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  1. Have you tried moving the landing and not the stair? Make sure Bumping/Pushing is toggled on. Make sure Stair Sections Move Independently is toggled off. Select only the landing and use the arrow keys to move the landing towards the wall - the stairs should stay attached to the landing and both should bump into the wall and maintain their alignment. I don't think this is correct. I can see that your stairs sections are connected by the presence by their section numbers being displayed. Open the stairs dbx and you should see both sections listed.
  2. There was a very similar thread a couple of weeks back. Do a search and you might find it.
  3. I am on a mac and can't do anything with the .rar file.
  4. Obviously not every color option! My best guess is that you have black selected for both Header and Header Text in Preferences. Changing this will not change any existing material lists - only new ones.
  5. Don't paint the wall - try changing the material in the wall definition. You must have missed this when you were looking in the help file.
  6. Can you be a bit more specific about what you want and what is wrong with what you present plan.
  7. I would definitely use Terrain Breaks along with a standard wall (Foundation wall if you want a footing). One Elevation Point on each level.
  8. And if you don't like maths, there is always the Scale button.
  9. A couple of reasons spring to mind immediately. It is easier just to draw objects at their correct real size without worrying about scale. Easier to dimension. It is easier to change the scale in if you need to.
  10. You have been missing something. Best to draw at 1:1 and then scale when sent to layout.
  11. I am not quite understanding your problem. Select the room with the lowered ceiling and check Shelf Ceiling and change the ceiling height for the room.
  12. Assuming you want a mono slab. Select the Patio room and change the Stem Wall Top to -2".
  13. I think this is happening because the external wall of the house is being broken at the retaining wall because the top of the lower pony under the doors is too close to the bottom of the lower pony wall under the triple window. ie, not enough "throat" to make it one contiguous wall. The 2 parts of the external pony wall are joining at the retaining wall. Can you drop the footing under the triple window a little? That would then allow you to make the rear wall of the house one continuous wall and place the step where you want.
  14. Are you aware of all the hatch patterns in the library?