick to the image edge, no matter what the angle. Click the second corner and the dbx will open. Although this works, there are probably easier ways to resize the image like using it's dbx.
  15. glennw

    Auto electrical problems

    You will need to post the plan if you want more help.