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  1. DzinEye

    Backsplash / Window Bug?

    I gave up using cabinet dbx backsplash ages ago. Sometimes it works great, but usually there's something to make it easier to just draw a custom backsplash.
  2. DzinEye

    stair wall at grade

    Yep... Plus you really should have a handrail as per your screenshot.
  3. DzinEye

    stair wall at grade

    This kinda made me chuckle Robert... I totally get your drift, but since when is this kind of logic applicable in Chief? It seems like everything can and will be used as something else in order to get the job done.
  4. DzinEye

    Soundbar library?

    Kind of a big file, but it was in my Podium Browser Speaker_soundbar_Bose.calibz
  5. DzinEye

    Roof Blues

    You probably will need to include a photo of what you want it to look like too.
  6. DzinEye

    Manual Roof Planes / Roof Defaults

    Hey Eric, Good video. I actually didn't know the trick to typing a negative number to get the overhang. I'm wondering about the 2nd part where you show building a roof over the floor structure. I would've done that by giving the upstairs room a ceiling height of 1.5" and no ceiling, then the plate for the roof would have automatically formed. Is there any downside to doing it that way?... or other positives to doing it the way you showed?... basically looking for reasons to choose one method over the other.
  7. DzinEye

    Command for a line with arrow on both ends

    Ahh... read too quickly. You mean a default setting. Yes, that would be nice
  8. Well, I didn't grab the focus being something that looked good in vector view when I created this roof texture. Only realized after I saw your comms with Robert. I think it'll be tough to get something that looks good in vector view, but the method Robert mentions is the approach to use. Here's the material I used if you want something for your 3D views to look like my example. I found that having the 'live edge' on the material makes it look better. You'll need to adjust the scale to work just right. Thatch roofing.calibz
  9. DzinEye

    Adding Engineering & Construction Management Services

    LOL... that's a good one David.
  10. DzinEye

    Adding Engineering & Construction Management Services

    Seeing as you are already off on your own you may not like this advice, but if you work for other successful businesses of the type you'd like to be, you'll surely complain about putting in a lot of long hours earning relatively low dollars, but in return you'll gain extremely valuable insight into how to operate a successful business of your own....both what to do and what not to do. In the mean time I would recommend sticking with what you know and letting others provide the services that they know as completely separate services hired directly by your client. When you write a proposal you can indicate what other consultant services will be needed in order to complete the process and indicate that you will recommend the consultants with which you prefer to work.
  11. DzinEye

    finding embedded files

    That's good to know... thx Glenn
  12. DzinEye

    Lintel not extending?

    Not a bug, but it sure bugs me. There are some other similar inconsistencies like that too, which I can't recall at the moment.. same thing where we can't control all dimensions of something which we can in a different dbx.
  13. DzinEye

    "Old" Chief user needs advice on upgrade

    Ha ha... too true! Wow... congratulations on 47 years!.. that's awesome. Better toss those suckers so you can make it to 50 years!
  14. DzinEye

    Second Story Bay Window problem

    Interesting! I wonder if that's a bug? It's probably most common to join them, but we should certainly have the option to control it. If you move it over a little more than halfway off the lower bay then it works correctly. The only work around I can think of (and made sure it works) is to make a library symbol of the bay window. If the upper will be an exact duplicate of the lower bay then just use that one to make the symbol, otherwise make another bay window off to the side of the lower one on either floor or elsewhere and adjust it the way you want it, then convert to symbol. Then you'll need to make a wall opening to put it into