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  1. Just thinking aloud here, but it would be great if we also had the ability to not only offset and rotate, but Mirror a reference plan. This would give us the ability to do a mirror reflected and offset reference plan so that we could do mirrored duplexes so that editing the original plan was dynamically reflected (see how I did that) in the reference display.
  2. I think you will find that you can apply the new line style to a line and it shows up in the line style drop down, but the line style is only saved with that drawing - it is not saved as a system line style. If you want to save the line style for use in other plans, you will need to save it to the library or your default template.
  3. I really don't want to spend a lot of time dissecting your post. Suffice it to say that Chief can do a lot of what you are talking about. ie, in Chief, you CAN edit the model in elevations/sections, use dimensions in elevations and sections, auto mulling windows and doors may not be desirable, auto beam updates are no problem..... You can even edit the model in a true 3D view and even in the Cross Section Slider. Most of your other points have comparable features in Chief like customised Room Types....
  4. Default Settings>Cad>General CAD. The Number Style on the dbx's is only for the display in dbx's. The text size is controlled by the Text Style assigned to the Cad, Default Layer.
  5. You need to change the Current CAD Layer before placing the CAD Block. Saving a cad block to the library does not save it's layer property. You also need to save and close the plan before posting otherwise there is no data in the attached plan.
  6. If you want to use walls for demolished walls, make sure you specify them as Invisible, No Room definition and probably No Locate (once they are located correctly). There are other ways using layers, etc, but try the above first. Added walls can be just plain walls with a new wall type if required.
  7. From your description, it sounds like you need to build an invisible wall where the ceiling changes from cathedral to flat and then in the room dbx, change the ceiling type as appropriate. There should be no reason why you can't do auto roofs on a simple plan like that. If that's not it, post the plan.
  8. Select the dimension line itself - not the extension line. You will see grip points on the end of the extension lines at the house. Grab the grip and drag it off the house.
  9. Hi Chopsaw, The last one was just zoomed in.
  10. Heidi, I can confirm what you are seeing with the fuzzy text. It doesn't happen as bad with Rich Text. I can think of a couple of choices, all of which make an improvement. Show Line Weights. Use Rich Text. Turn on Print Preview. Make the text bold. Using a different font doesn't seem to make much difference. So...a couple of options, pick your poison! Without Print Preview: With Print Preview: Bold text:
  11. Hi Gene, I am no expert in OBS, but I may be able to get you going until someone else steps in. So I will keep it to the basics. I am assuming you have 2 monitors. Open OBS and have it on your second monitor. Have a look at the Sources section. Here you can configure your source - use the + button to add new sources - I use display Capture. If you double click Display Capture, it will open a dbx where you can select the display to capture and any cropping required. Over on the Right is the Controls Section. Use Start Recording - this will change to Stop Recording. See how you go with that.
  12. You can't edit Chiefs built in toolbars - that includes the toolbars, dropdowns and the tool palette. You can create a new toolbar that contains your Library Objects and you can dock it or float it, but you can't make it a dropdown or tool palette.
  13. Allow Editing In Selected Home Designer Products in General Plan Defaults. No need to export a model - just use the .plan file.
  14. Better to post a .plan file rather that a .pdf