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  1. Liam, You need to build trusses manually. Trusses (no Birdsmouth) does not build the trusses, it just tells Chief where to place the roof framing in relation to the top plate.
  2. What are the steps you are using to build the trusses? The plan you posted only has a roof over the rear porch.
  3. glennw

    Re-center tool for Room Names?

    Mulyiple select all the rooms. Open the dbx. Uncheck Show Room Label. OK. With the rooms still selected, open up the room dbx again and check Show Room Label.
  4. glennw

    short walls and drywall

    Is the short wall in a defined room?
  5. glennw


    Look up Place Library Item
  6. glennw

    Perspective Crop tool still works in X12...

    I think it was because tech support was getting too many calls about this tool. When you use perspective crop mode, the camera stays in the one spot and the view is graphically cropped. This means that if you send that view to layout the full view gets sent, not the cropped view. I don’t have access to Chief at the moment, but I am pretty sure that is correct.
  7. glennw

    Top five hotkey setups! Name yours and why!

    Except that it precludes you from using L as the first key in any other sequential shortcut. The majority of my shortcuts are 2 letter sequential - I really dislike all simultaneous shortcuts. My most often used are my sequential zoom shortcuts like ZA Zoom All ZW Zoom Window ZP Zoom Previous etc.
  8. glennw

    Auto Tray Ceiling Fail

    Isn't that because, in this case, the big room really has 2 different ceiling heights because the room dividers are ignored?
  9. This is incorrect. Strictly speaking, the baseline height is determined from the ceiling height - not the wall height. The wall height is also determined from the ceiling height. In fact, you don't even need a wall or room to draw a roof plane. Try drawing a roof plane in a blank plan or off to the side of your building. Notice that the baseline height is based on the default floor ceiling height. Try drawing a roof plane with one ceiling height. Change the ceiling height and draw another roof plane. The original roof plane's height will remain as is (based on the original ceiling height) and the new roof plane will be drawn based on the new ceiling height. Dragging a wall up and drawing a roof plane will result in the roof plane being drawn based on the ceiling height - not the wall height - the roof height will have nothing to do with the height of the wall. At some stage between drawing the 2 roof planes, did you change the ceiling height? Be aware that the baseline height is not the same as the ceiling height - baseline height is Height of wall top plate (rough ceiling height) + vertical structure depth - birdsmouth depth
  10. glennw

    Textures Not Showing Correctly

    Tools>Screen Capture>Capture Screen. You can drag a rectangle to capture the area you want. This automatically saves to your -My Images folder in your Chief Data folder.
  11. glennw

    Retaining wall v. Terrain wall

    Don't use a retaining wall - use a Terrain Break and then use an ordinary wall. Edit the wall heights by breaking it along the top and then dragging in elevation view.
  12. glennw

    Game controller setting for video

    Sorry, I was thinking about Virtual Reality.
  13. glennw

    Grade not showing correctly

    It can be. But to do that, you need to set the Sub Floor Height Above Terrain to zero. You can then directly relate the terrain heights to the first floor zero height. ie, with a Sub Floor Height Above Terrain set at zero, an Elevation Line of 24" will be 24" above the zero floor level. Likewise, a Sub Floor Height Above Terrain set at zero, an Elevation Line of -24" will be 24" below the zero floor level. There are several ways to set heights in relation to the terrain. You can even use real word heights for both the terrain and the floor heights.
  14. glennw

    Curved Stair Problem

    Uncheck Winders on the General panel?
  15. glennw

    Default sets

    The way it works is that if you select New, it makes a copy of the existing selected Default Set in the list. So no need for a copy button - each New Default Set is a copy of an existing one. And yes, the documentation needs an update.