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  1. Do you see an Off Angle Wall icon attached to the cursor? What happens if you click on the yellow triangle? Could it be an Off Angle Wall?
  2. From the look of the dbx you posted, you can only reference another floor in your plan. You can't reference another plan file.
  3. I don't fully understand. Why do you need to apply a splashback? Why not just apply a material to the soffit or solid. If you want the material to run in different directions, explode the object into faces, create a new material that runs in the other direction and apply it to the exploded face.
  4. That image you show of the Change Floor/Reference dbx is not from X13. This is the dbx in X13 - and for at least the last several versions.
  5. Steve, I mentioned that way back near the beginning
  6. More like this? Or....there is a way of creating a custom shaped wall opening (not a door). Have a look in the help file for Edit Wall Cutout Polyline. You can attach a custom shaped Wall Cutout Polyline to a symbol (by using Inserts Into Wall) and then hide the symbol so that it is not visible. Here is a very quick freehand hole in wall attached to an espresso machine.
  7. Yusuf, You just beat me to it. I had it figured out by using the top rail to build the wall and using the top rail height to drop the bottom of the solid rail down below the stair itself - the top of the solid rail remains at the set height.
  8. Something very strange happening. If I draw the stairs counterclockwise, things aren't too bad and the ends of the treads are curved. BUT, if I draw the stairs clockwise, the inner face of the wall becomes segmented. Looks like a bug to me.
  9. Can you post a cut down plan and i will have a look. That error message about the extents would suggest that you have an object floating out in space somewhere.
  10. There is a Thickness setting for custom stringers. These are thick stringers. You can't use railings while doing the wall editing because you cannot slope the tops and bottoms of railings.
  11. The problem with using stringers is that they can't be curved, which is causing the faceting of the rail and the straight tread sides. Here is my rough file - I deleted my original file and this is a quickie replacement. I edited the tops and bottoms of the walls in 3D views which can get a bit complicated to select the correct grips. Edit: I think you need to create a room by enclosing the circular wall around the stairs. Winders will only work in an enclosed room. Ah, and I also turned off wall caps as they don't like the curved walls. spiral 1.plan