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  1. DzinEye

    Wall Line Weights

    Are you sure about that Richard? Try setting your 'Walls, Main Layer Only" line thickness to something quite different from that in your normal wall definition and then toggle that layer... .my wall lines do not change.
  2. DzinEye

    Wall Line Weights

    I'm not one of those who believes in the 'there's no such thing as a dumb question' mantra... but your question was totally legit. It is definitely a bit of an anomaly in Chief.
  3. DzinEye

    Wall Line Weights

    I never dwelled on this before, but it always seemed to me that Chief just set that 'layer' up as a toggle, to turn on and off the extra layers making up a wall.
  4. I was ready to take a nap after I read that description
  5. Wow... yes, I didn't know it, but that's what I'm talking about. It happened to me a couple days ago, and since I didn't know that, I went through and relinked all the files in the Layout to the older plan file. Aye-yai-yai...that definitely is not a good behavior. So glad I got your explanation. I think this can explain many moments of absolute confoundment over the years.
  6. Thx Joe. Hmm....seems odd there isn't a built-in way to do it.
  7. I think this might've been asked before but I cannot find it. I want to create a copy of my current plan using Save As, but I don't want all my drawing links in the Layout to get updated to the new plan version. Usually I do want that behavior but in this case I do not... so how can I prevent it from happening?
  8. DzinEye

    Best practices for as-built covered porches?

    @PMMullySteve Nestor who replied above has some very good videos on porches... go to his YouTube channel. Others on this forum such as Solver have also have posted videos about porch creation.
  9. DzinEye

    Space planner - Rotating blocks/rooms?

    Yes, if you use Transform Replicate and type in the desired value
  10. DzinEye


    Could be wrong, but I think everyone's grasping for straws here. My straw grasp is that she's saying the cad mask for any given room works for that room, but then when she wants to do it for an adjacent room the cad mask for the previous room blocks the adjacent room. If that is correct, then you'd need to either send the views to layout as an image or as 'update on demand' only, then move and adjust the cad mask for each room.... OR create a new layer and SPV for each cad mask arrangement needed for each room and turn them on and off as needed.
  11. DzinEye

    off angle walls by default?

    Ahaaa... now I see your issue. The warning dialogue is LYING! ha ha ha.. wow... that's pretty frustrating. Have you brought it up with Chief?
  12. DzinEye

    off angle walls by default?

    Hmm... I can kind of see some logic in this, because there's probably some issue in getting a snap to discern a .5 degree or less difference. At least that's something I can keep in mind before trying to add the angle. This reminds me I need to add a suggestion related to the 'Additional Angles' preferences dialogue. Why is it that we have only a choice between having to select 15 degree or 7.5 degrees? Seems to me we should be able to have a smaller angle selection just 90 degree or 45 degree snaps. Most of the time when using drag-tab-enter distance I would want to have just 45 degrees snaps... as too often I have to type the distance AND correct the angle in the Tab dialogue.
  13. DzinEye

    off angle walls by default?

    Whaaaat??? Jeez... deflated my balloon pretty quickly there. Is there any rhyme or reason or logic to what angles work/don't work?
  14. DzinEye

    off angle walls by default?

    Great tip Chop!.... never considered this before. I guess because one or two walls giving the reminder once in a while isn't enough of a pain to seek a workaround. alternative solution. Will definitely remember to add that to my to-do list when I have off-angle walls in the future.