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  1. DzinEye's post in Terrain Wall Garden Bed Edge was marked as the answer   
    Don't think you can convert to any kind of wall, but you could Copy/Paste-in-Place the polyline, convert to plain polyline, then reconvert to a molding polyline and give that molding properties that would mimic a garden wall (size, shape, materials).
  2. DzinEye's post in Stair Section Winders was marked as the answer   
    Use the 'complete break' tool/ability 
  3. DzinEye's post in Problem Moving Dimensions to Cross Section Lines was marked as the answer   
    Long-standing issue getting snaps to objects in elevation and section.  
    Use Cad Detail from view... do your Point to point dimension there, then cut and paste it into your section... Or just use the cad detail if you don't need a live section