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  1. If you can get access to a copy of X10, you could use the Print Model command which prints all the elevations, roofs, etc, so that you can cut them out and make a paper model. This feature was dropped in X11. Is that what you are talking about?
  2. Eric, He didn't say he was using Suite, he said HD 2021 - which I am assuming is HD Pro. In which case he can have different rafter sizes in each plan. The fact that the rafter sizes are different in each plan points to him using Pro. No?
  3. Eric, I just opened both plans in Home Designer Pro 2021. Home Designer does have some framing settings and included is rafter size. The Op said he is using HD 2021. The rafter sizes are set differently in both plans as I noted above.
  4. Eric, Oh, Ok. Then how come the rafters are sized differently in the 2 plans?
  5. I don't think this is a bug or a Chief problem. I think it is user error. You have different rafter sizes in the two plans. The metric rafter size is 125mm. The imperial rafter size is 9 1/4". 9 1/4" = 235mm, not 125mm. The small metric rafter size is causing the roof to not cut the walls. So increase the metric rafter size. I think there are some other differences between the two plans as well, but that is the main one I could find without spending too much time on it. I don't understand why you are messing around with imperial measurements if you are drawing in metric - why not just do everything in metric and leave it at that?
  6. glennw

    Rendering problem from a distance

    I understand that, but what I am suggesting is that you make sure your main plan is centred on the origin and that each of the other plan files that you used to make the individual buildings have been drawn close to the origin before you create your "objects".
  7. glennw

    Rendering problem from a distance

    Did you check to see how close to the origin you are?
  8. glennw

    Rendering problem from a distance

    Z fighting can happen when structures are a long way from 0,0,0. Check all your original plan files a see how far away from the origin they are. When you say you have created objects of the buildings, I assume that you mean symbols. I would first check your main plan for origin and then, if the problem persists, check all the building plans. The simple fix is to use Edit Area and move the structures closer to the origin.
  9. I think there is a bit of confusion here. Perspective crop mode just zooms (or pans) the "picture" of the 3D view - the camera actually remains in the same place and doesn't move at all. A normal zoom (no Perspective Crop Mode) actually moves the camera when zooming. i believe the tool was "deprecated" because it caused too much confusion - and maybe too much support?. ie, if you send a view to layout that was generated using Perspective Crop Mode. The image in Layout could be different than the original view because the image sent to layout is the actual camera view - not the view you see on screen.
  10. Marc I am travelling until the middle of next week I will have a look at it next week if you haven’t received an answer by then
  11. Marc To clarify about the roof Draw a single storey room on the ground floor only, where you want the extra roof, outside the existing building. No floor, roof or ceiling, invisible walls. Auto roofs. Configure the room parameters to get the auto roof you want
  12. glennw

    problems with polyline

    Ah, I see that after opening your plan, you already have a .png of the screen. But it was not included with the plan. You need to include the pic with the plan. The problem with the slow down is caused by the number (and maybe shape) of the holes. I deleted the holes one at a time then replaced them one at a time with Undo. Between each undo, I selected the containing polyline - not the Picture Box. Things were OK for the first 3-4 Undo's and then with each progressive Undo things slowed down more and more - the deletions were ok, it just took longer and longer for the containing polyline to get selected.. Maybe send it to tech support and ask them why?
  13. glennw

    problems with polyline

    I had a really quick go by doing a screen capture of the panel - which is very poor resolution. If you can get a better resolution image, this way may work a lot better. Take a screen shot, or get a copy of the screen image in .png format. Build Image>Create Billboard Image>enter the path to the image and make any changes>Transparency panel>Use Custom Transparency Color>select the color assigned to the spaces. This may be good enough...or, maybe not - I think it should depend on the resolution of the original image and what you want to use it for.
  14. glennw

    Snapping problem

    What you are seeing is the square indicators that are showing Endpoint Snaps - these are legitimate snap points. The small blue circles are showing Extension Line Anchors (extension snaps). They work differently than normal snap points in that they indicate the start of the Extension snap, not the snap point itself, so that if you drag an Extension Line off a snap point and then release the click, that is the point where the object will be placed - not on the location of the Extension Snap circle which is at the start point. Extension Snaps can be toggled off individually for each of the 3 types of extensions - Tangent, Perpendicular and Orthogonal.. You can control the number of Extension Line Anchors that are in the history in Preferences. You can use the 1 key to toggle off any current extension snaps on the fly if needed.