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  1. Joey, It looks like you are using both sequential and simultaneous shortcuts. L, is sequential (even though it is a single key). SHIFT+L is simultaneous W,E and W,I are sequential That is all quite normal and expected behaviour. Try assigning the single key W to a shortcut and see what happens. Try assigning L,I to a shortcut (say, DRAW LINE, and see what happens). Just as a heads up... You can use a combination of both sequential and simultaneous key presses for shortcuts - but that would mean that the shortcuts are pretty hard to remember and execute and I can't see this being practical. But then, I can't see the benefit of using any Simultaneous shortcuts. eg: L,⇧I,2
  2. Kyle, The mac shouldn't make a difference. What do you mean by "all key". How are you entering the sequential shortcuts - what happens?
  3. Chief, please don't do this, or at least make it an option. I really don't want to hit the spacebar to get a shortcut to work.
  4. Renee, When you say "combination keys only", do you mean simultaneous or sequential?
  5. Alan, You must be really special - I can't get that to work. It shouldn't work - what is the secret?
  6. This is the way sequential hot keys have always worked and it is the only way thaey can work when you think about it.
  7. More likely to be View>Arc Centers and Ends or same thing at Default Settings>CAD>General Cad>Options. Note that these work on a floor by floor basis.
  8. I find these 3D people work better than a silhouette. 3D people.calibz
  9. You can also get to that setting through Build>Roof>Edit All Roof Planes>Pitch In Degrees
  10. Kitchen cupboards are one thing I don't have.
  11. I have some Ikea libraries. Is there any particular items you are after?
  12. So I guess in the real world, you wouldn't use cables as they won't follow the curve. You would need to use solid round rod which would have to be curved to match the stair.
  13. Eric, Exactly what I was going to suggest - pushing out the walls under the gables to give them a reason to be there and have better junctions between the gables and the hip roofs. I would probably increase the pitch of the roofs over the front porch to make it more of a feature.
  14. I am guessing that you have changed the pitch of the various roofs to make their ridges the same height. I would commonly not work like that - although there is nothing to stop you designing a roof system using different roof pitches as you have done. In this case I would normally build all the roofs the same pitch (say, 8), and then steepen up the roof that joins the front and back porches to, say 12. It is a good idea to approach the whole design holistically (floor plan and roofs together) instead of designing the floor plan and then trying to force a roof on top. If you can do it, you can control the ridge heights by the width of the building at various locations. Similarly for the rear porch/dining room area, I would try and avoid that nearly flat roof. Similar philosophy if you are wanting cathedral ceilings - you then need to consider them at an early stage. The gable on the front right looks really awkward to me - too steep and doesn't relate to the windows. I will play around a bit more.
  15. I am happy to help with your auto roof. Can you post a floor plan and also post a roof plan indicating roof pitches and where gables occur - this can be a simple cad drawing or hand drawn sketch. Are all areas the same ceiling height?
  16. I would let auto roofs do their work on what is really a simple roof. Learn how to set the roof directives in the walls. A lot easier doing this and you won't have to go around and fix these sorts of problems.
  17. You have somehow switched to the Space Planning Configuration. To get back to the default toolbar configuration, right click on a toolbar>Toolbar Configurations>Default Configuration.
  18. Chad, The method of specifying the framing layer changed in X13. Go back to X12 and compare the wall definition dbx with X13.
  19. You can edit the Component Names directly in the dbx.
  20. My machine is very similar to yours and I am not having any problems so I don't think it is your machine specs.
  21. For this door, uncheck Use interior Casing and change the 2 wall stud layers to Framing.
  22. Use a standard curved wall, drag the top down and then drag a top corner down. You can also shape the wall top with break points if required.