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  1. glennw

    slab with brick

    You are trying to use the wrong wall to get the stepdown. You need to use the wall above the slab - not the slab footing itself - even for the brick wall and even though it is below the top of slab. The footing can be a plain concrete stem wall - no need for more than the single concrete layer. You also need to use a pony wall to get the siding wall sitting on the brick wall. Have a look at the section and the wall in the pic below. Have a look at the wall definitions, foundation defaults, etc I only did this quickly on the 1 selected wall to get you going. This is all built automatically and then Auto Detailed. Rosene_-_GLENN.plan
  2. glennw

    Importing DWG detail files

    Needs a bit of a cleanup and clarification, that's for sure.
  3. glennw

    Importing DWG detail files

    Does everyone else get this dbx?
  4. glennw

    Library Browser "Senior moment"

    You can probably do that in Chief with Preferences>Reset Options>Reset Side Windows.
  5. glennw

    Why strange wall behavior at window corner?

    Gene, That's a bit of a funny one that I can't fully figure out. Open the 2 windows that run up and down the page, go to the Casing panel and uncheck Use Interior Casing. You also have an invisible wall running into the external corner. Pull that back or delete it. That seems to get things looking OK on the outside. There are definitely some weird things happening though.
  6. Try unchecking Allow Low Roof Planes on the Roof panel of the Build Roof dbx.
  7. glennw

    Showing Roof framing on two different levels

    Have you tried playing with the Details and XOR options? Otherwise, post the plan.
  8. glennw

    Material List Minipulation

    For framing, you can use Lineal Length for Structural Member Reporting. This will report total Lineal Length for each size framing member in the Count column. What sort of total do you want for drywall - total square footage, total number for each sheet size...?
  9. glennw

    How to import room names into plan?

    David, I don't know if the main cause was arson, but last I heard there were 28 people arrested or charged with lighting fires. One case was a guy who started a backburn to protect his dope crop! A lot were started by lightening strikes. Certainly the drought has contributed to the ferocity of the fires.
  10. glennw

    How to import room names into plan?

    David, We are well away from the fires, but are affected by smoke and ash - visibility is very low some days. Over 1000 houses burnt and many people perished in the fires - not a good situation, but has probably got a bit better in the last few days due to cooler weather.
  11. glennw

    How to import room names into plan?

    File>Import>Import Default Settings>choose a plan>Room Types
  12. glennw


    There are a couple of methods that spring to mind depending on what sort of objects you want to select and what you want to do with them once selected. You can use a polygon marquee in association with Edit Area on both cad and architectural objects. You can use Fence Select on cad objects (the polygon has to intersect the cad object.
  13. glennw

    Changing heights of Retaining Walls

    When possible,I try not to use Retaining Walls. If you have any slope in the terrain, the retaining wall top will follow the terrain and you can end up with a multitude of break points along the top of the wall, which are hard to shape. I always try and use a Terrain Break to shape the terrain and then place a normal wall on which I can control the breaks in the top more easily. In your case, if you have a simple terrain, there may not be a problem.
  14. glennw

    Changing heights of Retaining Walls

    I think you need to select the wall in elevation - not cross section. The camera is called a Cross Section/Elevation camera - the one camera does both.
  15. glennw

    Where is the extend tool?

    Strangely, if you toggle on Angle Snaps when dragging an off angle wall, it will help maintain the walls angle - even though it is off angle.