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  1. I'm on SSA by monthly basis, so not available to me quite yet
  2. Wow, you really did a deep dive on that subject. Very strange why the scale changes in the text block instances...any idea why? The text instancing ability (if it worked right) would be especially helpful.
  3. DzinEye

    Specs on drawings, or in spec book

    LOL!... Hilarious. That kind of drawing (though perhaps not quite that cartoonish) was actually not that uncommon in rural areas not all that long ago. The only thing it's missing is a coffee cup ring for an architectural stamp.
  4. DzinEye

    Foundation/Wall detail - Conc Skirt

    I looked at your settings before posting, which showed how you did the walls, but didn't see anything about the cap. Sorry if I missed it. Nice job on that detail though! Yep, that's my understanding and practice as well. Though you may want to pin a landing area in some cases.
  5. DzinEye

    Foundation/Wall detail - Conc Skirt

    Ahh.. I glanced at that too quickly... I just saw 'wall cap' and assumed that only accounted for the very top shape without looking at the dimensions. So you said 'with his method'... what method did you use?
  6. DzinEye

    Foundation/Wall detail - Conc Skirt

    Clever idea to use a wall cap to get the shape Eric, but curious why it does not show up as a separate piece?
  7. Ahaa!... well it appears that it achieves a similar result but in a different way. It seems to me that it would work just about as well for most cases, only difference being you have to manually switch the palette each time... but perhaps having different plan views for each would allow you to have several different ones at the same time? Will be nice to check out when I can get my hands on X12 next month.
  8. For Interiors folks especially, It would be pretty cool if there was a way to make a 'block' of the basic plan, or alternatively what I can only best describe as a 3D reference... or using Acad terminology... Xref. That would allow just the basic model without all the interior stuff added, to be referenced into several different options, and any structural (wall, door, window) moves would automatically get applied to all instances.
  9. DzinEye

    Specs on drawings, or in spec book

    This exactly^^^. In my experience jurisdictions rarely care about specifications for residential, except for a few things like fireplaces. As others have said, if you do have a client that wants, (and wants to pay for) specifications, then they're most likely to be properly looked at if they're on the plans, but I would recommend doing it on an alternate set of plans that doesn't go into the permitting jurisdiction. As Rene said, it just invites more questions during the permit process... and 9X out of 10 everything gets changed by owner and/or builder as the project progresses... and then what?.. back to the city for revisions? I would only ever do specs on an hourly basis. For ensuring better quality work the best approach is to help the Owners get a contractor that does quality work without having to be told how to do quality work. Also, rather than specifications, a few well considered arch. details can do a lot more than lots of words in a spec.. The only Code Notes most jurisdictions require are related to; egress, temp. glass, railings, stairs, fire protection and a few plumbing and electric. You should be able to cover the relevant ones with a list of less than 30 code items. I list them in a numbered fashion on the side of the plan and reference them with a small note at each relevant location. Although you could of course put more than these minimal amount of code notes, I feel you then only risk glazing over the eyes of who ever is reading the plans... not to mention it just muddies up the plans.
  10. DzinEye

    Placing window at level of floor

    Appears like you want the window not AT floor level, but between floor levels... correct? If you use invisible walls/room divider walls to make a room behind the window the size of the floor hole you want and assign it the 'open below' room type you should be able to put the window there.
  11. DzinEye

    X12 It's The Little Things...

    You might have a look at Podium Browser. They have a lot more contemporary and commercial stuff in their catalog. It's made for Sketchup but you can easily import into Chief.
  12. Hey Larry, although it sounds like back-clip somehow resolved your problem... I just had a thought for another easy way to do a side-clipped a room view that could be exported without the clipped information. Just put in some temporary 'room divider' walls where you want your room view clipped.
  13. I wasn’t suggesting anything of the sort. Just pointing out how easy and versatile CAD masks are. I see people fighting those wall elevation cameras all the time to get them to either show or hide something...for no really great reason. CAD masks are just far more flexible and advantageous. But ya, knowing you needed to export to DWG would have been a good piece of information to include as the CAD masks could potentially cause issues there depending on what the end goal was. Then again, they’re just filled polyline masks over there too. I was pretty sure that was Michaels point, but it did come off a little harsh sounding...I figured he'd chime in to rectify. In any regards... I don't think the cad mask would work in this case since you're exporting. At least in my experience you get the lines of the mask AND everything you masked in an export.
  14. I'm not using X12 yet, but the clip feature did not exist in wall elevations in X11 so I don't expect it would be in X12 either, and if it was you'd probably see it like it exists for normal sections. Another way to do what you want if you're exporting would be to create a CAD detail from your room elevation, then clip that as needed.
  15. It should be automatically clipping to your room size, but if you want it clipped even more than that, for 'the same effect' you could simply crop the elevation in your layout.